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Janie "Storm" Blankslate
Title Mrs. Blankslate
Gender Female
Race Penguins
Faction Flywish's Army
Health Good
Level Powerful
Status Married
Location Blankslate Island
Occupation Part of Flywish's Army, Housewife
Interests Lightning, 12yz12ab
Friends Gregory, Flywish, Akbaboy, Jenni X, Corai, 12yz12ab
Enemies WishFlyX, Gregory X, Darktan, Nightmare, Xorai
Archetype Good

Storm is a lightning ninja who is married to 12yz12ab. She is also the mother of 12yz12ab II.


Storm was born on a normal day. She grew up training in the same lightning dojo as Gregory. She later fell in love with Gregory. Gregory fell in love with her but they both covered it up with bragging. They then went off but Gregory went off to join Flywish. Storm then decided she should be a couple with Gregory. Gregory and her fell in love and Storm joined Flywish. Jenni X was happy to see the couple because she had someone else to play with her. However, Gregory was unfortunately killed in combat during Arctic Wolves VS Flywish's Army. Storm was heartbroken. In 2011, 12yz12ab was talking to her expressing his sympathy. After some talking, they fell in love. They married in February 2012. Then they had a chick in December of 2012 who they named 12yz12ab II. Now they live together happily as a family.


  • Can zap penguins
  • Can generate electricity


  • Water


She is a housewife for 12yz12ab. She continues to fight in Flywish's Army. However, she spends most of her time caring for 12yz12ab II and making food.


  • She still grieves over Gregory.

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