Ed Island Ministry of Interior Security

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Ministry of Interior Security
Ministerium für Staatssicherheit
Stasi Insignia.png
Ministry overview
Formed 1935
Jurisdiction Ed Island
Headquarters Ministry of Interior Security, Bridgestadt

The Ed Islandian Ministry of Interior Security, often nicknamed the Stasi (Staatssicherheit) is a ministry acting in the role of counterespionage and internal security. It is notorious for acting as a secret police force within Ed Island, investigating political dissidents and extremists alike.



Formed in 1935 to combat Wulfen sympathizers and operatives within the Republic of Ed Island, the Stasi were soon expanded to include Communists, political dissidents, and any other persons deemed dangerous by the state.

Relation with the SF[edit]

Prior to the formation of the Ed Island Special Forces, the role was performed by the Stasi-VT (Verfügungstruppe, or 'dispositional troops'). These acted as paramilitary shock troops loyal only to the National Party, often acting where the EIA had no jurisdiction.

In 1984, the Stasi-VT were reformed into the SF in order to act as a more legitimate military force. While still independent from the military, the SF are still loyal to the Party first and still carry out much of the same duties as the Stasi-VT.

Uniforms and Equipment[edit]

Stasi officers wear blue-grey variants of the standard Ed Islandian military uniform. Unlike other branches, however, their uniforms only have standard Litzen tabs on their collars rather than rank badges. These uniforms additionally have a Staatssicherheit cuff title and a Stasi patch on the left sleeve. Stasi officers typically wear similar-colored visor caps while on duty, but in a dangerous raid or operation will wear blue stahlhelms similar to those occasionally worn by the air force.


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