Super Smash Mates for Snowtendo 3DS and Vii N

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The roster for this game is currently being revised, please give your thoughts here!
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Super Smash Mates for Snowtendo 3DS and Vii N
Super Smash Mates artwork.png
Inspiration(s) Various
Developer Snowtendo
Publisher Snowtendo
Release dates
Release in the USA
Release in the UTR
Release in Rest of Antarctica
Additional info
Genre Fighting
Platform Snowtendo Vii N, Snowtendo 3DS
Super Smash Mates Brawl Super Smash Mates U.B.E.R.

— the tagline for the games

Super Smash Mates for Snowtendo 3DS and Vii N is the fourth and latest game in the Super Smash Mates series. It is a fighting genre and is currently the first and only game of the Smash Mates series that can be played on a handheld console. The 3DS version was released in Japaland on September 13th, 2014, while it was released in the USA on October 3rd, 2014. The Vii N version was released in the USA on November 21st, 2014, while it was released in Japaland on December 6th, 2014. Penguins were able to play it for the first time in EZ 2014 at Club Penguin Island.


The gameplay of the game remains the same: deal damage to your opponents and raise their damage % to make sending them flying out of the arena easier. Each character has a set amount of lives if they are playing survival mode, and gain points if it is on free-for-all-mode. The maps on which they play on periodically spawns in items to help the character KO the other character easily.

Online Play[edit]

Super Smash Mates for Snowtendo 3DS and Vii N brings back the online feature from Brawl, with many differences. Players can now fight with their friends with rules that can be altered, and they can also play with random people. For Fun is a game mode where all items are turned on and every stage, with the exclusion of Final Destination, are available. In For Glory, all stages are set to Final Destination-style Omega versions, and all items are turned off. Both have team battle modes, and all except For Glory's 1-on-1 are two minute free-for-all matches. 1-on-1 is a duel between two fighters on an Omega stage with two stocks and a 5 minute timer. Online matches against strangers ban Yii Fighters to avoid bullying by Yii faces.

There is also a Conquest mode, which pitches two or more teams against each other to see who wins (for example, a Conquest between Star Kirby12, Penquino and Penghis Khan to find who the best swordfighter is). Players can earn points by playing as the character they support in an online match, with up to 9 points obtainable in a single match; after that, they have to wait 16 hours before participating in the Conquest again.

Players can also spectate matches and share Yii Fighters, Replays and Screenshots.

Game modes[edit]

There are 5 main modes in Super Smash Mates for Snowtendo 3DS and Vii N:

  • Fight
  • 8-player Fight (Vii N exclusive)
  • Mates' Dash
  • Smashventure (Snowtendo 3DS exclusive)
  • Challenge Mode (Vii N exclusive)

These go along Path to Master Foot (Nintendo 3DS Classic Mode), All-Star Arena (Wii U Classic Mode), Ultimate Battle (All-Star Mode) and 3 mini games:

  • Multi-Mate Smash
  • Angry Mates
  • Home-run Competition

By buying the universe DLC, beating Ultimate Battle gives players access to Home Sweet Home mode, which the player can fight every player one at a time in their home stage. If the character doesn't have a home stage either in that version or in general, they will be fought in Battlefield or Final Destination. The catch is that the player must take out every opponent individually with all of them set at hard difficulty. At the end, you must fight Dark Knight in the Mirror World. Take down Dark Knight and you get to play as him as a character along with unlocking the Mirror World stage.


This is just basic information about the characters in Super Smash Mates for 3DS and Vii N. For more details, see Super Smash Mates for Snowtendo 3DS and Vii N/Characters

There are currently two slots open, and Super Smash Mates-Jitsu still has two slots remaining.

