Stan the Clumsy Person

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Stan the Clumsy Person
This is Stan. If you can kinda see his armor is broken.
Title The guy who usualy breaks things
Gender Male
Race Bean Human...I think
Faction Good and bad
Health He for some reason never dies of his injuries
Level 42
Status Demolishing something
Location Anywhere

Stan the Clumsy Person is an idiotic bean human that roams CP constantly hurting himself, yet he never dies.


On May 18 2009 Stan crashed into a building and when a penguin saw him and woke him up the first things he said was "Wow, what is this?", picking up a flowerpot and dropping it on his toe.

Stan the Clumsy Person's theme song


He randomly travels Antarctica and hurts himself. His injuries became so numerous that he began to keep a log documenting his bodily harm,


  • It is rumored that Stan will obtain a record for creature with the most injuries amassed in a lifetime.
  • Penguins want him on the Most wanted list because of "Disturbing the peace" but the PSA won't.
    • The AIA, however, gladly abliged, and Professor Shroomsky placed a 300 coin bounty for anyone who bring him into jail.
  • No matter how much pain he gets, he never dies!

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