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Born Spider Percival 880
August 17, 1992 (1992-08-17) (age 27)
Palm Island
Died November 3, 2041 (aged 49)
Dojo, Club Penguin Island
Gender Male
Nationality Palm Islander
Other names Spider880
Education Home-schooled
Occupation Inventor
EPF Agent
Years active 1992-present
Notable works Creating numerous inventions
Home town Palm Island
Known for Becoming a Sensei (in the future)
Title Sensei (future)
Parents Sodahopper, unknown mother

Spider880 (Ninja くもの氷) is an Adelie penguin, who currently lives on Club Penguin Island. He has constructed an underground lab on Palm Island where he does various tests and experiments. Spider880 carries a wood cane with him, which many penguins tease him about. He is a skilled inventor and has invented different gadgets and gizmos from time to time. He is a fan of modern orchestra music and can't stand any other kind of music (excluding Irish music and some computer music). He is an expert at talking like a pirate, and will sometimes do so. He enjoys sailing and owns a ship called the Ice Breaker. Despite penguins of different genus (such as Eudyptes and Pygoscelis) usually not being able to mate, Spider's biological mother is an Adelie Penguin, and he is mostly Adelie, which explains his lack of Rockhopper Penguin eyebrows.


Spider880 was hatched on Palm Island, August 17, 1992 after his biological father, Sodahopper, accidentally abandoned him there and left on a raft. Spider's egg was found by a very kind and caring couple and they took him in and decided to raise him. His adoptive father was an inventor and had created many fabulous inventions and creations. Spider was a fan of his father's work and learnt step-by-step over the years on how to be an inventor, just like him. Spider became relatively smart for a chick and learnt fast. His father revealed to him that he was not his real father when Spider was 12, shocking Spider very much. Spider was still very happy to have his adoptive father, anyways. At some point, Spider went off to the USA to get more penguins to visit Palm Island in the year 2010 and managed to get 100 penguins to move there.

Spider decided to go and seek more adventure and decided to visit Club Penguin. After winning the lottery, Spider won $50,000,000 and decided to build himself a secret underground laboratory located under Palm Island and also slightly under the sea where there are windows that give him a full view of the sea. There, Spider worked for hours at a time sometimes, just building and inventing new gadgets and gizmos which he sold to others to make even more money. Spider lived in a room in his laboratory when he moved out of his parent's house for a few days before he had a mansion built on top of the laboratory as to hide it's whereabouts and to have his own house. At some point during 2013, Gary decided to ask him to join the EPF and sent him a EPF invite.

Spider travelled to Club Penguin and followed the map until he came to Ski Village and passed the test (unfortunately for him, he got trapped in the laser cage during the test but using his intelligence, fired a snowball at the box). Spider became a member of the EPF and mainly specialized in science but went on a few missions. Spider became a great inventor over the years, eventually rising to one of the best of all time.


It has been determined by the Department of Time that Spider becomes the Sensei of Ninjas in 2040 after Hat Pop retires to give other penguins a chance. It is unknown how he actually became Sensei, due to him being a particularly weak penguin and not very skilled at Card-Jitsu. However, only time will tell. Due to him being such a weak penguin as mentioned earlier, he was overthrown and killed by the evil Emperor Pengvintine in 2041, only a year after becoming Sensei.


Spider hasn't been on many missions and doesn't know how to fight very well and isn't very strong, but has made several great inventions with the help of Gary, John Llywelyn and various other scientists of the EPF. According to the Time Agency, as a Sensei, Spider learnt some decent fighting techniques but still didn't change the fact that he was a weak penguin. He went on many missions as an EPF Agent and though he wasn't good at card-jitsu, gradually improved and his performance rose. Spider trained only 30 students (including Falco Hochstadt's son) up to the point of his death when Pengvintine conquered the dojo and he was killed. Though the future is not certain, the Time Agency believes this is most likely what will happen.


His outfit is a ninja mask and a St. Patrick's hat. Spider also wears a red propeller cap and a black cape sometimes. When he became a ninja, he started wearing a ninja suit and mask as well as a straw hat like Sensei's but kept his cane.


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Preceded by
Hat Pop


The Position of
Sensei of Ninjas,

as held by Spider880

2040 - 2041

Succeeded by
Emperor Pengvintine, sadly