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Supreme Leader Steven Snowen

Supreme Leader of the Archipelago Republic of the Culldrome Isles
Born Steven Coroness Snowen
July 21 1975
Culldrome City, Culldrome Isles
Gender Male
Nationality Culldrom
Years active 2002 -
Known for Leader of the Culldrome Isles
Title Supreme Leader of the Archipelago Republic of the Culldrome Isles
Term August 2 2009 - May 2014,
June 2014 - Incumbent
Successor Incumbent
Political party Federal Party of Culldrome
Opponent(s) Chairman Dux

Supreme Leader Steven C. Snowen is the current ruler and Supreme Leader of the Archipelago of the Culldrome Isles. He is a member of the Federal Party, which is currently in control of Culldrome. Having held his current position for six years, he is considered as one of the most well known, influential and famous Supreme Leaders, for having improved Culldrome dramatically in many ways and thrusting it onto the world stage.


Steven Snowen was born on July 21 1975 in the busy Culldrome City, in the Culldrome Isles. He was born into a very wealthy family, who lived in the capital's rich Bay District. Steven's parents, Michael and Paige Snowen, worked for the National Bank of Culldrome. He had an older brother, Christian Snowen, who became a CEO of a company and a younger sister, Ashley Snowen, who became a businesswoman. All in all, the Snowen family had a high standing.

Steven commenced his education in 1980. In 1992, when he finished his education, Steven wanted to go and delve into the wide world of politics. He moved to the USA to study law at a prestigious college. His family payed for the college fees, which nearly drove them into debt.

Since he left Culldrome, Steven did not serve in the army during the Porcyal War in the early 1990s. During his time in the USA, he worked in an office, as a lowly janitor. This was his first job and he was not very experienced. Eventually, in 1995, he got fed up with this and later became employed at another office, but this time as a cubicle worker. Steven excelled in his studies and graduated in 1998, moving back to Culldrome later that year.

In 1998, Steven got a job in the Federal Party, which was a large political party in Culldrome in the Lower House of government. At first he was only an assistant to one of the party's Delegates, who are members in the Lower House. He climbed his way up the ranks and became a Delegate himself in 2002. He represented the Culldrome City political region, which had (at the time) 450,000 citizens. The region was the most populous in the entire country. Steven had a lot of weight to carry and so many had high expectations for him. After a while, the citizens liked him and when the 2005 elections happened, he was elected into another term.

The members of the nation's Upper House felt that Steven was doing a great job, especially for his lack of experience (compared to others). At the same time the current Vice Primary Secretary, who was also in the Federal Party, wanted to step down and retire. Thus Steven was promoted to become the Vice Primary Secretary in 2006. Usually, if one was to be promoted into a new position, they had to wait for an election to occur so Steven was lucky to be promoted into his position.

In 2007, Steven was promoted again to become the Primary Secretary and then again to the position of Vice Supreme Leader in 2008. By now he had accepted a larger responsibility and constantly traveled around Culldrome and Antarctica on diplomatic trips. The elections were looming around the corner and a massive campaign was undertaken to ensure the Federal Party's victory. Many scandals and problems had shattered the image of the Federal party and so they worked hard to rebuild their reputation. Steven got into the campaign trail in late 2008, wanting to boost support for his party. He traveled all around the isles, promising many sweeping changes and reforms for the citizens. The endeavor had cost a lot of money and so the party was angry at the large risk taken.

In March 2009, the elections finally arrived, with the Federal Part winning through a very slim margin. That meant another term for Steven and for his party. Everyone was proud of him for the initiative that he took. The current Supreme Leader decided to reward him by stepping down, allowing Steven to fulfill his promises and to lead the party and Culldrome into new heights. On August 2 2009, Steven was officially sworn into the position.

In 2012, the events of the Nightmare of Culldrome struck fear into the Federal Party and Steven. Steven was responsible for the massive amount of reforms that followed in the aftermath, such as the country's rapid militarisation and the purchase of TEWT. Unbeknownst to many, Steven held his position by using a Porcyal built into his ties to secretly influence the citizens to favour his political and party ideas.

In 2013, Steven's popularity dropped with the rise of Blizzard Dux, who himself also influenced the citizens with Porcyal mind control as a puppet leader of Gravity. Dux soon created the Confederacy of Independent Culldrome after seceding several states from Culldrome. With the formation of the CIC, the Culldrome Civil War began, with escalated into the largest civil war of the country and lead to the interference of several countries and a land war in Antarctica. After the eventual defeat of the CIC, an election was held, after being delayed by the war. Steven, now vowing to not use mind control tactics, was once again re-elected into office with an overwhelming majority, serving another term until at least 2018.

Today, he leads the Culldrome Isles into a more prosperous and powerful future. Like many, he aims to get Culldrome into the spotlight of many superpowers, like the USA and Shops Island. He is also one of the most popular Supreme Leaders of Culldrome, with an approval rating of over 60%.


