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The first Starcicle
Type Weapon
Effects Ditto Infection
Source Weapon Stores
Location Everywhere
Cost to buy 70 coins
Cost to sell 90 coins

The Starcicle is the result of Gary attempting a Knicicle-Star experiment. They are extremely painful objects.


One day, Gary decided to try an experiment with a weapon and a shape. He decided to use a star and a Knicicle. After five hours of mixing, he froze it and left it for about twenty minutes. When the experiment was complete, Gary dubbed it the Starcicle. It quickly became useful to ninjas in Antarctica. Eventually, those who formerly wielded Knicicles used it. However, they were illegal for use in Dorkugal and Weddell. They were later put in launchers, and you know what happens next.

Later, they were sold as juggling tools and still not legalized in the two countries mentioned above. However, they were used everywhere else. Starcicles were soon distributed in Flywish's Army. Flywish also distributed them to his national force. The weapons were used in throwing and launching. A target game was also invented, using Starcicles instead of darts.


How to make a Starcicle[edit]

  • Get a star and a melted Knicicle blade and mix them up.
  • Put it in a freezer for about twenty minutes.
  • Take it out and there is your Starcicle!


  • It is a parody of the Shuriken.
  • They are distributed in the Darktonian Realm.
  • Director Zenny is probably scared of them.
  • Some Starcicles can shoot beams of ice.
  • They are very dangerous.
  • A Starcicle will melt when it comes in contact with a Fire Sword.

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