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Inspiration(s) Speedway
Developer White Box
Publisher MA
Release dates
Release in the USA
Release in the UTR
Release in Rest of Antarctica
Additional info
Genre Motor Racing
Units sold 100,000 aprox.
Platform Snowtendo DS, Snowtendo Vii, PS2, PS3 , PC
Rating 9

The Speedway: Interchange is the second installment of the Speedway series. Like it's previous game, Speedway:Interchange focuses on motor racing. This game is developed by White Box and published by MA for the Snowtendo DS, Vii, PS2, PS3 and PC platforms. This game also uses famous CP mascots in-game. As quoted by Yaupet, founded of White Box, this game is the most popular and blasted the world for 9 months.

According to a Snowtendo official, this game sold 140,000,000 DS copies, and 99% of them were purchased, making it the best selling game.


Kite, is now the USA champion and won many new cars, but he did not give up the spirit for racing. A street racing tournament was held at CP City, and Kite enters it, and finds himself a new sponsor, Jean McPenguin. Jean arranges everything for Kite. Kite finds many rivals there, who thinks that he is "newpenguin". One of them was Blade, an evil street racer. Kite wins all the races, and finds himself in the final race, with Blade and Dex. Kite also finds out that Jean was a traitor. Jean destroys Kite's engines before the race start, and Kite was in trouble. Fortunately, Kite's previous sponosor, Mac Ball shows up and gives Kite the keys to his car. It was also revealed that the car which Jean destroyed was a duplicate exact replica of Kite's original car. Kite wins the championship, and he is chased by the ASRF, and the ending shows Kite jumping out of a bridge with Mac.


Unlike Speedway, this game features an open city world. Players can free roam if they are not in races. It's predissicor Speedway, this game is held in the computerized CP City, where everything is exactly same. This game has 6 events, Sprint, Circuit, Boxer, Pursuit, Drag and Checkpoint. In Sprint, you have to go from one point to the other. In circuit, you will have to do the same track twice. In Boxer, you should destroy the enemy racers before they complete the race or the time runs out. In a Drag, you should be the first to reach the finish line. In checkpoint, you must reach the end within the given time.

This game also features AI traffic and penguins. The free roam and the car custominisation has made this game a big hit, but it's horrible graphics made it go down. This game has more than 100 cars you can pick, and you can sometimes win enemies car in the lucky draw or the white slip.

The game also includes real time visuals and damage.


The game has more than 700 street racers, but only a few have speaking roles. Here they are:-

Name Occupation
Kite Street Racer, protagonist
Mac Ball Sponsor of Kite
Blade Street Racer, antagonist
Jean McPenguin Fake sponsor, sponsor of all villains, richest penguin
Dex Street Racer
Forley Commentator, Chief Guest
Boostah Street Racer
Little Fins Street Racer
Big Sensei Street Racer
Crest Street Racer


The overall remark of this game is "Fantastic and Awesome". Here are the reviews.

  • PGN- 8.7/10
  • GameShot- 9.2/10
  • Snowtendo- 9/10

PEGI gave it a 12+ rating for some violence and coarse language,which means requiring a parent to play. ESRB gave it a T rating,USK gave it 16+ and OFLC gave it a G8+ rating.