Starter Character Spots Taken: 37/39

Unlockable Character Spots Taken: 12/12 FULL

DLC Spots Taken: 7/7 FULL

Series Character Special attacks Final Smash Unlockable Newcomer?
AnticsBrosIcon.png Explorer Spade Throw (neutral)

Shovel Whirl (side)

Rotor Frenzy (up)

Snowshovel (down)

Fourth Wall Manipulation: Explorer's edits his attack strength, allowing him to OHKO an enemy in close range. No No
AnticsBrosIcon.png Fred Charged Sphere (neutral)

Triangle Slash (side)

Vector Ascent (up)

6-G Slam (down)

E=mc2: Fred makes opponents in range fall asleep, then blasts a directional energy wave. No No
AnticsBrosIcon.png Penghis Khan Fish Throw (Neutral)

Mullet Whack (Side)

Fish Grapple (Up)

Fish Drill (Down)

Shark Whack!: A giant Shark is used to trap opponents, then you bash bash bash 'em with your Shark various times. No No
TeamStarKirbyIcon.png Star Kirby12 Mike Sword (neutral)

Spiral Drill (side)

Jet Boost (up)

Counter (down)

Prototype Ultimate Suit: Star transforms into his Ultimate Formation second prototype, and gains boosted strength. No No
TeamStarKirbyIcon.png Richperson Shaded Blast (neutral)

[As of a 2015 update] Shadow Staff (side)

Teleport (up)

IQ Wave (down)

[As of a 2015 update] Blackout: The screen goes black and Richperson turns into Shadow Knight, slashing at a close-by opponent. No No
TeamStarKirbyIcon.png Questisbak Excalibur Sword (neutral)

Shadow Rush (side)

Helicopter Recovery (up)

Dark Pulse (down)

Aimed Shots: Questisbak gets on a helicopter and goes to the front of the scene. She has 12 powerful bullets that deal massive damage to enemies, and can be targeted by the player via the Vii Remote/Circle Pad. No No
TeamStarKirbyIcon.png Lazor Shoulder Cannon (neutral)

Flamethrower (side)

Rocket Jet (up)

Water Hose (down)

Zero Laser: Blast a powerful laser beam in one direction. No Yes
TeamStarKirbyIcon.png Fanonbot Copy/Stop Copying (neutral)

Fanonbot lacks any other Special Moveset. You have to copy someone else's Special Moveset.

Excitement: Fanonbot starts getting REALLY excited and explodes. Then reforms. No Yes
FourUnknownIcon.png Captain B Hydro Pump (neutral)

Aqua Sphere (side)

Catchin' Waves (up)

Freezing Pulse (down)

Tidal Wave: A giant wave that crashes down on opponents, only dealing 30% damage but pushing its victims off the stage. Yes No
FourUnknownIcon.png General Sharpener Power Shot (neutral)

Barrage (side)

Propeller Handle (up)

Heavy Slam (down)

Massive Pencil Barrage: Rapidfires pencils in the direction he is facing. Pencils can shoot up and down, both ways giving himself a slight knockback as recoil. Yes No
FourUnknownIcon.png Pencilsmith Strength (neutral)

Eraser Missile (side)

Rapid-Spin (up)

Bell-Chain (down)

Random Items Galore!: Like the previous game, random items come out of Pencilsmith. Most are his regular contents, but some of the game's items are mixed in. Very rarely, items that can be used against Pencilsmith may appear (like another Smash Ball). Yes No
FourUnknownIcon.png Wally Sharpness Card (neutral)

500 Won Frisbee (side)

Flappy Wally (up)

Coin-Op (down)

Lottery: Causes Korean money to fall everywhere, causing damage. After a while, a few giant numbers appear, which after a while explode. Explosions are larger the more digits match the number 123456. Yes No
TailsIcon.png Tails6000 Homing Attack (neutral)

Spin Dash (side)

Spring Recover (up)

Spin Charge (down)

Super Tails: Tails collects the Destruction Gems, which make him fly at fast speeds, damaging anyone in the way. No No
TailsIcon.png Speeddasher Ninja Kick (Neutral)

Ninja Sword (Side)

Ninja High Jump (Up)

Destruction Control (Down)

Super Speeddasher: Speeddasher collects the Destruction Gems and dashes at opponents, dealing damage. No No
Fooly'sAdventureIcon.png Fooly & Fuzzle Pie Bomb (neutral)

Special Whackhammer (side)

Turbo-Boost (up)

Tornado Spin (down)

