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Star's Allies
Name Star's Allies
Type Good Guys
Location Various
Head Generally Star
Job Various
Members See below

This page documents Star Kirby12's group of somewhat lesser known friends, many of whom have been with him for over a decade. They are collectively known as "Team Star Kirby12" (note Super Smash Mates 4), or Star's Allies, mainly for pun purposes.

Main Party[edit]

Though Star and Person are often the only two active during the more well-documented events, the main party consists of the generally more well-known group of characters.

Characters with their own pages:


— Lazor

The Bureau of Fiction Power Control Unit MK I, called Lazor by everyone else, is a power robot created in the Bureau of Fiction. Unlike the Hero Mechas, Lazor generally does not operate on his own and almost strictly follows orders. He was personally crafted by Mayor McFlapp shortly after the creation of Fanonbot, and was brought to life on May 26th, 2008.

Lazor's main system involves a holographic upgrade of the standard Player Card, allowing him to carry and swap a large array of weapons at will. These include but are not limited to:

  • Laser Beams
  • Water Hose
  • Flamethrower
  • Gun
  • Shoulder Cannon
  • Roller Skates
  • Ice Skates
  • Hidden Blade
  • Jets
  • Hammer
  • Rocket Launcher
  • Peanut Butter Shooter

Although Lazor has almost unprecedented attack strength, his defense is on the weaker side; prolonged exposure to fire in combat can result in major damage or a temporary shutdown. His three greatest weak spots are his antenna, feet, and inner control panels: damage to the antenna leaves him unable to receive commands, his feet are generally unstable under his heavy weight, and any disruption to his inner systems can result in permanent damage. Additionally, for whatever reason, pancake mix and jelly are huge weaknesses.


These characters either don't fight, or generally operate on their own in the present.


Richkirby in front of what appears to be a large map of Club Penguin.

Rick Davis, aka Richkirby, is Star's older brother and senior tour guide. Due to their mother's death and father's dwindling health, Richkirby was often busy keeping the household afloat until Star's team's debut as heroes. After his younger brother went on to combat evil, Richkirby finally settled down a bit and became a tour guide, distributing information across Antarctica.

After infiltrating Herbert's base while wearing a crab suit in Operation Blackout, Richkirby became an honorary EPF agent, though he tends to focus more on his tour business.

Richkirby is generally on good terms with fellow tour guide Bernie, though he can sometimes get on his nerves.


Ghost Hunter #9463, aka Hunter9463 (real name classified), is, as the title implies, a professional ghost hunter and honorary EPF agent (as of Blackout). Due to extra-classified circumstances, Hunter is actually blind without his Ghost Goggles, so he essentially never misses out on a catch. He was a member of the original group that banded together to fight off Questisbak's first invasion, using his anti-ghost weaponry to alter the terrain and drive the invaders away.

As this may indicate, Hunter's arsenal consists entirely of ghost hunting gear, so he can only help out in non-spectral combat by indirect means, making direct combat difficult. As a result, he was defeated and almost killed by Nexer6472 during the Really Random Story, but was saved by Star.

Every once in a while, Hunter would have a rookie ghost hunter under his wing; one of these was none other than Skip, who went AWOL and got himself killed.


Richeddi's Blackout form.

Richard Icarus Edwards, also known as Richeddi, is the former second director of the Hontanan Elite Penguin Force and current leader of the EPF's Division Epsilon. Once an old friend of Star's, he briefly "went bad" during his adolescent years before being freed from the perils of puberty. He eventually relocated to Yow under the HEPF, quickly rising up the ranks, before the facility was sadly destroyed by the evil known as politics. After the incident, he was reassigned to the leader of Division Epsilon of the EPF, operating in the USA.

He participated in both Operation Blackout and Operation: Puffle.

