Sunday Harbor

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Sunday Harbor
Sunday Harbor map.jpg
Orange is downtown, light green is uptown, blue is for the marina, light blue is for the suburbs, violet is the town center, dark green is the park, and yellow is the shops and restaurants
Key details
Type Port City/Island
Level 70
Location Sub-Antarctic
Inhabitants Penguins, puffles, tourists

Sunday Harbor is a city in the Sub-Antarctic Islands that was founded by penguins on a Sub-Antarctic State Ferry boat that crashed on its way to Club Penguin. Today, it is a successful port city.


Sunday Harbor was first discovered in 2002 by the penguins on the ferry boat M.V. Pearl Harbor operated by Sub-Antarctic State Ferry that was going to Penguin Island (now known as Club Penguin). However, the idiot who was steering the boat made a sudden right turn and crashed on the Island that would soon be Sunday Harbor. Since the ferry crashed, the fuel leaked out and the penguins were stuck on the island. Back on civilization, the ferry has delayed by 127 hours (keep wondering who waited that long) and was reported missing, then the news appeared on Penguin TV. The penguins on the island began to build igloos, build boats, and fish. The one-thousand penguins had built an entire city on the island. When the other penguins decided not to be lazy and search for missing boat, the group of penguins were found in 2003. The Island was officially named Sunday Harbor and M.V. Pearl Harbor was phased out of the Sub-Antarctic State Ferry fleet and in 2006, a ferry terminal was constructed and was added to the route.


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