Stevie Falcon International Airport

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Stevie Falcon International Airport
Key details
Name Stevie Falcon International Airport
Native name Googolplex International Airport
Type of airport International Airport
Hub for
Owned/Operated by National Airports Authority
Location Phi Island
Runway Runway 10L/28R (12,770 ft.) (Concrete)
Runway Runway 10R/28L (12,745 ft.) (Asphalt)
No. of Passengers 21,782,545
Aircraft Movements 188,314

Stevie Falcon International Airport (ACAO code: GPX) is the main international airport for Dorkugal and its Wooden Skyscraper. It has one main terminal, and three main runways, Runway 10L/28R, Runway 10L/28R and Runway 2/20 and serves more than 8 airlines. The airport serves as a hub for It uses the once-abandoned Dorkugal Bridge to shuttle its commuters to Pi Island and its Wooden Skyscraper. The airport is located in the northwest corner of Phi Island, and is located five miles east of the Wooden Skyscraper in Pi Island.


Stevie Falcon International Airport was originally concieved as a small military base, and was to be a small, regional airport as well. In 2002, the airport's plans were changed, by the CEO of Dorkugal, Billy Fence.The airport instead, became a joint military/commercial airport. A 1.5 billion pebble loan from the USA was given to construct the airport. After two years of construction, the airport was open to commercial operations on June 19, 2004. The airport also started it's military operations later that year on November 22nd, 2004.

The airport was originally constructed with a single terminal, with five gates, and two runways. After the terminal reached capacity in 2006, a solution was needed. Another loan from the USA, of 1 billion pebbles was made to the Dorkugese Airport Authority, who then constructed a third runway, and the second terminal as well.

After a public outcry, the airport was renamed Stevie Falcon International Airport, in honor of the new CEO in 2007. The airport also began

Airlines and destinations[edit]

Terminal 1[edit]

  • SkyJet Airways:South Pole City-Metro, Gemini, Polaris, Club Penguin City-Int'l, Enderby City, Newton Town, New Club Penguin,
  • CP Airways: Club Penguin City-International, South Pole City-Metro,Snowville, Enderby City, Newton Town, Aquarius, Gemini,Pengu Town, East Bank City, Frostize, Shiverpool, Ulaansnowtar, Penguville, Polaris, Snowville, Ternville,Snellville, Iceland, New Happyface City
  • Club Penguin AirFlights: South Pole City-Metro, Club Penguin City-International, Polaris
  • Polar Airways:Club Penguin City-International, South Pole City-Metro, Gemini
  • FlyStar Airways:Flystar City
  • Pacifica Airlines: Frostize, Zurich, New Con, South Pole City-Metro
  • Margate Airlines: Margate City-Lhangi
  • SherbyBlue Budget Airline (operated by Margate Airlines) Sherbian City, Margate City-Lhangi

Terminal 2[edit]

Terminal 3[edit]

  • Pole City-Metro,South Pole City-Dellas, Newton Town,Penguville, Snowville, Polaris, Margate City, Satellite City, Neo Domino City, New Club Penguin, Torona-Persan,Gemini, Frostize, Zurich, Chi Con City,Mabila, Margate City, TerraMount City, Lichenblossom, Shiverpool, East Bank City, Club Penguin City, Flystar City,

Cargo Terminal[edit]

  • Antarctic Air Cargo : Frostborough, Zürich, , Gentoo Island, Gemini, Satelite City, Newton Town, South Pole City, Middle Island, Club Penguin City, Polaris, Gemini,
  • MammothCarrier: South Pole City, Polaris


The airport has one terminal, Terminal 1, which has two concourses, Concourse A and Concourse B. The airport operates both international and inter-island domestic routes. The airport has 27 gates in total, and mare marked from from 1-22. The airport also has a small cargo terminal, that handles all cargo traffic out of the airport.The airport also is serviced by the Dorkugese Border Agency for customs and also has baggage claim services as well. It has 10 hangars, 5 of which are used for the USA Air Force and Dorkugese Air Force as well.The airport is connected to Phi Island via the Dorkugal Bridge, and ferry services as well.

Passenger Terminals[edit]

Terminal 1[edit]

Terminal 1 has two concourses,Concourses A and B. Concourse B is the largest out of the two concourses. In Concourse A, four airlines operate from the concourse, they are MammothAir,, Club Penguin AirFlights, and CP Airways. The concourse is the smallest out of the two and has 14 gates. The concourse has a JetzLounge operated by CP Airways and MammothAir, a Polar Lounge by Club Penguin AirFlights and a CalcuLounge for The second concourse, known as Concourse B, is the largest out of the two, but has less gates than Terminal A, due to the number of destinations the six airlines, Aer Frysland, Air Antarctic, Ninja Airlines, Frosian Airwaves, and Rockhopper Airlines operate from. The conourse has 12 gates,and 6 holding lounges. The concourse also has a Fryslounge, operated by Aer Frysland, a FrosianLounge by Frosian Airwaves and a PiratesClub by Rockhopper Airlines.

Ground Transportation[edit]

There is a Bus and Taxi Terminal, where many buses, transporting penguins to the skyscraper, and taxis to various parts of the country. Since the airport is located adjacent to the Dorkugal Strait, ferry services are also available at the Ferry Services Terminal, located near Terminal 2. There is also car rental services available in all terminals. Penguins who are returning and parked their cars in the Parking Lot take a shuttle to various pick-up locations scattered across the parking lot. For pick-ups and drop-offs, penguins can be picked up outside the doors of the check-in corridors. Penguins may also take hotel shuttles, which are located at the Hotel Shuttles Area, located next to the Bus and Taxi Terminal.

Incidents and Accidents[edit]

  • Air Antarctic Flight 521, bound for Polaris International Airport, slid into a ravine at the end of Runway 36, where the aircraft broke up. No one was hurt in the incident out of the 200 passengers on board and 22 crew. The aircraft was a Snowing 777-300ER, and was in-service with the airline for 3 years already.The incident was declared a pilot error, since the pilots did not push the throttle to full during takeoff.The pilots were suspended from the airline until further notice.The FAAA is still investagating as well.

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