Sunshine Fjord

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Sunshine Fjord
Country United States of Antarctica
Headquarters Sunshine Fjord City Hall
Population 16,756
Inhabited species Penguins, Snell-Libros
General information
Native name Sunshine Fjord
Foreign name Sunshine Fjord

Sunshine Fjord is a small town located in Trans-Antarctica on the coastal edge of the 90-150 Ice Shelf, at the Sunshine Fjord, which is the town is named after, at the mouth of the Sunshine River. It is one of the most well known and popular tourist attractions in the United States of Antarctica for its picturesque views of the sun at certain times during the year. Thousands of penguins and other creatures flock to the Sunshine Fjord every summer solstice, to see the sun shine through the two cliffs, which is said to dazzle all who see it.


Sunshine Fjord was accidentally discovered by a Snell-Libro who was flying around trying to find Gourdzoid in order to confirm its talking pumpkin myth. Flying off course, the Snell-Libro ended up hundreds of miles away from his intended location, instead landing at a scenic fjord at the mouth of the Sunshine River, a major river in Trans-Antarctica. Upon returning to Snellville, he told their mayor about it, and from there, more people in the city and later the surrounding areas began to find out about the fjord.

The discovery spread like wildfire, and soon thousands of penguins started heading to the fjord, which eventually got its own Antarctic Express route that runs via the South Eastshield Crossing, as does the Acoola series of trains, due to the amount of penguins heading to the town each year. Every summer solstice, which is December 20 in Antarctica, the sun finally rises from the waves, ending an often long and harsh winter that is common on mainland Antarctica. Many consider Sunshine Fjord is the opposite of Hackzon Valley, another city in Trans-Antarctica.


Sunshine Fjord is known for its sunrises, specifically the cycle of sunrises there, which is what draws thousands of tourists from across Antarctica to the town each year, with tourism being the town's main source of revenue. The first sunrise will usually occur at around December 20, in which the sun will then set after a few minutes. This cycle repeats itself for the next ten weeks or so until the sun finally rises again and stays that way until winter. The period between the first and final sunrises is called the Circle of Suns and occurs annually at the fjord.

Date of Sunrise Length (from when the sun has completely risen to when the sun has completely set)
December 20-27 3 minutes
December 28-January 4 4.25 minutes
January 5-12 5 minutes
January 13-20 6.5 minutes
January 21-28 7.35 minutes
January 28-February 4 8.15 minutes
February 5-12 9.5 minutes
February 13-20 11 minutes
February 20-27 13 minutes
February 27-March 7 (March 8 on leap years) The sun will finally stay in the sky, marking the end of the Circle of Suns



There are few villains around Sunshine Fjord, as it's simply too bright and happy for most. However, a few evil skuas have been sighted once in a blue moon.


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