Super Antics World

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Super Antics World
Box art
Type Antics Bros Game
Effects Video Game
Source Snowtendo
Location Game stores
Cost to buy 30 pebbles
Cost to sell 20 pebbles

Super Antics World is one of the first games in the Antics game series available for Snowtendo DS and Snowtendo Vii. It did very well when it was released, but not as much as some other games like Super Antics Galaxy.


Explorer and Fred take Luce to their secret island that no one knows about but them. Or so they thought.

When they arrive their the place seems to be deserted. The brothers said that usually puffles played here, but there wern't any today. As they walk further into the island, Herbert pops up from behind a large bush and grabs Luce. The brothers try to stop him, but they get stuck in a trap Klutzy set up.

The next morning some native puffles rescued them. After Explorer and Fred eat, the puffles tell them that Herbert has taken over the island. Now the bros must stop the menacing polar bear, and bring peace back to the island.


  • Puffles- Allies (The puffles on the island have long tounges like Yoshi)
  • Puffer Fish- Neither
  • T-Rex- Enemies
  • Brachiosaurus- Allies
  • Blasters- Enemies (These are supposed to be like Banzai Bills)
  • Parrot- Allies
  • Giant Clams- Neither
  • Sea Urchins- Enemies
  • Gobbler Fish- Enemies
  • Sharks- Enemies
  • Boogers- Enemies
  • Big Boogers- Enemies
  • Skuas- Enemies
  • Snow Ball Shooters- Enemies
  • Seals- Allies
  • Sea Turtles- Allies

Power Ups[edit]

  • Mushroom- Touching this will either make the bros as tall as a Emperor Penguin, or as small as Penguin Micro.
  • Fire Weed- Touching this will allow the player to shoot fire balls from their flippers.
  • Skua Feather- Will give the player a yellow cape and allow them to fly farther and higher than with a propeller hat.
  • Star- Will make you invincible
  • 1-up Mushroom- This will give you a extra life.
  • 3-up moon- This will give you 3 extra lives very rare
  • A Happy Face or Drumsticks- Transports either Happyface or Barkjon respectively to help them with certain tasks.
  • Paddle Ball- Touching this will make a paddle ball appear in the player's hand. It can be used to destroy the enemies


  • Across the Ocean
  • Up to the Sky
  • Through the Marsh
  • Around the Dinos
  • Blaster Bananza
  • Into the Mini House
  • Booger Island
  • Over the Mountain
  • Ghostly Forest
  • Dodge the Skuas
  • Search the Reef
  • Through the Canyon
  • Final Showdown


  • This game is a parody of Super Mario World
  • Docter surray LOVES this game because of the properrler hats!

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