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The Stage
The Stage putting on the play Battle of the Ancient Shadows.
General information
Location Club Penguin
Type Theater

The Stage was a theater on the Club Penguin island. It was located in the Plaza.


Originally, the Plaza only contained the Pet Shop and the Pizza Parlor. Most actors and actresses never had a place to film their movies and put on plays, so they decided to build a theater. At first it only had one play that was unknown. Then the owner of the Stage decided that every month, they would change the play in the theater. So they did so.

For an unknown reason, the owners renamed the theater the "Stage". Since then, it put on many plays and shows.

Later on, in the middle of May 2015, the Keeper of the Stage noticed that the Stage was getting more dirty and dusty and he felt it must be renovated; the Stage itself was one of the last rooms on Club Penguin that was not yet renovated. So he and his advisors and many other construction workers from around the island came up with plans to renovate the Stage. Most residents of Club Penguin, especially those opposed to all the renovations done on the island, believed the Stage just needs to be cleaned, not renovated; the Club Penguin authorities refused to listen to the skeptics.

On May 28, a construction worker was trying to place a brick on the building as part of the construction, but he did not manage to do so, as the brick fell off the building and hit another construction worker who fell down on the ground. The construction worker who tried to put the brick also fell, and the building collapsed in a matter of seconds. The doctors quickly arrived to take the workers to a hospital. This incident left the Keeper of the Stage shocked. Now that the stage was demolished, something had to be done about this. His closest advisors came up with the idea of creating a mall; and so on May 30, new constructions started on a mall.


  • Space Adventure
  • The Twelfth Fish
  • Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal
  • Team Blue's Rally Debut
  • Quest For the Golden Puffle
  • The Penguins That Time Forgot
  • Team Blue's Rally 2
  • Ruby and the Ruby
  • Space Adventure: Planet Y
  • Fairy Fables
  • Team Blue vs. Team Red
  • The Haunting of the Viking Opera
  • Underwater Adventure
  • Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed
  • Secrets of the Bamboo Forest
  • Night of the Living Sled: Live
  • Battle of the Ancient Shadows
  • A Humbug Holiday
  • The Vikings That Time Forgot


  • It is the third building built at the Plaza. The first was the Pet Shop, the second was the Pizza Parlor, and the fourth was the Puffle Hotel.
  • The most popular play at the Stage is Quest for the Golden Puffle.
    • This was because it excited penguins into thinking there was an actual golden-colored puffle involved in the play.
      • However, the golden puffle was revealed to be chocolate in golden foil.
        • The play's popularity drastically dropped once real gold puffles were found, and now it barely ever shows it.
  • A strange and hated play called My Awesome Life: The Herbert Story played when Herbert P. Bear successfully took over Club Penguin Island.
  • The final play that went on before the Stage's tragic collapse was Squidzoid VS. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal.


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