Spy Phone

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Spy Phone
Spy Phone image.png
The Model "102405" Diagram as stated.
Type Spy Equipment
Effects It teleports you and gives you basic tools (comb, scissors etc.)
Source Classified
Location Invented in Club Penguin, found now everywhere in USA
Cost to buy Once you become a PSA agent.
Cost to sell You can't sell it at all.

You are currently viewing the spy gear of the now dissolved PSA. For the current communications equipment used by espionage, please see Phone of the Elite and Privelaged Few.

The Club Penguin-made Spy Phone is a small, blue and unique gadget that all PSA agents have access to (it's their beginning Secret Agent item). It is usually used for teleportation.

When the PSA was decommissioned and absorbed into the EPF, the Spy Phone's features were shut down. The phone is now a very valuable collector's item, and many penguins are trying to mod it for their own, non-agent use.

It was replaced by the Phone of the Elite and Privileged Few when the agencies were absorbed.


The Spy Phone was invented by Gary the Gadget Guy when the PSA was first founded. The original prototype, however, predates the PSA by about twenty years. The spy phone was made to be a portable form of communication for PSA agents but G decided to add the then experimental teleportation function and some hidden tools, a wrench, a pair of scissors, and a hair comb, into it as well. It was in use from the PSA's founding in 2005 to the Popcorn Explosion and dissolution of the PSA in 2010.


  • Long-Range Antenna
  • LED Blinking Light Says (You Are Cool) In Morse Code
  • View Screen
  • HQ Entry Button
  • 14.3 hZ Auditory Impulse Receptor
  • Teleporter Scroll Button
  • "Tools" Button
- Scissors
- Comb
- Wrench


  • In the F.I.S.H., when you click on the long-range antenna on the spy phone, a coded note appears telling you that the LED blinking light, in Morse, says "you are cool."
  • This item is no longer available.
  • Rumors abound that G is going to declassify the Spy Phone and make its coding open source for the benefit of nerds everywhere.

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