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The legendary StormWorm.
Title STINC Experiment #1
Gender Male
Race StormWorm (Kyrillvermis magnusflamunaegereger, Latin for Kyrill Worm Large Breeze Sick
Faction Big Fat Computer Worm
Health Unknown
Level 1,000
Status Wandering
Location Dorkugese Jungle

The StormWorm is a behemoth worm which dwells inside the Dorkugese Jungle. It ambushes tourists by disguising itself as a weird-looking penguin, only to reveal its true form after it gains the tourist's trust.


Though it originated as Ford computer code, with "financial backing" from the STINC, to annhilate the Club Penguin servers, it manifested itself into a living creature soon after the file was put on a floppy disk. As the story goes, a Ford was running through the jungle to get to an illegal ship when it suddenly tripped and dropped the disk onto the ground. The disk exploded in a flash and a thick nauseous gas was released in the air.


Legend says the worm disguises itself as a weird penguin, only to reveal its true form after it gains the tourist's trust.

Victims of the StormWorm all report getting severe pranks "far superior to The Troublesome Trio". Naturally, the Trio thinks that is impossible. Yet, the victims insist.

The StormWorm leads tourists into its lair by disguising itself as a helpful penguin named "Kyrill", and offering them food and shelter. It will also state it has "breaking news" to share. After the tourists enter the StormWorm's lair... things start happening.

What does the Worm do?[edit]

Victims have reported different things, a list of which follows:

  • All victims mention a "pitch black darkness and the smell of an overheating computer".
  • Some victims report a "deluge of a tasty substance that has a texture similar to shaving cream".
  • All victims mention that they were "humiliated and obtained a huge impact on their self esteem".
  • All victims speak of "threats of sharing embarassing photos of themselves" on the Internet.
  • Every StormWorm victim stated "they needed therapy" after their encounter.
  • One poor soul in particular was blackmailed with "an embarassing snapshot of them at last year's Christmas Party"![1]


  • StormWorms are as large as two school buses combined.
  • The StormWorm is very convincing when in disguise. It's hard to tell that it's a StormWorm until it's too late.
  • A StormWorm in disguise does not reveal the "Kyrill" name until after it gains a victim's trust.
  • StormWorms live in caverns, though they have doors on them.
  • StormWorms in disguise have buck teeth (like their true form).
  • The famed biology pair, Dr. Norton von Symantec and Dr. Atik McAfee, both have their own names for the Worm. Dr. McAfee calls it "Nuwar", and Dr. Symantec, for some strange and unknown reason, calls the Worm "Peacomm". Others call it Tibs. Weird...

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