Star's Return to USA

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Star's Return to USA
Coming Soon
Inspiration(s) Star Kirby12
Developer Snowtendo
Publisher Snowtendo
Release dates
Release in the USA
Release in the UTR
Release in Rest of Antarctica
Additional info
Genre Platform
Units sold 13 million
Platform Snowtendo Vii
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Star's Return to USA, known in some areas as Star's Adventure Vii, is a Star Kirby12 video game.

Star's Return to USA features the a new gameplay compared to the traditional Snowtendo platform games, in which Star possesses the ability to use his sword's new Copy Beam and copy enemies' powers in order to attain forms which give him a variety of attacks such as slashing fire or throwing his sword like a boomerang. The game supports cooperative multiplayer gameplay, allowing up to four players to control various characters, including Richperson, Lazor, and Kerboommista. The plot focuses on the characters retrieving the scattered pieces of a crashed spaceship.

The game was first announced as a Snowtendo GameSphere title with a projected release date of late 2005, but development was later shifted to its successor console, the Vii. While it was later denied that the game was still in development, the game resurfaced in 2009 with an updated release date for that year. The game was then presumed to be canceled, but was then officially re-announced at a financial results briefing on January 28, 2011. The game was then playable at E3 2011 under the tentative title Star Vii, with a projected release date of fall 2011 in the USA.


Star's Return to USA is a 2.5D side-scrolling platform game, controlled by holding the Vii Remote sideways. The main objective is to assist the space pilot Spacey, whose spaceship, the Ludwig's Concert, has crash-landed into the USA. The player is tasked with collecting the scattered pieces of the spaceship, which are dispersed and hidden within the game's levels, each of which take place in various areas of the planet.

Star, the main protagonist, retains his signature ability to swing his sword, but with an additional ability- his new Copy Beam, allowing him to harm nearby objects and enemies. Certain enemies, when hit, allow Star to extract their special qualities, giving Star access to a wide variety of different powers, called "copy abilities." Copy abilities are used to defeat stronger enemies and clear special environmental obstacles, though Star can only possess one copy ability at a time. The game also introduces more powerful, though temporary copy abilities called "Super Abilities," which are able to destroy multiple enemies at once as well as parts of the environment.

The game features a drop-in cooperative multiplayer system, which allows up to three additional players to be added or removed at any time. The three other playable characters, each possessing his own set of abilities, are Richperson, Lazor, and Kerboommista, but multiple copies of Star are also allowed. Unlike New Super Lollipop Bros. Vii, however, all players will share extra lives instead of each having their own lives.


The story starts off with a spaceship shaped like a music stand traveling through what appears to be a star-shaped wormhole, which crashes. Star and his companions run to and enter the ship and find a space traveler named Spacey. When Spacey finds out that five main pieces, along with all 120 energy spheres of the ship, the Ludwig's Concert, have been scattered across five of the seven continents of Earth, Star and the rest of the group offer to help find the pieces. After recovering all the parts of the Ludwig's Concert, they attempt to travel to Spacey's homeworld, Musicia. The latter successfully get to Musicia, only to crash onto the planet and fight the four headed drum beast, Drumaster. Upon defeating Drumaster (who was able to split itself into four drums), the crown it was wearing comes off. Spacey then reveals his true intentions of taking over the universe using the power from the Master Crown (Drumaster's crown), and places it on his head, transforming him into a giant being. Spacey travels back to Earth, via a wormhole, intent on taking it over. The smaller Drumaster beasts seat Star and his friends and they take off through the wormhole to foil Spacey. After fighting a transformed Ludwig's Concert, Spacey, and Spacey's Soul, the Master Crown shatters and Spacey disintegrates. Star and friends go back to Earth with the help of the Drumaster beasts and they part their ways.


The game was mostly received positively, but negative points included its lack of challenge and inability to fit hardcore gamers.