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He seems very brave on the outside, does he not?
Born Walrus #1205882
April 15th, 1986
Residence Walrus Crime Ring HQ
Gender Male
Nationality Antarctic
Other names The Pitiful One
Ethnicity Walrus
Citizenship Antarctic
Education None (self-taught), estimated primary school by Alseef scale
Occupation "Superhero"
Years active 2006 -
Employer Walrus Crime Ring
Home town Arctic
Salary No salary
Net worth No networth
Height 1.11m
Weight 102 lb.
Known for Schizophrenia, abuse, pity
Title Officer
Term 2006 -
Predecessor Incumbent
Successor Incumbent
Political party Walrus Crime Ring
Opponent(s) Penguins
Board member of Elite Squadrant
Partner None
Children None
Parents Raised in care of aunties and uncles
Relatives Walrus Crime Ring
Call-sign "Super Walrus"
Awards None
Officer of Walrus Crime Ring

He's not all that happy, you know.

In office
2006 – When his time comes
Serving with See List
Constituency Walrus Crime Ring

Military service
Nickname(s) Schizophrenic Superhero
Allegiance Walri for Life
Service/branch Officer
Years of service 2006 -
Rank Officer
Battles/wars Many
Awards None

SuperWalrus is the almighty superhero walrus of the Walrus Crime Ring. Basically, he's an anti-hero, who wants to do "good" to the "future of Walrus" in "all of the world". But, in reality, SuperWalrus is a lone, schizophrenic walrus who needs help.

Born in the Cold North a long time ago, SuperWalrus grew up in the custody of his uncles and aunties, who neglected him in every way possible. He wanted to be a superhero and save the world from evil, but his friends, who would later be elite agents of the Walrus Crime Ring, influenced him otherwise. His mentality has been damaged due to his neglect and abuse, and has since ended up as one of the officers in the group.


Walri come from the Arctic, or the Cold North. Every walrus gets born there. Of course, the Walrus species isn't technically evil, only the minute few.

SuperWalrus never had a birth name. He was assigned a number from the supposed "Immigration Centre" and that's all he knows. His parents had abandoned him since birth, so he was held in the custody of his irresponsible uncles and aunties, who went away gambling their days off. He was usually alone, and never received an education. He taught himself with the books kept in his great-uncle's library. He learnt mainly English and Physics.

SuperWalrus was actually gifted. His knowledge of physics exceeds that of other walruses at his age. He started devising theories as to how he could gain supernatural powers. He sought the help of his fellow Walri friends, who would later become seniors in the notorious Walrus Crime Ring. He was told that with these powers, he could use it to help the world.

One of his friends, who was an evil hacker, wanted him to help destroy his enemy, the Club Penguin Weekee. SuperWalrus declined, and soon his Walri friends went away from him. Time went past, and SuperWalrus grew lonelier and lonelier. He started developing schizophrenia. He started hearing voices telling him to reunite with his evil friends. He eventually succumbed to the voices and went with the Walrus to the depths of Antarctica.


SuperWalrus is supposed to help hack into the CPW and the like, but he was caught up in his "superhero" missions, trying to defeat TSP and his allies.

SuperWalrus is able to fly and dive. No one knows how he did it, although science geeks from Dorkugal (and Explorer) may know why.

SuperWalrus always wears a yellow cape and red goggles. He would rise at exactly nine and sleep at exactly five.

The Truth[edit]

SuperWalrus seems to be a malicious, penguin-hating creature, but he is actually a lone Walrus who seeks help from others. Due to his severe schizophrenia, his attempts at quitting the crime ring resulted in auditory hallucinations, forcing him to "join or die". Neglect and abuse by his peers in the ring, as well as the every-day penguin, results in worsening his condition.

Director Benny has some involvement in shaping SuperWalrus's personality. He intentionally "hid" his parents when he was young. His parents are actually looking for him to this day, and have no idea that SuperWalrus is their beloved, long-lost son.

Several creatures who have dug in to SuperWalrus's past sympathize with him greatly. When SuperWalrus thinks of them as an enemy, they would readily surrender and play by SuperWalrus's game, at an attempt in making him feel better. Sometimes, they would dress as Walruses and hang out with SuperWalrus, hoping to cheer him up but to no avail.

Many BoF employees have pleaded the evil Director to free him from his plea, but he only shakes his head and leaves. SuperWalrus may never be cured, but sympathizers are determined to save him from his plea.