Super Smash Mates

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Super Smash Mates
Super Smash Pengs image.PNG
Inspiration(s) Various
Developer Snowtendo
Publisher Snowtendo
Release dates
Release in the USA
Release in the UTR
Release in Rest of Antarctica
Additional info
Genre Battle
Platform Snowtendo 64
←None Super Smash Mates-Jitsu

Not to be confused with Grump's "Super Smash Mode"


Super Smash Mates is a game for the Snowtendo 64. It is a fighting/action game. There are several characters to choose from. In the game, there are four modes. The first mode is Story Mode, the second is Free Play, the third is Training, and the fourth is Multiplayer.

Playable Characters[edit]

Fighter Number Character Attack Final Cut
11 Amigopen Banhammer (weak version) Banhammer whirl (Amigopen spins into a tornado and can hit lightweight characters off the stage easily.)
08 Barkjon Drumstick throwing Snow Ball Gun slingshot
04 Explorer Shovel Breaking the Fourth Wall (Explorer starts to argue with the player, giving him tips and telling the player what to do)
01 Gary Boom Box AC 3000
03 Herbert Seaweed Pizza Boomerang Earthquake Driller
07 Max 1537 Golden staff Super Max 1537 (Turns super and flies around hurting off any one he touches)
02 Prof. Sling Lime Glasses 5000 Super Lime Glasses 5000
06 Rockhopper Pirate Sword Cannon
05 Sam Rudi Fencing Sword Paddleball
09 Spider880 Suitcase Failed experiment (Spider880 grabs a beaker and pours a green liquid in it. The liquid rises up, and comes out of the beaker, turning into deadly acid.)
10 Star Kirby12 Mike Sword Ultimate Strength: Attacks become much more powerful(Can practically blast small characters off-screen in one blow).
12 Wave Jones Surfboard Whirl Super Attack: Wave Tsunami. A tsunami, BIG one comes from everywhere. The Wave contains weapons and stuff.

Tier List[edit]

Oddly enough, the game became overwhelmingly popular to the point that it was used in official tournaments until the release of Super Smash Mates-Jitsu. This is the tier list for some reason, don't ask me.

  1. Amigopen
  2. Explorer
  3. Rockhopper
  4. Max 1537
  5. Star
  6. Gary
  7. Herbert
  8. Barkjon
  9. Wave Jones
  10. Spider880
  11. Prof. Sling
  12. Sam Rudi


Stage Music
Amigopen's Paradise "Sunshine Paradise"
Dojo "Card-Jitsu"
Gift Shop
HQ "Stealth"
Migrator Song
Pizza Parlor "Pizza"
Rockhopper Island "Jungle Jangles"
Snowtendo HQ "Starting Fresh Elevator Muisc"
Spider800's Lab (hidden stage) "Brown Puffle Lab"


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