Straits Kingdom

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Straits Kingdom
Straits Kingdom Flag.png
Flag of the Straits Kingdom
National name Straits Kingdom
Country Ed Island
Capital city New Boorlin
Other info
Population 1,182,000
Location Sub-Antarctic Islands
Alliances Ed Island
Neighbours Margate

The Straits Kingdom, officially the Straits Kingdom Autonomous Region, is a territory of Ed Island located to the north of Margate. An independent agricultural territory of Ed Island, Straits produces vast quantities of crops for both domestic and international sale.


The Straits Kingdom was originally called the Straits Federation. It was first inhabited as early as the middle 19th Century. The Straits Federation was a democracy at that time, with a Governor as the leader.

In 1913, the Straits Federation fell under Khanzem's control, seeing urban development and growth as a port. After Khanzem's fall, the Federation was granted to Sherby Hoodwounds as war reparations, where it continued to see use as a farming and trading colony. Several years later in 1922, Straits was purchased by Ed Island for 40 million Thalers, and the territory's name was changed to the Straits Kingdom.

During the Wulfen War, Straits filled a critical role as much of the farmland within mainland Ed Island was bombed or otherwise occupied or ruined by Neumenian attacks.



As with other states and territories of Ed Island, federal laws are drafted and passed by the Grand Council in Bridgestadt.

The Straits Kingdom's status as an Autonomous Region rather than a territory means that its citizens are permitted to vote in federal elections.


Straits' economy is based entirely around agriculture and trading. Grains are the most common crops grown in Straits, followed by corn, pizza plants, and other produce.

Cities and Towns[edit]

  • New Boorlin - The capital of Straits, named after the capital of Alemania.
  • Neumond - Often nicknamed the "pop culture capital of Straits."
  • Isenstadt - A planned city home to what little industry exists on Straits as well as the only major Ed Islandian military base in the territory.


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