Super Smash Mates-Jitsu

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Super Smash Mates-Jitsu
Super Smash Penguins. Jitsu image.png
Inspiration(s) Multiplayer action/story video games.
Developer Snowtendo
Publisher Snowtendo
Release dates
Release in the USA
December 1st, 2007
Release in the UTR
January 7th, 2008
Release in Dorkugal
December 2nd, 2008
Additional info
Genre Action/Story
Platform Snowtendo GameSphere
Rating Ten million copies sold.
Super Smash Mates Super Smash Mates Brawl

Super Smash Mates-Jitsu is a game by Snowtendo that is only based on various characters throughout the USA. It's playable on the GameSphere.


The series originally was founded by a Japalandese penguin named Wasamiro Sakuray, who came up with the idea in 1998. He tried to get it published by Snowtendo, but they said "no" each time. In 2002 he decided to get the game published, there would have to be some major changes. He decided that instead of making characters, he would have characters of real penguins in Antarctica.

After contacting all the people he planned to put in the game, he got 90% yes's.

The other percent said no, or didn't reply. So he got to work re-designing the game, and adding more levels to it. He wanted to keep the idea of a multiplayer battling game, but he also wanted a story line to go with it. He decided to make the game both, then started to hire a team.

Mirohazu Zando composed the music, and Sakuray's co-worker Migeru Diyawoto produced the game. Ultimately, Snowtendo produced the game successfully.

In 2007 work started on making the real game, and within 7 months it was done. The game was published right before Christmas, and had a big turn out. It sold 500 copies each week, and soon ended up paying Snowtendo a lot.

Competitive Mode/Feey1 Controversy[edit]

Super Smash Mates-Jitsu is especially loved by competitive players, who enjoy the mechanics of the game compared to its sequel. However, after The Great Yowien War, the game was banned in Snowzerland and Rusca due to the inclusion of Feey1 Pie and his brothers. Anyone who previously owned the game would have the game confiscated and replaced with Super Smash Mates Brawl. This caused a major uproar, with competitive players rioting in the streets. To fix this, Snowtendo created an edited version of the game and offered it to anyone whose game was taken away. The Three Pieteers were removed, and instead replaced by Jock Hochstadt, Penquino, and Clovis Hochstadt.


The game doesn't really have much of a plot and is simply famous characters throughout the USA battling. There are many locations in which you battle, and occasionally you can unlock new stadiums. There is however a story mode that is playable in the game, and involves great skill to accomplish. Each one bears various weapons, and a signature move.


Character Slots Available: 24/25

Character Weapons Attacks
Explorer 767 Fourth Wall, Bomb Propeller Zing, Tail Fling (Usable only on Herbert)
Tails6000 Hot Sauce Gun, Meatball Sling Shot, Destruction Gems Tails Tornado, Hyper Tails, Destruction Energy
Herbert Woodchopper, Boulder Shooting Gun Earthquake Pound, Polar Punch, Herbert Heatwave
Speeddasher Ninja Sword, Level Twelve Cards Boulder Blast, Destruction Control, Ninja Skillz
Darktan Shadow Amulet, Ditto, Doom Weed Shadow Beam, Manny Fling, Polka Music
Triskelle Amulet of Water, Simarils, High Penguin Sword Flood Creation, Geyser Splash, Jetspray
Penghis Khan Small Mullet, Mullet, Large Mullet Basic Smash, Mullet Throw, Fish Smack
Kwiksilver Banana Blaster, Hanglider, Camera Kwik Dive, Banan Blast, Camera Shy (makes a super bright flash, but not a seizure)
Luce Amulet of Light, Slight Predictions, High Penguin Sword Light Beam, Sword Spin, Artificial Sun
G Cheese 3000, Jet Pack, Robot Melted Cheese attack, Jetcharge, Robots onward
Midas and Herb Pie Tank, Meatball Catapult, Golden Block Tank Blast, Meatball Splat, Gold Obsession
Winston Cute Puffles, Squeeze Gloves, Cactus Ninja Hug, Cactus Attack, Puffle Rampage
Professor Shroomsky, and Melvin Turtleheimer Str00del, Two Seat Car, Giant Test Tube Acrobatics, Freeze Mix, Str00del Throw
Flystar55555 His Super Powers Telekinesis, Fireballs, Heat Vision
Pufflechu Lightning Sumon, Small Shock, Electric Cloud Electro-Ball
Lightpenguin Light Orb, Moonscrape Gloves, Wing Catapult Blackout, Lazor Bl4st, Lightspeed Dash
Star Kirby12 Mike Sword, Viking Helmet, Jetpack Crash Quake,Mike Slash, Spiral Drill, Skate, Jet Pack Fly
Richperson Book, Grabbing Wig, Sunglasses Hair beams, Sunglass Beams, Whack-a-Mate, Stamina Attack
Bonny1 Pie Pistol, Tank (Super power up) Flying kick, Karate chop, Air-raid
Metal Knight Sword, Gun, Shield Flying, Spin Attack, Teleportation
Feey1 Tank, Penguin Super Suit, Gun, Keysaber Keysaber slice, Machine gun raid, Beak punch
Amigopen Mechagotank, Mighty Rifle (Sniper mode, Plasma mode, Rocket mode) Deletion rocket, Plasma cluster, Waffle throw
Penguinpuffdude OxiPie Flamethrower, Bag full of puffles OxiPie blasts, Avalanche of puffles

More to come


Note: You can chose to battle whoever you want in these locations.

  • More Coming Soon

Power Ups[edit]

  • Fish
  • Puffle Food
  • Doom Weeds
  • Destruction Gem
  • Banhammer
  • Puffle


Super Smash Mates-Jitsu comes with a Multiplayer version. In this version two players can face off (villains are also playable). Even two heroes can face off, or two villains.


  • This game is a parody of the popular game Super Smash Bros. Melee.
  • Penghis Khan loves this game. He always plays as himself. When he gets beaten however he slaps the game system with his mullet.
  • This game is banned in some countries due to the inclusion of Feey1.

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