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Summercuts cover.PNG
Studio album by Meaghan
Released July 3, 2017
Recorded October 2015—May 2017
Genre Pop, dance pop
Length 38:55
Label Club Penguin Music Records, Childpengu1 Records
Producer DJ Crow (exec.), Childpengu1 (also exec.), DJ Crab, Ray Kodo, Junglefood, One Wonder, Ripe Pineapple, Skyman, Yusei, Zippy Penguin
Meaghan chronology
Woman on Fire
Deluxe edition cover
Summercuts Deluxe cover.PNG
Singles from Summercuts
  1. "Summer Don't Last Forever"
    Released: June 2, 2017
  2. "Popsicle"
    Released: June 16, 2017
  3. "Island Girl"
    Released: July 2, 2017
  4. "Everyday"
    Released: July 21, 2017

Summercuts (stylised as summercuts.) is the fourth studio album by Telahphonian singer-songwriter Meaghan. It was released on July 3, 2017 by Club Penguin Music Records and Childpengu1 Records. The album is Meaghan's long-awaited comeback to music after the disappointment of Woman on Fire (2013). Meaghan had not released any music for four years but came back from her hiatus to revive her career. Summercuts is a 10-track album and is the first installment of the two-part album series based on seasons, with the second installment Wintercuts due for release in late 2017. The songs possess a summery vibe to them with upbeat and melodic production. Enlisting DJ Crow for the first time since CandyLand (2011) as executive producer, the album also contains production from long-time collaborator Childpengu1, Ripe Pineapple, Junglefood, Yusei, DJ Crab, Zippy Penguin, Ray Kodo, One Wonder and Skyman. It is the first time Meaghan has branched outside of her in-house producer Childpengu1. The album features guest appearances from Cadence and Franky from Penguin Band.

The album was promoted with four singles – "Summer Don't Last Forever", "Popsicle", "Island Girl" featuring Cadence and "Everyday" featuring Franky. The first and third single were the most successful, ultimately reaching number 1 across Antarctica. However all of them fared well.


Meaghan's third album Woman on Fire (2013) was considered a major disappointment. Though the singles did well the album was not well received, which meant Meaghan was put on hold by her record label and the focus was drawn to other acts. To deal with this she took a break and only made a few lowkey guest appearances here and there between 2013 and 2016.

But by late 2016 it was rumoured that Meaghan was spotted in the studio, and she gradually began to come out into the public eye to make public appearances. DJ Crow reached out to her in order to formulate a plan for a successful comeback rather than an underwhelming comeback. Together they came up with the idea of releasing two albums in the same year as part of a two-album seasonal series – the first of which being Wintercuts. The album was scheduled for release in November 2016 but the record label wanted a perfect foolproof promotional rollout so it was delayed. Now that winter had gone the plan was reversed and Summercuts was made to be the first of the two releases.

Crow was approved as the executive producer for the two albums so he controlled all the decisions and material. After releasing In Search of Lost Time in March he shifted his focus onto Summercuts and Wintercuts. Along with Childpengu1 he expanded Meaghan's production team to include the likes of Zippy Penguin, Ray Kodo, DJ Crab and Yusei to generate a summer pop sound that would be commercially successful.


Promotion began in May 2017 with Meaghan tweeting a picture which would eventually be confirmed the cover for the lead single. Meaghan used mystery via social media to generate interest. Each single was released in quick succession so that Meaghan could dominate the charts with simultaneous hits.


The lead single, "Summer Don't Last Forever", was released on June 2, 2017 via iceTunes for digital downloaded. It was written by Meaghan and produced by DJ Crow. The song quickly became a summer hit, reaching the top of the charts and becoming one of Meaghan's most successful singles to date internationally.

The second single, "Popsicle", was released two weeks later on June 16, 2017. Produced by Zippy Penguin and Yusei, it also faired well on the charts.

Before the release of the album, "Island Girl" featuring Cadence was released as the third single on July 2, 2017. With the help of Cadence, it reached number 1 across the Arctic and was compared by critics to their 2010 collaboration "Around the World".

The fourth and final single was "Everyday" featuring Franky of Penguin Band, released on July 21, 2017. It was the final single to be released before moving on to Wintercuts.

Track listing[edit]

summercuts.Standard edition
No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
1. "Summer Don't Last Forever"  Meaghan PatzemoorahDJ Crow 3:44
2. "Everyday" (featuring Franky)Patzemoorah, Franky JonesSkyman, Childpengu1 4:02
3. "Popsicle"  Patzemoorah, Zeff Abelardo, YuseiZippy Penguin, Yusei (add.) 3:06
4. "Island Girl" (featuring Cadence)Patzemoorah, Jennette Williams, Crow Smith, Childonian PenguChildpengu1, DJ Crow (co.) 3:57
5. "Fresh Air"  Patzemoorah, Ray Kodo, Childonian Pengu, Ricky Depp, Michael Ice, Pomfret Hodgson, Oliver LevineRay Kodo 4:33
6. "Fun in the Sun"  PatzemoorahJunglefood 3:33
7. "T-Shirt & Trunks"  Patzemoorah, Yusei, Childonian PenguYusei, Childpengu1 3:25
8. "Beat the Heat"  Patzemoorah, Childonian Pengu, Michael Ice, Yusei, Zeff Abelardo, Ricky Depp, Ray Kodo, Pomfret HodgsonOne Wonder 4:29
9. "Extra"  Patzemoorah, Childonian PenguDJ Crab 3:56
10. "Next Time I See You"  PatzemoorahRipe Pineapple 4:10
Total length:
summercuts.Deluxe edition
No. TitleWriter(s)Producer(s) Length
11. "Definition"  PatzemoorahChildpengu1 3:48
12. "Always Another Option"  PatzemoorahChildpengu1 3:30
Total length:
  • "Popsicle" contains uncredited background vocals by Childpengu1.

Release history[edit]

Country Date Format Label
Antarctica July 3, 2017 CD, digital download Club Penguin Music Records, Childpengu1 Records

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