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Sub-Antarctic Islands
Map of the Sub-Antarctic Islands
Country USA
Capital city Club Penguin
Largest city Metropolitan Club Penguin
Formation 2000s
Inhabitants Penguins, Puffles, Crabs, Polar Bear
Other info
Population 25,839,015
Leader The Leader, Governor of the Sub-Antarctic Islands
Location Off the coast of the west of USA, excluding the South Shetland Islands.
Alliances South Pole Council
Neighbours Antarctic Peninsula, Trans-Antarctica, West Pengolia

Sub-Antarctica is a state of the United States of Antarctica, although some of the islands belong to other countries. It's capital and largest city is the very well known city of Club Penguin, which attracts millions of tourists each year. The city of Club Penguin and its metropolitan area makes up most of the state's population, with around 20 million of the state's 25 million people living in the Club Penguin Metropolitan Area. The state has greatly expanded in population after the Colonial Antarctica War, mostly in Club Penguin, and is still expanding.


Before the Colonial Antarctica War, the islands were sparsely populated, with only about 16 million penguins living in the Sub-Antarctic islands. However, after the war, many penguins looking for more opportunities, began to migrate all over the continent and some started the settle the area, particularly around the rapidly growing city of Club Penguin. The growth was evident, because by 2005, the population of Sub-Antarctica was at 20 million, a significant increase from the prewar population.

That same year, when Club Penguin became a port city, other port towns used to pass goods from the mainland to Club Penguin began to sprout all over the Antarctic coast. Altogether, the ports form the basis of the USA's economy: trading goods. Goods are transferred from the mainland states to these islands, and eventually around the continent, to other free republics or states. So many goods are transferred each year that the USA is quite rich. Around 25 million penguins live in these islands, with 20 million living in the Club Penguin Metropolitan Area, which consists of King George's Island, and Club Penguin Island. The rest of these islands are sparsely populated due to the isolation of the islands.


The government of Sub-Antarctica, located in the capital city of Club Penguin, is the same as that of all the other states, but different from the USA's government itself. There is the executive branch, which consists of the governor and their cabinet, the Legislative Assembly which makes the laws, and the Supreme Court, which overhears cases for the entire state. The Leader is the state's current Governor, and the state is represented in the South Pole Council by the state's representative, Explorer, along with Aloom, Mitchell Agroster, and Leslie Jackson, who represent the largest cities in the state.


Sub-Antarctica's economy is primarily based around shipping and trade, and there are many port cities and towns, with the largest being Club Penguin, which is the state's economic hub, as nearly all major financial institutions and businesses are located there. Another large part of the economy is tourism, as around 25 million penguins from all over Antarctica to visit Club Penguin every year. On the other hand, agriculture consists of only a small part of the state's economy due to the lack of available farmland, and most of the state's food is imported from other states.



Countries within Sub-Antarctic boundaries but not part of it[edit]

  • Margate - A former free republic, pulled out of the FRU in 2011. A very prosperous and rich country.
  • United Provinces - Partially within the Sub-Antarctic Islands area
  • Ed Island - A medium-sized country known for its huge technological advancement ahead of other countries in the region.
  • Acadia - A Free Republic located on a few islands about 120 miles south of Club Penguin.
  • Monitorpig - Was a country until it was annexed by Duck Island.
  • Tempest Island - Was a country until it was annexed by Duck Island. Later, it was sold to another country.


Public Transport[edit]

Public Transport is hard to list down as there are not much. Islands which has the full public transportation system include Club Penguin City, Club Penguin, Gentoo Island and New Ice Berg Island. Islands which use buses frequently as their public transportation are Amery Island, Ross Island and Verun Island. There is not one island which only uses trains as their public transportation. Most other islands use the most simple transportation modes: walking, flying (by plane) and teleporting.


Sub-Antarctic State Ferry operates as a ferry service which starts in Club Penguin City and travels across the entire state, stopping at the most important islands, before making its way back to Club Penguin City. As the entire state is located on islands, water travel is a commonly used method of transportation, and residents often use boats to go from one nearby island to another. Nearly all of the islands can be accessed by small boats, while larger ships can access some islands such as Club Penguin, King George's Island, Portal Island, New Ice Berg Island, and Ross Island.


All of the islands in the Sub-Antarctic have commercial airports, and the state is mainly served by Club Penguin City International Airport, Club Penguin City-Amherty Regional Airport, Lemon City International Airport, Club Penguin Island Airport and AdelVille City Airport. The state airline is SAIA, which provides regional inter-island service to all of the islands.


King George's Island and Club Penguin Island are the only islands in Sub Antarctica with divided highways, or otherwise known as freeways, as they are the largest and most populous islands. There are roads in all the other islands, but the roads don't link any other islands, with the exception of Club Penguin Island and King George's Island.