Steven has been involved in a lot of Culldrom issues. He generally works behind the scenes to a make sure that his country is in perfect working order. This means that he doesn't have direct action with situations but meets up with other important leaders. In the Nightmare of Culldrome, he addressed the nation after the end of the major battle. In The Great Yowien War, he collaborated with other national leaders to lead his nation's army into the war. He was also a key figure during the Culldrome Civil War, leading his crippled country to defeat the forces of the CIC.


Steven's official portrait.

Opinions of Steven[edit]


Many of the citizens of Culldrome think that Steven is a good leader of their nation. In 2012, opinion polls stated that 72% of Culldrome citizens thought that he was a good leader. Steven works to the best of his ability for the greater good. Those who dislike Steven say that he does not do a good job at the increasing tensions between enemy aggression. Steven defends himself by saying "wounds take time to heal." Steven is also often criticized, usually by the Bluetower community, as violent. Steven is also being heavily criticized by them due to The Great Yowien War.

However, in 2013 and early 2014, his popularity began to fall. In November 2013, his approval rating was at 56%. His main opponent, Blizzard Dux was not from the equally powerful Democratic party, but from the small National party. Many had begun to support Dux and forget about Steven. However, after the events of the Shadow of Culldrome, Dux was overthrown and Steven was re-elected as Supreme Leader. Since then, he has maintained a high approval rating of 90%, the highest approval rate in Culldrome's history.

Foreign Countries[edit]

Country leaders often commend Steven for his efforts of bringing Culldrome up to be noticed by other nations. Many foreign citizens also consider Steven to be a good all-round leader. Like with Culldrom citizens, there are some who oppose him, saying that he could singlehandedly plunge Culldrome into another civil war or a recession. Altogether though, many think that Steven does a good job. The leaders of The Axle Powers, Lavender, Joseph and EDFan, also approve and support Steven and often work together.

Steven's Opinions of Issues[edit]


Steven wishes to increase and strengthen Culldrome's economy. He aims to do this by passing the Culldrome Economy Future-Proof Bill, which he has personally drafted'. The bill aims to put 100 million coins worth of funding into building new ports to increase international trade. It also aims to put 60 million coins of funding into the mines and quarries located on Menap Island. If it passes, effect will take place by 2020. Steven also wishes to visit other countries, especially those part of SABER, to increase political and economic ties.


Steven and the Federal Party think that preserving the environment is important. They aim to protect this by protecting large sections of the Mossroam forest, located on the Culldrome mainland. However, recent laws passed suggest that they think otherwise. Steven has expressed the need to pass the Culldrome Roads and Highways Expansion Act, which aims to expand and improve the road and highway systems in Culldrome. This decision has angered many environmentalists, although Steven tries to defend himself. In December 2013, he drafted the Culldrome Forest Protection Act, which was to be passed by 2015. The act aims to protect thousands of square kilometers of the Mossroam forest by placing it in a national park.


Steven thinks that the transportation needs of Culldrome will rise in the future. He hopes to introduce the Culldrome Train System Funding Bill in 2015, so that it will take effect by 2020. The bill aims to increase government funding to companies like the Inter-Rail Company, so that they would improve the rail infrastructure and future-proof it. The bill will re-route an estimated 60 million coins worth of money from other sectors. This has caused controversy, as to which sector will lose the money. In 2011, Steven has responded with: "If you do not want higher taxes, then money will have to be re-diverted."

Military Expansion[edit]

Previously, Steven has said that the Culldrom military should start to decrease in size, following suggestions from the pacifist Bluetower Castle. However, after the events of Nightmare of Culldrome, Steven has changed his mind. Directly after the war, he announced to double the military's size as early as mid 2013. Large amounts of funding were sent towards military divisions as there was a mass recruitment program. Steven and the Federal Party also aim to strike a 1 billion coin deal with the large multinational company TEWT. The deal aims to increase military hardware, ranging from weapons to vehicles. Some citizens agree to the expansion, citing the increasing threat of communist countries, while some disagree, arguing that Culldrome should become a more peaceful nation.

In the recent formation of The Axle Powers, Steven hopes to increase Culldrome's military forces, making it a recognizable force in Antarctica. He had also gotten into an agreement with Shops Island President Lavender, hoping for the two nations to exchange their prized military weapons, Squarium and Porcyals. This agreement has caused uproarious controversy and debate.


  • "For the good of all."
  • "Our words are backed by Porcyal-based weapons!"
  • "Yes, we probably can!"

Lavender: "I'll get Munijoch to help you guys too. Hopefully they don't surrender this time."
Steven: "Heh. They're worse than the Frankterrans."


  • Steven has a massive tie collection, consisting of around 700 ties.
  • He is married has has two children.
  • He owns a small collection of AU made luxury cars.
    • Steven also has a nasty habit of spending tax payer's money on these cars.
  • He has two political rivals, one from Culldrome's Democratic party, and the other from the National party.
    • His rival from the Democratic party is Michelle Kim.
    • His rival from the National party is Blizzard Dux.
  • He lives in the Supreme House, a mansion in the capital, where the Supreme Leader lives.

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