Sunset City

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Sunset City
Country NewDelphisStateFlag.png New Delphis,
ShopsIslandFlag2013.png Shops Island
Area Delfino State
Mayor FrancterreFlag.png Louis LeSoir
Population 6,300,000
General information
Founded 1910
Area codes 382

Sunset City is the largest city in the Shopper state of New Delphis, and by extension Shops Island's largest and most populous city overall. It has a staggering population of over six million. Sunset City has an ever-present Frankterran culture, though Ligurian influence is well-felt and respected as well. Due to its location on the Antarctic mainland, Sunset City has become a major economic hub for Shopper bankers and trade brokers, due to its close proximity to the USA and Polaris, two of Shops Island's largest trading partners. The city's importance has become even more important after New Delphis officially became a Shopper state.


Sunset City was first settled as a trading post for the High Penguin Confederacy in 1910. During this time, it became a popular trading spot for Frankterran and Ligurian merchants. Many Frankterrans and Ligurians immigrated to the city. Many stayed, while others spread out and brought Frankterran and Ligurian influence to other parts of current-day New Delphis. However, it was only three years later that the HPC collapsed and was overthrown by the Khanzem Third Reich. The Sunset trading post was liberated by the Ruscans in 1918, being one of the first parts of mainland Antarctica to be liberated from the Naughtzees. It stayed occupied by the Ruscans until 1935, when Olde Antarctica came into form. Sunset post transformed from a small village to a city over the course of many years under the Water Kingdom. When Olde Antarctica collapsed and was overridden by Colonial Antarctica in 1990, the area of Sunset City became a hotspot for Ford Penguins, as it was in their respective region. For ten years, the city suffered anarchy and chaos until Colonial Antarctica was disestablished and desegregated at the turn of the new millennium. As the USA came to form, Sunset City was ceded to be part of the Polarian SAD. It eventually became the capital city of the Federal Republic of New Delphis, which broke off from Polaris for a short time before being seized by Shops Island. Today, Sunset City is a bustling and active metropolis known for its advanced society and culture.


Frankterran and Ligurian cultures hold considerable dominance over Sunset City. Though, over time, other cultures such as Ford and Ruscan cultures have established themselves in thanks to events of the past. The city also has lots of general influence from the USA and Polaris culturally, due to the close proximity to both nations.


Sunset City when the sun is setting.

Sunset City has plenty of marinas and harbors, along with its main one near the mouth of the ocean. There is a river that runs through the city, which splits off into two separate rivers and creates an island, which is also serviced as part of Sunset City. Along the river and ocean-side are many apartments and expensive condominiums. Closer inland, there are taller skyscrapers used for general business and living. Outside of downtown and around the rest of the city are typical suburbs, with a couple of taller buildings in certain places. There are also residential areas on Patron Island and the two districts across the river.




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