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Spike Mike Hike
The one with the spike.
Title Former President of the USA
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction Bureaucrats of the Universal Bureau of Fictitious Literature
Health Excellent
Level 11
Status Writing
Location South Pole City
Friends Billybob, Polo Field, Trainman1405, Green Ninja, Judge Xavier, Screenhog, Mayor McFlapp, Nathaniel B. Kratz
Enemies Feey1 Pie, Swiss Ninja, Herbert P. Bear, Nightmare, Kim Il Sunguin, Darktan, Mabel

Spike M. Hike is a politician and well-known figure who is currently the grand headmaster of the Blacksmith Force and a Master of the Universe (Author). Originally a toy manufacturer, Spike Hike joined the Club Penguin Island legislature in 2007 and learned more about politics. He became friends with many of CP's Moderators and later became one of Billybob's trusted cabinet members. In 2012, Billybob promoted him to be Club Penguin's de jure Mayor after his retirement, and Hike also won the USA Presidential elections after Billybob decided not to run for another term.

Hike is known for being much more friendly and open than his predecessors, Pearface and Billybob. During his presidency, he often made appearances in public for events he called "Spike Saturday". He was also popular for living a quite casual lifestyle; owning and living in an igloo in Club Penguin, and always being willing to spend personal time with his citizens. However, as his term progressed his communication with Club Penguin started diminishing, with him eventually fully moving to South Pole City, and making Polo Field the (de jure) Mayor of Club Penguin. This was due to him switching to have a focus on the nation instead of just his city.

In 2016, Spike announced another Presidential election would happen in November, and also that he'd seek a second term. For months he campaigned, and topped most polls (except for those from McDonalds City, whose citizens thought he wanted to wipe them out of existence) as the leading candidate ahead of others in the running such as Polo Field, Megg and Donal Tenorio. However, he suddenly pulled out of the race in September 2016 for unknown reasons.

Soon after Polo Field pulled out of the race, he endorsed Megg, who would end up winning the election with a slight majority over Tenorio. However, many voters also wrote-in Spike's name on their ballots. On January 20th, 2017, Megg was inaugurated as President of the USA, and Spike went into a peaceful retirement; at least that's what most people think. Spike remains the second most popular president of the USA (behind Billybob) due to his friendly demeanor and ability to lead.


Spike Hike was born on September 20, 1982 to Bike Hike and Like Hike in Club Penguin. He was born into a small and mostly ordinary family. In 2006, at the age of 14, Spike grew an interest in politics. He aspired, even at a young age, to eventually join the Club Penguin Island Legislature. Spike studied political related subjects during his education and soon became a member or the legislature in 2007. At only an age of 15, he was the youngest penguin to join.

As he was part of the legislature, he continued more in his political studies and goals. He became very good friends with Billybob, the (then) current President of the US. He also became good friends with the Moderators of Club Penguin, like Happy77. He eventually ranked up the legislature and became of the highest ranking members. His performance and natural skill as a leader impressed Billybob. In fact, he was impressed so much, that Billybob promoted Spike to become one of his cabinet members in 2011. This meant that Spike had a much larger responsibility than before, and also ran part of the country.

In late 2012, Billybob announced his decision to retire and step down as the president of the USA. Spike, being one of Billybob's most loyal and closest friends, decided to campaign to become the new president. Thus, The USA Presidential Elections 2012 began and Spike's major competitor was Polo Field, also a friend of Billybob. On the day of the election, hundreds of Antarctic citizens visited the polls to partake in the vote. At the end of the day, the results were counted up and revealed that both Spike and Polo had tied. The elections lasted a while longer until a majority was reached and eventually, Spike Hike became the new President of the USA. However, in 2016, Megg became the new president instead of him.


Spike Hike is the former President of the USA. He was in charge with running the whole country and keeping it in top working order. Spike was also in charge of handling all sorts of international relations with other nations, making sure that the USA is safe and excellent for the common good.


  • Spike's hairstyle is a famous icon that identifies him.
  • Spike has a sister named Strike Hike, a brother named Gike Hike, and a Pookie sister named Tike Hike.
  • He and Polo Field guest star in the Club Penguin: The TV Series episode Mayor For A Day.

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