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Squishor is a Demon Jellyfish. He, like all Demon Jellyfish is evil and wants to take over Club Jellyfish. However, he thinks that his fellow Demons are not strong enough so he now is helping Mectrixctic invade Club Jellyfish


Squishor was cloned one day, and then captured by the Demon Penguins. The Demon Penguins did vivisections on Demon Jellyfish to see what they were like. Squishor was cut up and sewn back together. He didn't like what happened. They the Demon Penguins sent him to level 2 of the Underworld where he would stay for years.

Squishor never forgot his will to take over Club Jellyfish, but some of the other Demon Jellyfish in the lake did, even the ones that hadn't been vivisected. Squishor concluded that he was the only Demon Jellyfish that was capable of taking over Medusopolis. However, he couldn't do anything since he was trapped in a lake.

After the Penguin-Jellyfish translator was made, the Demon Jellfish got their say, and they joined forces with the Demon Penguins.

The planned invasion of Medusopolis was put in charge of Mectrixctic. They decided that the Demon Jellyfish should have a representative, and the Jellyfish elected Squishor to be it. Squishor became a member of Mectrixctic's army, and they are currently planning on how to take over the Antarctic Waters

Life in Mectrixctic's Army[edit]

Squishor is the military commander of the army, along with Luka. He decides the attack moves and places to fight, while Luka supplies him with the technology required for such actions. Squishor doesn't really get along with the other members, because he thinks that they are incompetent buffoons, namely Jake and Sally. He rarely is seen outside, since he can't go out of water, and doesn't like being in a moving tank. Squishor is also an cartographer, mapping the seas for naval purposes.

Personality, skills, & interests[edit]

Squishor is described as being the most evil member of the army. He is quite insane after his ordeals with the Demon Penguins, and being away from home. He is a good swimmer, and has similar powers to Demon Penguins, like rapid healing, and heat resistance, pus some "Jellyfish" powers, like venomous tentacles, and the ability to generate large amounts of electricity. Squishor likes eating fish and would encourage Penguins to eat more, because then the jellyfish would have less fish to eat, and then starve allowing him to easily take over Medusopolis


  • Only two normal penguins, Maddieworld X and Willie Watt have seen Squishor.
  • Squishor likes swimming in the lava in the 1st level
  • Squishor also helps the Demon Penguin naval commanders with their work.
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