Spoon Pirates

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The Spoon Pirates
Left to right: Smiddy, Dubloo, Rux
Title The crew and their ship.
Gender Male
Race Bean Human
Faction Themselves, Str00del Force
Health Unhealthy
Level -1
Status Sailing in their ship
Location In their ship
Occupation Pirates
Interests Spoons
Friends People obsessed with spoons and hates yogurts, Str00del Force
Enemies People obsessed with yogurts and hates spoons, Dodongo
Archetype Evil ... well, not really

The Spoon Pirates are Bean Human pirates obsessed with spoons, they hate yogurts because they almost made them choke. The three pirates first met as friends as they had similar interests, they built their own ship when they grew up as adults, because they wanted to leave Waffleland.


Smiddy, Dubloo, and Rux were born and raised in Waffleand (which explains a lot) , they met together as children, they loved to act like a pirate and decided that they should join a pirate crew when they grew up, when the three guys had their very first yogurt, they hated them because it almost choked all of them. They made utensils as young adults, they suddenly developed a liking for spoons.

As full-grown adults, they attempted to join many pirate crews, but they were rejected because of their strange obsession for spoons, they built their own ship and sailed it, thus, becoming their own crew.

They had their first real enemy when they encountered Dodongo, a penguin who advertises yogurt products, because he sells yogurts, they hated him and raced him several boat races, they lost all of their matches, even by attempting to cheat.

When the pirates once arrived back on Waffleland, they met the Str00del Force and asked to join them, they were accepted because of their obsession with spoons.


The Spoon Pirates manufactures spoons, though, they never made money with them because every other utensil manufacturing companies has been successful already, they even tried to advertise their spoons in their ship, but nobody buts them. (except for the Str00del Force)

As said before, they were in the Str00del Force because of their obsession with spoons, they are listed as pathetic members because Captain Str00del doesn't find them intimidating enough to be good members (but he accepted their request the force anyways) , they also rival in Sp00nzoid for who's the bigger spoon lover


  • ARRR! Spoons rule! Yogurts drool!
  • If ye' be hating on spoons, YE WALK THE PLANK!
  • Shiver me timbers! We be losing again!
  • Yo ho ho! There be nothing more fun than ye olde spoons.
  • Yarr'! Got any more spoons?


  • They never ate yogurt without choking on them.
  • They look a lot like the pirates from Dannon Danimals Double Crush.
  • The only stuff they keep inside their ship are spoons ... and spoon-shaped candies.

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