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Sue Arctic-Pie
A Young Sue Pie.
Title Sue Arctic, The Genetic Connection To The Pie
Gender Female
Race Viking Penguin
Faction Good Guy Girl
Health Old
Status Retired
Location Somewhere in Shiverpool
Birth date April 18, 1961 (1961-04-18) (age 58)
Occupation Actress,retired
Interests Acting, Reading, Computers
Friends Garmield Pie, Feey1 Pie, Bonny1 Pie, Fredrick Pie
Enemies Anyone who will hurt her chicks, or her
Archetype Good Guy Girl

Sue Arctic, now Sue Pie is the aunt of Aunt Arctic. She married Garmield Pie, and related The Arctic Family to The Pie Family. She has many sons and daughters. She is also a famed stage actress.


Chick Years[edit]

Sue Arctic was born on April 18th, 1961. Her parents were rich and took good care of her. Her siblings all loved to write and draw. Sue was different, she liked technology. She was very interested in electricity, weather, and most of all computers. She studied a lot about her interests and became an expert at them. At school she was an B- student, some said she was a hopeless cause. It was soon discovered that the class was too slow for Sue, and she was way above your grade level. When she was moved to middle school, she became an A- student. A lot of bullies called her a nerd, but everyone else didn't. She had thick blonde hair and was gorgeous to some. She acted like a nerd, but she looked like a queen.

Teenage Years[edit]

Sue was the star of school the most popular student. She dated this 'fellow nerd', who's name was Garmield Pie. The two dated a lot and fell in love quick. Garmield knitted scarfs and hats for Sue. She wore them to school and showed them off to her friends. Thanks to her, Garmield was able to sell his clothes to students. Sue became even more fascinated by computers and join the AV Club. She quickly learned all about computers and created her own one in 1959. Soon she took an interest in acting and joined the stage. She was a very good actor and singer. She won many awards and starred in dozens of plays. Her acting got herself a scholarship to a college.

Adult Years[edit]

Sue eventually married Garmield, and she had a chick. They had a large family, and their life became a disaster. Having so many chicks hatch near the same time, met caring for a lot of chicks. Sue's life was turned upside down, and her interest in acting took a break. When her chicks matured, life got easier. She auditioned for plays and studied computers again. Computers had advanced so much, that she was no longer interested in them. So she continued on her interest of acting and became better at it. She was so good that she was welcomed to play Ruby, in Ruby and the Ruby at Club Penguin. She agreed to it, and played the part. When the Penguin Play Awards came around, she was invited to it. She brought her whole family there, except for Fredrick Pie who couldn't attend. Even though Ruby and the Ruby lost to Quest for The Golden Puffle, Sue still became famous. Then to many fans' disappointments, she retired in 2009.

Elderly Years[edit]

Sue retired 2009, leaving her job and settled with Garmield at their igloo. She made her hair blonde again and dances like a young penguin, also you can't tell she is elderly from a far distance, masking her elderly appearance so she looks like young Sue and lives with Garmield in their igloo at Shiverpool. She mentioned that she is gonna turn 51 soon and gets visits from Grandpa Zayne and her sister Jennette Arctic.


Sue is a very kind, and generous penguin. She likes to do random acts of kindness everyday, and believes that it is a right thing to do. Sometimes she can be a little ignorant though, and not listening to others. This has caused some accidents, very bad or just a little bad.


Feey1, remember to be kind and gentle.
Our little chick ran away to map a mountain range.
Oh come on! Quest For the Golden Puffle was completely cheesy!
Don't die of Old Age... ...Ice Age!!!



  • After she retired, the Stage had to look for another actress to play Ruby.
  • She actually has a ruby ring in her jewelry box.
  • She has never met her niece in person.
  • For once, in 2012 she goes exploring with Garmield and Fum.

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