Steven D

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Steven D
Steven D.png
Steven Daniels Porter, also known as Steven D
Title Driver, murderer, "agent",
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Health Good
Level 67
Status Alive
Location South Pole City, Polar District
Death date He is Alive
Occupation PASCAR driver, member of three evil groups
Feather color Red
Friends Wikipenguino X, Billy Jamie, Boon Tobias, Ninjasaurus, QuaXerpingu
Enemies Good Guys
Weapon of choice Mugai Ryu

Steven Daniels Porter, also known as Steven D, is an evil penguin, usually working for The Evil Something, or for the Deadly Alliance. he is also a PASCAR driver, originally driving in the Peach Cup Series, but now drives full-time in the Snowtendo Truck Series.


Steven was born on January 16, 1952, in a hospital. As a young chick, he was introduced to violence on his TV, with many cowboy shows, showing them shooting from their guns. At age 12, he went into a local weapon store and bought a pistol. He then proceeded to go to his school was he lured his bully and shot him. This was on the news, but he was not caught. In high school, he would steal lunch money to buy his own things, such as binoculars and more weapons, such as pickaxes and chainsaws. In 1991, he joined PASCAR, driving for his own team, Steven's Motorsports. He would get 23 wins, 14 poles, and as of now, 781 starts, 65 top 10s, and only 45 top fives.

In 2007, age 55, he would go to Club Penguin Island, to steal coins, but was seen on the news, only as a silhouette. He shortly joined the Penguin Secret Agency, as an "agent", but the rest of the agents did not know it was him. After the PSA headquarters was burnt down, he revealed the Herbert P. Bear, the one who committed it, that he was evil, and both had an alliance. In 2012, he went to the still-in-operation Weapon Shop to get a job. He would still be driving in PASCAR. In 2014, he would win the championship and would have a lot of coins. He is still driving. In 2017, he decided to be a S.H.A.R.K. member and also a member of The Evil Something (rather a general) and the Deadly Alliance.


In 1963, he got his first pistol and made his first murder.

In 1991, he would join PASCAR and still race today.

In 2007, he would become a so-called "agent" and at the same time steal coins.

In 2017, he became a member of S.H.A.R.K., The Evil Something, and the Deadly Alliance.


He is a full-time driver in the PASCAR Snowtendo Truck Series, driving for NOBODY CARES Racing with his main paint scheme being the "Topkek von Kek Throwback", but also drives for his own team on occasions.

He is involved in missions of the three evil armies. Also, he makes big cash off of this.


Though he is friendly on the outside, he is actually evil on the inside. What wonders in the demented mind of his.

Abilities and Weaknesses[edit]

He surprisingly has none. Well, kind of. Sure he is evil, but since he is mortal, he can die, and is good at normal racing, but not good on dirt tracks, so that is a weakness.


  • "Shut up, man."
  • "Eat my flippers!"
  • "I like pistols."
  • "PASCAR is so cool."
  • "My favorite dinosaurs are Ekrixinatosaurus and Rugops."
  • "Hey 🅱eter."



  • He is slightly based on Norm Benning
  • His name Steven D, is somewhat a coincidence, since a driver named Pengy D, competes full-time in the Peach Cup, but the name is just a coincidence.