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General properties
Name, symbol, number Squarium, Sq, 121
Pronunciation Square-E-Umm
Group, period, block Unidentified13, g
Standard atomic weight 121 g/mol
Electron configuration [Uuo] 8s28p1
Electrons per shell (Image)
Physical properties
Color Red
Phase Solid
Atomic properties
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Squarium is an extremely dangerous element created by Mito in 2013. It's known for its highly unstable and irregular behavior. Squarium atoms are literally shaped like squares, contrary to all information gathered before their time. It is used in Shopper super-weapons due to its instability and power.


During tests inside an SIA hadron collider, renowned scientist Mito attempted to influence Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons to create an entirely new element. This, however, resulted in no more than a large explosion. Mito then tried connecting the three charges in a way totally different from anything seen before; she arranged the Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons in a special order. When combined, they reacted quickly with each other to briefly form a square-shaped figure which looked much like an atom. It soon exploded catastrophically. Through much more experimentation and research, the young scientist was eventually able to isolate the square-shaped atom. It was classified as an unofficial element, as it was bred in a laboratory, and were no examples of it in nature. Mito, due to the shape of the element, named it Squarium. The very concept of this element's physical existence has confused even the smartest of scientists.


Squarium has exotic properties that have never been seen or expressed in any other element before.


As stated previously, a Squarium atom takes the shape of an elongated cube, with a scale of about 4:5:6 in height, width, and length respectively. Its square shape is credited to a complicated and special placement of protons, neutrons, and electrons. Scientists have refused to put it on the periodic table due to its obscurity; Squarium cannot be placed in one place without contradicting itself in another location. The element has a valence of three, which would be put in the third column of the periodic table, along with elements such as aluminum or boron. However, Squarium does not share the same characteristics as column-three elements. Though it has a valence of three, Squarium has behaviors which are exhibited in alkali metals, which are in the first column of the periodic table. Elements with the same reactionary properties such as sodium and potassium only have a valence of one in contrast. All of these conflicts in both design and behavior have hindered Squarium's inclusion onto the periodic table.


Like an Alkali metal, Squarium is unbelievably reactive with its surroundings such as air and water, where it is known to explode, very much like Francium or Cesium, only more dangerous. When exposed to air or water, it explodes. This creates a chain reaction in the air with devastating affect. Its obscure shape is credited for its flawed reactivity and characteristics. Unlike some other alkali metals, Squarium is not radioactive. When mixed with water and air, the Squarium atom gets ripped apart in an extremely chemical reaction, leaving nothing after things have calmed down.


Squarium has been found to be particularly useless, with a few exceptions.

Military Involvement[edit]

Ever since its discovery, the SIA has decided to pour millions of WB$ into research and development of more Squarium. They plan to use it for a new type of super-weapon, capable of possibly destroying an entire continent if given the right conditions. Its reaction to air and water, especially air, could create a chain reaction of explosions fueled by the oxygen in air; a flame could possibly become so large that it could engulf and singe an entire country. The revelation that the Shoppers now have their flippers on such a dangerous element has put many enemy countries on edge.


It is extremely dangerous to even attempt the transportation of Squarium. Standard procedure for transportation is to put the Squarium in a vacuum chamber, where it cannot react with any elements. An inert gas, often Krypton because of its half-life, is immediately inserted to seal the Squarium in safely. When placed in a stable flask this way, it can be transported with relative safely. It also makes for a foolproof bomb, as an impact can shatter the glass leaving the vacuum chamber and the krypton useless against the Squarium's devastating effects.


Other than for military explosive devices, Squarium has absolutely no practical usage. Shopper citizens have heavily harpooned the funding being poured into enrichment of Squarium research due to its sheer uselessness.


Though many governments are well aware of its existence, Squarium remains one of Shops Island's most closely guarded secrets. Shops has made it completely illegal to give out any information of Squarium's characteristics and usage to other countries, even their closest allies. Although there are a few exceptions. Apparent punishment for revealing any secrets of the element ranges from life in prison, to death.


Under no circumstances should any untrained penguin or puffle even dare to approach Squarium, let alone use it. Due to its extremely dangerous nature, it must be heavily guarded at all times to prevent any accidents from happening. When handling the element, one mistake can very possibly destroy an entire country. All experts discourage any contact or near contact with Squarium at all costs for one's own safety.



  • The alternative, temporary name for this element is Unbiunium.
  • Such an element is physically impossible to create in real life due to the laws of physics, though with advanced technology, scientists may be able to create it for a fraction of a second.
  • If this element would exist, this would be the the first element to reach the g electron subshell level. (After s,p,d, and f).
  • A Squarium explosion, although enormous in scale, does not create any notable radioactive fallout.
    • However, it still manages to be able to mutate genetic structures.

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