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Conservation Status
Not evaluated
Scientific classification
Domain: Eukaroyte (?)
Kingdom: Cryptid Kingdom
Phylum: Chordata (?)

Str00deloshe, Leetoloshe

From the silly "mythology", of the Str00del Force, the Leetoloshe, or Str00deloshe by the force, is a twisted little creature. It is found in Slumolia, and it is a cross between a zombie, a ghost, and a gremlin. Stroodeloshes are created from bodies of dead members of the Str00del Force by the members (like Ace, and similar to others making Golems), usually if the member has been sadly offended by the death of the now deceased member. Even though the Stroodeloshe are only the size of a chick (the corpses shrivel up during transformation,) they can create terrible destruction. They attack penguins are property, often result of a curse. Worse still, only the penguin who is cursed will be able to see the Stroodeloshe, as it is invisible to everyone around. Once a Stroodeloshe is created, it will wander around causing mischief and mayhem.


Stroodeloshes have been reported through southern Slumolia, but most have been seen in Antarctica. However, when it's around, no area is safe from the fiends. Once they are created, no one can know for sure where it may turn up, and also caused mayhem in stores, pizzerias and what not.


The size of a chick.


Maybe 100 pounds?


Forests and Penguin Inhabitance


Slumolia, and the United States of Antarctica


Penguins, puffles, some reported cannibalizing themselves

Physical Characteristics[edit]

They are small, mostly grey, and showing spots of organs and intestines, showing that although alive, is still decomposing and has a bloody hole, in which smoke came out it, and also has strength.