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Coat of Arms of Sudentor
Sudentor Flag.png
Flag of Sudentor
National name Sudentor
Country Ed Island
Capital city Neukirch
Largest city Neukirch
Formation 1812 (Historical)
1920 (Modern State)
Inhabitants Penguins
Other info
Population 2,150,000
Location Ed Island
Alliances Ed Island and her Allies
Neighbours Acher, Wellow,

The Principality of Sudentor is a state of Ed Island. It is the second most populated state of the nation, with a population of approximately 2.1 million.


Sudentor is said to be the location of the landing of the first refugees from the High Penguin Confederacy, this earning its name which translates to "Southern Gate".

In 1812, representatives pledged their allegiance to the King of Acher, thus joining Imperial Ed Island as one of its 21 states. In 1920 after the Republic of Ed Island was formed, Sdentor and two smaller bordering kingdoms were merged when the modern state boundries were formed.


Notable Locations[edit]

  • Landing Beach - A museum and national park for early Ed Islandian history


  • Sudentor is the home state of EDFan12345, the current Hierarch of Ed Island.

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