Summer Island

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Summer Island
MottoJustice, Equality, Peace, Progress and Harmony
AnthemOnward Margate
CapitalSommer City
Largest city Penguin Summer City
Official languages Margatian English, Penguinian
Species  High Penguins, Zhouese-Peletoniums
Demonym Summer Islander
 -  President (Head of State) Frederick Mueller
 -  Governor Stefen Raske
Territory Territory of Margate 
 -  Gifted to Margate from Freezeland 2010 
 -  2015 estimate 60,500 
 -  2015 census 63,521 
Currency Margatian Dollar (M$)
Drives on the Right
Calling code 432

Summer Island is a territory of Margate, located off the coast of Freezeland. This small island has a higher-than average temperature compared to the Antarctic mainland, and although the land is snowy, for some inexplicable reason palm trees and other tropical fauna and flora can be found on the island. Previously a Freezelandian territory, the Freezelandians gifted it to Margate in 2010 as a token of thanks for the administration of MAI Freezeland during the Fifth Great Snoss War. With Margatian investment, it became a tourist destination, and it's strategic importance to Margate has also led the nation to construct a military base on it.


Summer Island had been known to the Freezelandian locals since the time of the High Penguin Confederacy, and was a popular retreat for nobles and the wealthy, with crystal clear waters and a somewhat exotic landscape. During this time, many nobles would build chateaus and summer houses and come here for vacation, thanks to its convenient location a few hours away from the mainland. It was relatively untouched and nobody cared about this strategically unimportant island throughout the rest of the twentieth century. Some High Penguins were even able to escape from Khanzem's wrath by hiding on thris island.

In 2010, the Fitfh Great Snoss War occured and Freezeland was rapidly invaded by Snowzerland. Margate and the USA, allies under a defense treaty, stepped in from the south and invaded what the Snoss had not, keeping it free from the clutches of the Snoss. While it was small and lasted less than two months, during this time citizens from occupied Niue Freezeland tried to escape to this free zone, and the Margatians handled the administration well. After Freezeland regained its independence, it gifted this small island to Margate. While unimportant to most Antarctic powers, to the small nation of Margate, it increased its presence on the Antarctic stage. Over the next few years there would be tourism developments being built to boost revenue and a military base was also constructed.

Today, the island receives around five hundred thousand visitors a year, most of them Freezelandian. The island's main source of income is from tourism, and the remainder is from the military base on the island, which allows for a Margatian military presence in the Freezelandian Oceanic Territories, on the other side of the continent from the Margatian Home Islands.


Summer Island's main settlement is the small town of Sommer City, where most of the inhabitants live in. Sommer City boasts of a tourism strip which includes theme parks, hotels and nightclubs. It also has a state of the art ferry and cruise ship terminal which allows visitors to come to the island. The Strand av Sommer is a beach with white sands and crystal clear water, located near the city.

The remainder of Summer Island is occupied by the MAF Summer Island base, which has a large military airfield and naval base which can be extended in times of war.

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