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Stealth sliding down on a rope.
Full Name Zeke Darve
Alias Stealth
Born Zeke Darve
December 15, 1985 (1985-12-15) (age 33)
Penguin Island
Species Penguin
Race Adelie Penguin
Gender Male
Height 2'10"
Residence USA flag.PNG United States of Antarctica
Occupation Deleting penguins
Years Active 2008-present

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Nothing personal, kid......
— Stealth

Stealth (real name Zeke Darve) is a ninja and rogue EPF agent, known for his amazing agility and stealthiness. He stays hidden from sight in the shadows, which is why he gave himself the nickname "Stealth". Following a botched attempt to capture Herbert Horror, Stealth gained a hatred for the entire penguin race and wants to destroy it, and deletes innocent penguins using a stolen Deletion Laser. He is very sneaky, and few penguins ever see him. Those who do only manage to see him for a few seconds before he's gone, and if he isn't gone, they are. Despite his hatred for the penguin race, he has no intention to destroy or conquer the United States of Antarctica, and would rather see it become an abandoned wasteland.


Early life[edit]

Zeke Darve hatched on December 15th, 1985 on what would later become Club Penguin Island. When he was only a few years old, he discovered his amazing agility and was able to escape from his family's igloo and wandered off. He was discovered by Hung, the last of the Five Senseis, who saw great potential in him and his abilities and chose to train him as a ninja. During his training, Zeke mastered his amazing agility and was always able to beat Hung in their Card-Jitsu matches. Hung later sent him on a quest into the wilderness, but he got lost and was forced to survive on his own.

Zeke's skills, ninja training, and knowledge of survival tactics served him well as he grew up in the wilderness, away from penguin society, living only with wild puffles that came and went. He remained completely unaware of anything that happened beyond the wilderness over the years, including the existence of The Club, the colonization of Club Penguin, and the arrival of Herbert P. Bear.

Career in the PSA and EPF[edit]

In 2008, he was found by Jet Pack Guy who was on a recon mission checking the wilderness for lost penguins, who took him back to PSA Base A. His abilities did not go unnoticed, and he was taken to meet the Director in person, who invited him to join the Penguin Secret Agency, as they could use someone with his talents. Zeke accepted, and was given special gear; aside from the standard-issue Spy Phone, he was also given a grappling hook, night vision goggles, a Snowball Gun, and smoke bombs, among other equipment. Rather than the usual suit, Zeke chose to wear the ninja costume given to him by Hung, now with the addition of his brand new night vision goggles.

Zeke excelled in his career, and was invited to join an elite group of agents known as the Elite Penguin Force later that year. He eagerly accepted and was given even more gear, including the Spy Gadget.

Early in 2009, Zeke was sent on his first EPF mission to capture Herbert Horror, a key member of Darktan's growing army which he intended to use to conquer the United States of Antarctica. Zeke lead an elite squadron of agents into the Darktonian Realm, where he used his many gadgets and abilities to try and capture him. Unfortunately, Zeke was ultimately captured by Darktan's minions, and ordered his partners to retreat as he was taken away. He ended up being brought to the throne room before Darktan himself, who ordered Zeke to be thrown into the dungeon, where he remained for weeks and was subjected to seemingly endless polka music.

Darktan eventually came to visit Zeke in the dungeon, deciding someone of his talents could be useful in his upcoming conquest, and promised to let him go if Zeke agreed to join his army, and also offered to delete his partners. Angered at his partners for "abandoning" him, despite he was the one who ordered them to do so, and at the PSA and EPF for seemingly not attempting to rescue him, Zeke accepted. Darktan released him and he returned to the agency as if nothing had happened, although in reality he was now spying on them for Darktan. However, he soon realized that Darktan had not taken any action into deleting his former partners like he promised. Now even more angry, Zeke returned to the Darktonian Realm and secretly reprogrammed Robo-Gary to attack Darktan, and left for good.


Now on his own, and with a hatred for all penguins as a result of his experiences, Zeke vowed to destroy the penguin race. Given his tendency to stay hidden from sight in the shadows, Zeke gave himself the nickname Stealth. After managing to steal a Deletion Laser, Stealth traveled around the United States of Antarctica, deleting innocent penguins in an attempt to get "revenge".


  • Ninja
  • Secret Agent



True to his nickname, Stealth is a master of stealth and has amazing agility. He is also extremely skilled in the art of Card-Jitsu and has never been defeated, except for one time, which according to him, didn't count because of a minor technicality.


Despite Stealth's abilities and range of gadgets, he excels the most against one or two unsuspecting individuals. If Stealth's targets are aware of his presence, it becomes trickier for him to delete them, and he has great difficulty when dealing with crowds.

Stealth is very allergic to cute things. Depending on Stealth's proximity to cute things, his symptoms can range from coughing to uncontrollable sneezing fits, and even blackouts if the cute thing in question touches him for a prolonged amount of time. Somehow, what triggers Stealth's allergy depends entirely on whether he would consider something cute or not. This allergy interestingly did not develop until he turned evil.


  • Deletion Laser - Stealth's favorite weapon in his arsenal, stolen from an unknown source.
  • Grappling Hook
  • Keysaber - A red-bladed keysaber, taken from a Syth who had the misfortune of attempting to engage Stealth in combat. Stealth prefers not to use it though, and instead keeps it as a trophy.
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Smoke Bombs
  • Snowball Gun
  • Spy Gadget
  • Spy Phone - A standard-issue Penguin Secret Agency Spy Phone. It no longer functions as a result of the PSA's destruction and dissolution, but Stealth keeps it anyway.



  • None.


  • Everybody.

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