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Title Sister of Flywish
Gender Female
Race Same as all penguins who's last name is Wish
Faction Mwa Mwa Penguins
Health Deleted
Level -39584
Status Deleted
Location CyberVoid

Stoss97 is the sister of Flywish. She is unfortunatly a Mwa Mwa Penguin in DTA. She loves playing with Darktan II and sometimes saying hi to Flywish.


Well Stoss wasn't always a Mwa Mwa Penguin. When she was born, she had the brightest smile. She is younger than Flywish and Kyle. When she was young, everyone picked on her because she had some type of hair that would stick up. Eventually she went nuts and became a Mwa Mwa Penguin. She also became immune to Nummy Cakes. Flywish was really angry. So was the rest of the Wish family. Eventually Flywish, Justine Wish, and Kyle kicked her out. Then she ran off to join DTA. Stoss decided to ask WishFlyX and Maddieworld X to adopt her. They said they would think about it. She recently was deleted by Flywish for making Tars O'vian cry.


She wears pink bunny ears and socks. She also wears a clown suit and her color is pink.


  • She is one of the two family members Flywish hates.
  • Director Zenny is scared of her.
  • All of Flywish's Army is after her.
  • Flywish Island vice president Flywish II and his father made a speech saying if Stoss ever showed in there she would be torutred like no tomorrow.
  • She watched WHAT?!? a million times but never got effected.
  • She recently got deleted by Flywish for making fun of Mabel O'vian and making Tars O'vian cry.
    • However, She was already close to dying from being killed by Tars O'vian.
      • She was also being tortured by Flywish, Corai, Xorai and Radal before she got deleted.

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