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SubDay is a popular sandwich restaurant in the USA. It was established by Fred De Penga circa 1999, and later owned by Judge Xavier. It specializes in making subs.


FishWay's logo

Fred De Penga was a famous sandwich maker. He made a restaurant to sell them. After a few years he made millions of coins. After he died he gave the company via his will to his good friend Judge Xavier, who usually eats their meals during South Pole Council meetings. On January 2, 2009, a penguin named Steelers Fan11 founded a similar restaurant called FishWay, that also become somewhat popular pretty quickly. By mid-2009, SubDay bought out FishWay and SubDay revamped their menu. Today, the restaurant still thrives, and has may customers each and every day in many countries across Antarctica. It is seen as a healthier competitor to McDoodle's, Burger Khan, and other fast food restaurants.


  • The current motto is Eat Fish.
  • The old motto was MMMMM FISH!.
  • An alternate motto for many years has been "Make every day SubDay!"


  • Despite it's dedication to making sandwiches, it is considered as a fast food franchise.
  • SubDay is one of the ten big restaurants not to have Fat contaminate their food. SubDay is also helping to work for a cure to Fat.
  • It is a parody of Subway.

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