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Republic of Stoland
Rzeczpospolita Stolska
Flag of Stoland
AnthemStoland Is Not Yet Lost
(Jeszcze Stolska nie zginęła)
Location of Stoland
Map of Stoland
(and )
Official languages English, Stolish
Recognised regional languages Snowinian, German, Ruscan
Demonym Stolish, Stoles
Government Republic
 -  Governor Dominik Leja (N)
 -  President Simon McClark (L)
 -  Prime Minister Patrick Smith (C)
 -  The Olde Antarctican - Osloven Wars 1930 - 1932 
 -  2017 estimate 2,430,000 
 -  2017 census 2,430,000 
Currency Circum ()
Drives on the Right
Calling code 1332

Stoland is an island state of the United Provinces. Its capital is Warsee, which has a population of 401,020.


Prehistoric Settlements[edit]

Way before the Snowinians showed up, Stoland made tons of settlements on they're islands and the surrounding places. There are tons of prehistoric monuments still living today, most of them located in the city of Crackow which is one of the oldest cities still alive in Stoland, having been made 201, and revamped in 1004. and once again in 1957.

Stoland Empire (178 - 560) (590 - 992)[edit]

The Stoland Empire was the longest living empire in history, however the one which had the most falls too. It was constantly revamped and remade over and over. The Stoland Empire began after the Stolandians learned proffesionalism and autocracy. They had they're very first emperor, Emperor Alex the First. He was a strict leader that ruled from 178 to 206, until his death by cancer. After then, Emperor Strocko the First took the throne. He was a shy king and easily got scared, and every time he gets scared, he would scream "SEND A MILLION KNIGHTS, SOLDIERS!! SEND THEM! HELP!". He was assassinated in 215 due to his unpowerful reigme.

Meanwhile, in 216, Emperor Peta the Great took the throne. He was one of the few most strict leaders, and one of the few strongest. He took over entire Penland, and half of the Puffepelago. He was the longest living leader, having lived till 350 which is a fairly long amount of time. The reason of his death was him being assassinated in The Sandin Wars.

In 560, the Stoland Empire was occupied by the Sandin tribes from what is now Caspier.

On 992, The Stoland Empire was attacked by the Snowinians (who eventually became the Osloven Empire) and got annexed. The Osloven Empire ruled the Stolandians for 300 years, till the "Stolandian Revolution" in 1242.

The Independent State of Stoland (1242 - 1300)[edit]

After the Stolandian Revolution, The Independent State of Stoland was formed. The Oslovens still considered Stoland to be a part of they're territory. Meanwhile, in 1300, the current tsar of the Oslovens realized the Stolandians we're actually growing they're own country and independence, and the Oslovens declared war on Stoland, starting "The Osloven-Stoland Wars".

Fall of Stoland (1303)[edit]

Stoland was attacked by the powerful and mighty Oslovens from all sides, uncapable of defending itself. The Oslovens eventually occupied Stoland.

The Post-Medieval Wars (1597 - 1599)[edit]

The Post-Medieval Wars we're a huge rumble for Stoland. Atumland and Andera teamed up with Stoland to destroy the Osloven Empire, but it didn't turn out right. The Oslovens squashed them like an ant, and took over Atumland and Andera.

Puppet State: Attacks on the Antarctic Peninsula, High Penguin Confederacy (1609 - 1611)[edit]

The Oslovens took control of Stoland and made them the puppet state of The Osloven Empire. The Oslovens and Stoland together made attacks on small HP cities in the Antarctic Peninsula. The HPC blew out huge attacks on the Oslovens, with a lot of damage done. However, the Oslovens moved on to another city which was supposedly empty due to the moving because of the wars, so the Oslovens took that city.

Osloven Civil War: Kingdom of Stoland (1632 - 1652)[edit]

Stolandians wanted freedom from the Osloven Empire because Stolandians we're treated like trash. Stolandians declared a civil war and started attacking the streets of Winsburg. The Osloven troops we're armed and ready to battle with Stoland. Unlike before, these battles actually became a bit though for the Oslovens. The Oslovens eventually lost Stoland and Stoland crowned a king named Alexander the First. The Kingdom of Stoland was very strong, however at the time of 1647 it became to slowly weaken, eventually being attacked by the Oslovens in 1652 and ending the Kingdom of Stoland.

Stoland Despotate: Struggling for Stoland life (1750 - 1913)[edit]

Stolandians eventually ran free from the Oslovens, later Snowinns. Stolandians began the Stoland Despotate, however that didn't make them more stronger. The High Penguin Confederacy, which hated the Snowinns a lot, protected Stolandians from invader attacks. The Stoland Despotate was long living, until 1913, when Khanzem attacked the country.

Khanzem Era: Fall of the Osloven Empire (1913 - 1918)[edit]

The Khanzem successfully couped the HPC. This was big trouble for the continent. Khanzem began to grow larger and larger, eventually attacking the Puffepelago and getting it. The Snowinns couldn't have managed to defend themselves easily. Stolandians smelled danger coming up for them because the Snowiny began to lose a lot of power because of Khanzem. Khanzem eventually annexed entire Snowiny and Stoland was next to be attacked. The Stolish prepared their best troops, but the Khanzem annexed Stoland easily. Meanwhile, Stoland and the Snowiny actually allied together to help in the Khanzem War and destroy Khanzem, and the good guys eventually won. Snowiny was freed, together with Stoland.

Recent history (1918 - present)[edit]

It took a while for the Stolish to recover from the damage inflicted upon them by Khanzem. It took decades of rebuilding and Snowinn help. The country became involved globally and joined the Bridgestadt Pact upon its inception. In the 2000s it was incorportated into Snowiny by popular will.


The Stolish Parliament is consisted of two houses: the upper house is the Senate and lower house is the Same. Both are elected by direct elections every four years. The Senate has 100 members and the Same has 300 members.

The Governor of Stoland is Dominik Leja, a Nationalist elected in 2015. He won 36% of the vote in the first round and in the second round won 53% of the vote against Klemens Paradowski, a Liberal, who got 46%.



The country's culture was shaped over the centuries by the Snowinn, Ruscan and Snoss cultures. Recently, however, the Stoles started forging their own national identity. The Stoles, today, are protective of their culture and are heavily conservative and resistant to change to their traditions and their ways of life. Despite massive UP influence in the recent years and even more dependence on that country, the brave Stolish people are standing out and fighting to preserve their heritage and way of life.


  • This country is a parody of Poland.