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The Stranger, walking under the moonlight
Title The Stranger
Gender Male
Race Emperor Penguin
Faction Bounty Hunter
Health Excellent, besides his limp
Level 42
Status Roaming the USA, hunting lawbreakers of all sorts
Location Somewhere in the USA or the nearby islands
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Height 4 feet
Feather color Reddish-Brown
Hobbies Eating Doom Weed, playing poker
Interests Guns, poker,
Abilities Excellent marksman
Criminal record Breaking the COC in a gunfight (not killing instantly with his first shot)
Jail time accumulated 5 years
Friends Not many
Enemies Lawbreakers, UPM members and all who get in his way
Archetype Lone gunman, the stranger, neutral
Weapon of choice His shotgun
Signature Strangersiggy.png

The Stranger (real name unknown) is a bounty hunter that roams the USA, tracking down wanted criminals and Underground PWN Mafia members. Nobody knows where he came from, but he has become somewhat of a legend among the outlaws who greatly fear him, and the peaceful villagers from the poorer parts who view him as a hero. While not a show-of like many other so called "heroes" and somewhat of a drinker, the Stranger is generally considered good, his true grit and expert marksmanship having saved the lives of many and been the end of the line for most criminals who crossed his path.


Beginning of Career[edit]

Not much is known about the Stranger's early life, nor his original name, as the Stranger rarely speaks on the subject. Some speculate that he had a dark past, and the fact that he limps may affirm this belief. The Stranger is known to fall strangely silent whenever asked about his past, and sometimes shortly asking him this he will shed a tear or scowl.

Anyway, in 1995, an infamous gangster by the name of "James "Jolly" Rogers" made his way to Mattress Village, tootin' his fancy gun and holding up stores everywhere. The scum had absolutely no respect for law or decency, and he mercilessly killed everyone who got in his way, and town went through 12 sheriffs during his reign of terror. Eventually the town sent a call of help to all the nearby towns, asking for someone to take care of this villain. Nobody came, as everyone was terrified of the murderer. Except for one. On June 5th, 1995, a Stranger rode in to town, sucking on a Doom Weed leaf and looking for a casino. Normally the town's ethical and perfectly law-abiding citizens would've kicked him out, but they were in too great danger, and they pleaded for his help. Even though he scowled at first, after a few minutes of listening to them plead he agreed, and they revealed to him that "Jolly" Rogers had a hideout by the creek, where he stored his stolen loot.

The next day, the Stranger headed out to the swamp, walked right towards the door, and blew a couple of holes in it with his shotgun. Rogers was frightened, as he had not expected a bold attack like this, and he hesitated to open fire. But when he did, all hell went loose. The gangster had a pair of fancy fast-firing pistols, and this almost removed the need for good marksmanship (although he still was a fair shot) but no matter how much hell he raised, he did not manage to hit the lone stranger, though the bullets went within a hair' length from the stranger's body and often scratched his skin. After a few seconds of firing he was forced to reload, and the stranger saw his chance. Even though Rogers took only half a second to reload, it was enough of a delay for the stranger to whip out his shotgun and fill his head with buckshot. Rogers dropped dead, killed instantly by by Stranger, who promptly took him in to town and turned in the dead body. He was paid handsomely, and before anyone could thank him, he had left.

Breaking the That's Death! code and Jailtime[edit]

After this adventure, word began to get around of an unnamed emperor penguin who wandered the USA, hunting outlaws members wherever they could be found. The amazing tales of his skill and marksmanship captured the imagination of the USA, but not all were happy about his successes. The Underground PWN Mafia was angry at him for killing or turning in alive some of their members, and TurtleShroom (penguin) claimed that he was as indecent as the scum that he shot, and broke the "That's Death! Code. The two secretly made an alliance to get rid of him, and they waited for the perfect opportunity to strike. And that opportunity came soon enough. In November 2001, rumours spread that the Stranger had not killed an outlaw instantly and with only one shot (this was before the That's Death! code was revised), and eventually the Stranger confirmed that it was true. On November 14th the Inquisition and an elite squad of Waddle Gs managed to take the Stranger alive while he was sleeping, and they took him in to court. It was not every day that UPM members turned someone in to the law, and after listening to the charges (and the Stranger's confession, which was taken from him with a lie detector), the judge sentenced him to 5 years in prison. So the Stranger was sent to jail, and he never attempted to escape, knowing that he would soon be let out.

Release from Jail[edit]

On November 23rd, 2006, the Stranger was let out of jail after swearing that as long as the That's Death! code remained in it's current state, he would shoot to kill instantly, and he was released. The Stranger now walked with a limp from a fight that he had in a jail, and he seemed to be a lot more cautious, secretive and less impulsive. He slowly managed to rank up more kills and moolah, and eventually he managed to regain some of the respect and fear from outlaws that he had lost while he was in jail. More stories began to spread of his true grit and courage, and he managed to take out more outlaws, without loosing a single fight. Well, except for one.

