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If these aren't the droids troopers you're looking for, try RDA Troopers.
Stormtrooper Corps
A typical Stormtrooper with full armor.
Name Stormtrooper Corps
Type Military
Location Snowzerland, outer Space
Head Swiss Ninja, Darth Herbert
Job Fight, attack, defend, capture, guard
Members Stormtrooper soldiers (Penguins only)
Headquarters Snowzerland, Death Star (formerly)

Stormtroopers are a special army corps created by the Snoss Army in 2013. They first debuted in the Great Snowzerland War VI, when Swiss Ninja lent them over to Darth Herbert in order to attack and invade Club Penguin, though unsuccessfully. Later, they were used as a special forces group alongside the RDA Troopers and as aides to the SSS.


The idea of Stormtroopers arose in February 2013, when RDA scientists were testing new suits on RDA Clone Troopers. The new suits made were created to withstand icebullets and lazer blasts from enemies. Instead of applying the armor to the RDA troopers, the RDA hired the best and most talented soldiers from the Snoss Army. With the new suits, the newly formed Stormtrooper Corps became a special infantry rank in the Snoss Army that was meant to rival the Castillan marines and strenghten the SSS's security forces.

Throughout the 2010s, Stormtroopers replaced RDA Troopers and War Bots in nearly all military capacity, with the two only remaining in auxillary service.


They first saw involvement in the Great Snowzerland War VI with Flywish's coup in Liguria.


The Stormtrooper's primary weapon is a specialized laser charged snowball gun.



  • Despite their abilities to withstand icebullets and lazer blasts, they are vulnerable to snowball guns and lazer snowball guns.
  • Their helmets can act as gas masks.
  • The armor is rather heavy, which can make the troopers appear clumsy.
  • Some of the troopers have a habit of banging their heads on the ceiling accidentally.
  • They're left-flippered.

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