Richeddi is generally on good terms with the rest of his division:

  • Chase the Penguin: Being Epsilon's second in command, Chase often works in conjunction with Richeddi; some even believe that Richeddi knows Chase more than he does Star.
  • Agent LJM:
  • Manbu3: Manbu is well over a decade older than Richeddi and is considered his advisor.
  • Surf-Dude: Despite the rookie agent's clumsiness, Richeddi says that he would've preferred him improving over vanishing forever.
  • Kim Plausible & Ronald Preventable:
  • Agent T: Richeddi has often tried to negotiate with G into returning T back to the field, instead of just gadget testing.
  • Tyson & Haley: Both Tyson and Haley are generally stationed more often at the CNIC, so Richeddi doesn't know as much about them as he would like.
  • Kayla Hopper:
  • Canren's Parents: Richeddi tries to tolerate their excessive chattering. Generally speaking, he positions them within the confines of the EPF HQ due to the risk of blowing the group's cover in the field.
  • X-R-CISE:
  • Pearface: Considering his own misdeeds in the past, Richeddi respects Pearface more than most; though Pearface only works part-time at the EPF, the two are on pretty good terms.
  • Wikipengal45:
  • Lance X. Penguin:
  • Samantha Van Peng:


Gold's Blackout form.
I am Gold, the coolest penguin that - AUGH!
— 00700gold, Really Random Story

Aero Gold, aka 00700gold, is a guard-for-hire and EPF agent that was a member of Star's original team against Questisbak. He hungers for interesting situations and is willing to wait for who knows how long for a chance to get his blood pumping, even if it means painstaking hours of standing by during a stakeout. Though he initially used a spear in combat, as of Operation Blackout, he likes to switch to Blackout mode and use his Boombomb Launcher, a boombox-shaped grenade launcher.

As mentioned above, Gold was in both Operation Blackout and the Really Random Story, though he didn't do much.

Friend Test5[edit]

FT5's casual wear.
"Reporting for duty, sir!"

Francis Terence V, codename Officer Friend Test5 or just FT5, is the neighborhood cop and a part of Star's original team that fought Questisbak. He is quite dedicated to the job and will stop at nothing to bring criminals to justice (except, you know, breaking the law or something). If something's going on somewhere on Club Penguin, there's a pretty high chance you'll run into FT5. That being said, he can sometimes act without thinking, such as firing a grappling hook into a motion sensor instead of the lever he was supposed to pull.

During the period in which the PSA was out of commission and the EPF wasn't quite ready to reveal itself to the public, FT5 headed many of the investigations that the PSA would've dealt with as part of the local police force. This responsibility included showing up at trials to provide the details of certain cases, meaning he inevitably ran into up-and-coming defense attorney Tar Tar Peng. The latter noted during his cross-examinations that FT5 was considerably more prone to make mistakes or oversights when compared to Jet Pack Guy, who he had also cross-examined beforehand. FT5 briefly took this role again as an EPF agent during a murder case in 2017 when JPG had to back out for a special operation.

FT5 observed the damage done to the Plaza by the Box Dragon during the Really Random Story, but then the universe imploded so he didn't really get to do anything.

Tar Tar Peng[edit]

"The defense stands ready, Your Honor!"
Crikey! I believe I've just closed this case for good, mate!
— Tar Tar Peng

Percy Tenor Peng, nicknamed Tar Tar Peng, is an expert attorney of the Good Guys.

Tar Tar Peng lived a pretty regular life and got a job at a tar tar sauce factory. Due to his expertise in the field, he earned the nickname "Tar Tar Peng", or "Tar" for short. Unfortunately, he ended up being laid off due to company restructuring; while looking for a new job, he somehow landed the job of a lawyer (despite the major class differences of a factory worker and an attorney).

Before his journey into adulthood, Tar Tar Peng's family had adopted the abandoned Bro. TTP kept Bro's secret of stealing from Coins for Change until it was revealed to the public, resulting in TTP's parents being sent to jail for two years. The family ended up disowning Bro after the incident, but TTP himself has no hard feelings against him.

Unlike a large portion of Star's Allies, TTP is not a fighter and has virtually no combat experience. As mentioned multiple times in this article, however, he is quite the lawyer, often defending the Good Guys from charges of collateral damage.

He has often clashed with Manny X on the battlefield of justice; the results are generally mixed each time. Supposedly, both lawyers would have a perfect case record if it wasn't for each other.

Interestingly, he speaks in an Australian accent.

Dancing iPod[edit]


Daniel "iPod" Murphy (IS THAT HIS REAL NAME?!) is a... living icePod Tap... who resides in Antarctica. He is famous for being able to do hundreds of dance moves without hands or feet. (His entire body seems to be very flexible.) DI is self-taught, having mastered thousands of different beats via the songs saved in his own brain.