Battle with Aunt Agatha[edit]

Aunt Agatha, an extremely obese inhabitant of Mattress Village, was a well known lawbreaker and troublemaker, and the Stranger decided it was time to teach her a lesson. He loaded his shotgun, polished his boots (he rarely did that) and headed for Mattress Village, where he first became legend. As soon as he arrived, the first penguin he met was...Aunt Agatha. She was huge beyond his wildest expectations, as she was 13 feet tall and weighed a mind-blowing twelve tons. She thought nothing about the new penguin in town and only took 5 potshots at him (the current record for least potshots taken at a penguin by Aunt Agatha EVER), but the Stranger had already had enough. He whipped out his shotgun and blasted away at Aunt Agatha, not missing a shot. But there was only one problem. The bullets got stuck within her massive amounts of fat, and would not penetrate far enough to cause pain or death. The Stranger gasped in amazement as Aunt Agatha pulled out her shotgun and proceeded to try and whack him with it, barely missing with each swing. The townsmen were stunned too, and offered no assistance, as it was no use, and they gaped when she managed to whack him right on the head, taking him down. She could've killed him then and there, but for reasons still unknown, she left him lying there and went away.

The Stranger was taken to a hospital, where it was found that he had suffered a cracked skull and underwent surgery. The operation proceeded smoothly, but it took the Stranger 4 months to recover. After that, he simply left without a word and went back to his old job, which he continues to perform this day.


The Stranger is a very secretive, quiet and thoughtful penguin. Always calm, even in the midst of a gunfight, he keeps his head, and when he shoots, he shoots to kill instantly. He is greatly respected by his opponents and he respects them, but sadly he breaks the sacred law of Ex clades spacelli after taking them alive, as he often forgets to do it. Unlike many, he is truly modest about his achievements and rarely brags about them, instead preferring to listen to others talk about a normal life, which he secretly wishes he could live. Sadly, he has some faults. The Stranger is known to drink, and he enjoys playing poker, even though he only performs averagely. This often causes issues among the locals if they are decent folk, and sometimes he is forced out of the town altogether.


Strangely, nobody really knows what motivates the Stranger to be a bounty hunter. The Stranger often speaks of a debt that he must pay, the type of which is unknown, although this may not be his main reason. Some believe that his dark and mysterious past may hold the key to his motivation, but so far nobody knows anything about his past. Those few who know him say that he may feel a mysterious sense of duty in tracking down enemies of the law, as if it were his life's calling, although they cannot confirm this.


The Stranger continues to work as a bounty hunter to this day, hunting down criminals and UPM members. He is both loved and feared among the general population, who holds him with a great amount of respect. Lawbreakers on the other hand, still usually hold him with respect, but they fear and hate him. Many often team up to try and get rid of him, and often they hold ambushes for him as he travels the lonely roads at night, on foot. Among bounty hunters he is considered somewhat of a legend, and they often hire him to help him for a while, though he usually only accepts if they are hunting a criminal. Even though he limps he can hobble around fairly quickly, and he somehow seems to cross long, dull and dry roads on foot in remarkable periods of time.


Well, the Stranger has no real friends, so continue reading.


  • Austin8310 - While the Stranger doesn't agree with some of Austin8310's employers, they sometimes team up if needed.
  • TurtleShroom - A former enemy, TurtleShroom dislikes the Stranger, claiming that he has no sense of decency or morals but since they are both dedicated to taking out criminals, they often help each other.


  • Bugzy - His number one enemy, Bugzy is the one behind the Underground PWN Mafia and the majority of crimes in the USA. While the Stranger has never been able to meet him in person, he often spends a lot of his time trying to track him down and have Bugzy meet justice at last.
  • Aunt Agatha - One of Mattress Village's top troublemakers, Aunt Agatha frequently holds up people and takes potshots at innocent villagers, along with a few suspected and confirmed murders. The Stranger has had a couple of showdowns with her but was always defeated by this one question, how do you get a bullet to go through all that fat and kill her?
  • The Entire UPM - Of course, the USA's greatest crime organization is gonna be on this list, right?
  • XTUX Hun - Even though nobody knows where XTUX Hun came from either, XTUX Hun is said to be related to the Stranger and perhaps, even his brother. A bounty hunter without morals, XTUX lets anyone hire him, and he is more of a hitman then a bounty hunter, which disgusts the Stranger. He's had several showdowns with the stranger, and the Stranger has turned him in a couple of times, but he has always managed to escape due to unknown circumstances.
  • All other lawbreakers he can find and turn in


  • He is a parody of the Lone Ranger archetype.
  • Bugzy is said to fear him, though this has not been confirmed.
  • Some claim that he is blind, or was even born without eyes though most dismiss this as a myth. Then again, nobody has ever seen his eyes, as they are always hidden by his hat's brim, so nobody can be sure.

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