According to Dancing iPod, he was created in a factory as just a regular icePod Tap (known in the human world as something called an "iPod"?). He was sold to an unidentified scientist who was creating a life ray (never mind the fact that a random museum in Antarctica already had one). The scientist's first test subject for the ray was a bazooka, but he accidentally used it on the icePod Tap instead. DI was born, completely unaware of the current situation. The scientist planned to remove the chemicals, but DI had already ran out of the building in panic. DI eventually made it to Club Penguin, where he became good friends with Cadence, and gradually became a part of penguin civilization as one of the Night Club's best dancers.

According to the records, he apparently worked with Cadence to calm Jack Frost via dancing during Operation Blackout?!

It should be noted that the scientist that created DI eventually retried his life ray experiment, resulting in the ragtag team known as The Four Unknown.

Former: Nexer6472[edit]

Nathan Nexer6472
Born 1980
Club Penguin
Gender Male
Nationality Penguin
Other names Nex, Nexer
Occupation Villain... I guess.
Employer N/A
Home town Club Penguin
Known for being evil
Children none
Parents unknown

Nathan Nexer6472, or just Nexer6472, is the most dangerous antagonist of Antarctica, having killed Questisbak in the future. Once a close friend of Star, Person, and the others, Nexer is currently one of their mortal enemies. Though they went their separate ways on good terms after their school years, much like Richeddi, Nexer turned to the side of evil; however, unlike Epsilon's leader, Nexer never came to his senses.

Nexer's first major strike occurred completely accidentally during the Really Random Story: by blasting a life ray at a museum sculpture, turning it into the Nexchine. He used it to wreak havoc throughout Antarctica, before being intercepted by Hunter. Nexer was able to defeat Hunter, but ran into Star; the two recognized each other, found that they were on opposing sides, silently accepted this reality, and parted ways. Eventually, the Nexchine was overpowered by Ultimate DaiBouken and Ultra Leon; Nexer then used the museum's (rather absurd) control panel to set it into emergency integration mode, at which point it combined with the Box Dragon. Unfortunately for Nexer, a completely random massive explosion knocked the Box Dragon out and put the Nexchine out of commission.

A while later, with an unsuspecting Amigopen's help, Nexer created the Aerial Ace and repaired the Nexchine. The Aerial Ace was put to the test, but was ultimately destroyed by DaiBouken.

In 2023, Nexer and Questisbak came face to face as their individual plans clashed, resulting in a fight to the death. Nexer came out on top, and managed to kill Questisbak.

Later on, Nexer managed to find an immortality potion, allowing him to continue causing destruction.

Ambiguous: The Ice Finder[edit]

The Ice Finder was an unidentified penguin that would save those in need regardless of their moral status. Apparently, he tracked danger with a strange sixth sense of melting ice (hence his name), though he appeared at the scene of many disasters that had nothing to do with fire. He claimed that he was not a Super Penguin, though no one was able to confirm this.

What was rumored to have been his secret base was discovered in the Forest on September 16th, 2011. The base contained random blocks of ice, pictures of penguins, rope and other rescue gear, and, bizarrely, a Piffle plush. Each of the penguins on the pictures were confirmed to have been rescued by the Ice Finder at some point, but no one is sure whether the area was actually IF's base or whether it was just a clever hoax. IF was never seen in the secret base, so either it was fake or it was real and he abandoned it to avoid being seen.

As part of the Club Penguin Police Department, Friend Test5 generally had the most contact with IF, as they often crossed paths on the field. Aside from the claim that he wasn't a Super Penguin, FT5 was able to pick up a couple of hints about IF, such as his rather stoic personality and brooding voice.

During the Nightmare Epic, IF appeared to control the collateral damage of the final battle. He also fought to lower the casualty count, but was ultimately deleted by the King of Sorrow. After the incident, a group of penguins began digging deeper to see if they could find more details about IF. Most of the details out there are rumors, though, so it's hard to tell fact from fiction (except for the theory that IF is apparently 60 feet tall).

IF was a light-blue penguin whose face was always covered with a shadow, no matter how bright an area was, so no one was able to see his face.

Though IF worked with Star's Allies, most often FT5, on several occasions, it is generally hard to count him as a true man of justice due to the number of times he's also helped villains, so he's listed as "ambiguous".