Puffle Fight!: Fooly and Fuzzle set up a cannon from Puffle Pop. Then, at 10 puffles per second, the cannon shoots 100 puffles out, initially in a horizoltal trajectory, but you can also make Fooly aim it. For the big finale, Fuzzle uses a plunger to load a black Cheesecracker Puffle into the cannon, which shoots the giant puffle while on fire. No Yes
IsaacIcon.png Isaac Juggernaut Power Jab (neutral)

Power Punch (side)

Hydraulics Overdrive (up)

Mechanical Smash (down)

Squadron E: Collateral Damage: Isaac orders his team to bomb the entire battlefield. Yes Yes
IsaacIcon.png Joseph/Triago Stomach Jab (neutral) (Vacuum Stab if Triago)

Dagger Strike (side) (Tri-Dagger Strike if Triago)

Jet Boot Punch (up)

Colossus Kick (down) (Dark Strike if Triago)

Transform: Triago: Joseph loses self-consciousness, unleashing a burst of blades and gaining stronger attacks for a short period of time or until eliminated. No Yes
NinjaO'DarkIcon.png Ninja O'Dark Flamin' Pawnch (neutral)

Nunchucku Slap (side)

Burn-icane (up)

Floor is Lava (down)

Super Meteor: Sends several burning meteors down to strike his opponents. Yes Yes
NatashiIcon.png Nat De Maple Frostfire Slash (neutral)

Burning Icicle (side)

Cyclone Thrust (up)

Thing (down)

Envy Unleashed: Nat cuts open her patch with a dagger to show her hidden bright green eye, amping up the power and speed of her attacks for a short time. Yes Yes
ShiningHopeIcon.png Carl Johnson Truth Bullet (neutral)

Evidence (side)

Super Star (up)

Identify (down)

Bullet of Hope: Carl shouts "YOU GOT THAT WRONG!!" and shoots a bullet, dealing critical damage to anything it hits. No Yes
ShiningHopeIcon.png Bruce Tyson Bill slap (neutral)

Coin throw (side)

Money-nado (up)

Red Herring (down)

Money Power: Dollar notes appear out of nowhere as Bruce points to opponents in range, which turn into missiles that explode upon contact with enemies. No Yes
KwiksilverIcon.png Kwiksilver Sucking Void (neutral)

Sprocket Rocket (side)

Teleport Kick (up)

Time Delay (down)

Time Disruption: Completely freeze time for a short while to stack up smash attacks to launch opponents. No No
KwiksilverIcon.png Kwikmin & Lois Kwikmin Pluck (neutral)

Kwikmin Throw (side)

Winged Kwikmin (up)

Kwikmin Whistle (down)

Air Truck: Ram enemies with the Air Truck. Yes Yes
KwiksilverIcon.png Willy the Penguin Cyclone Punch (neutral)

Blue Missile (side)

Ice Kick (up)

Peanut Butter Throw (down)

Oceanrock: Transform into Oceanrock, who doesn't take damage at all. No No
LinkIcon.png Link Snowball Gun (neutral)

Fire Fling (side)

Hot Sauce Recovery (up)

Link Tornado (down)

Laser Barge: 2 lasers across the screen, forming an X. Anyone who touches this X gets very damaged. No No
SlendarIcon.png Slendar Ketchup Blast (neutral)

Dummy Throw (side)

Propeller Block (up)

Paddle Rider (down)

Look Out, Whack!: Slendar smacks down opponents with a giant paddle. No No
DarktanIcon.png Darktan Void Surge (neutral)

Extreme Speed (side)

Shadow Flight (up)

Doom Placement (down)

Armageddon: Fires a directional laser beam. No No
SkyboundIcon.png PogoPunk Aniprojectile (Neutral)

Drill Pogo (Side)

Pogo-Spring Recovery (Up)

Pogo Mega Jump (Down)

Color Invert: PogoPunk messes up the screen, creating a trippy void of unstoppable taunting, flowers and sleeping. All but him are affected. No No
MetalmanagerIcon.png Metalmanager Pancake Launcher (Neutral)

Flamethrower (Side)

Ninja Jump (Up)

Invisibility (Down)

Ventusi: Becomes able to fly around the opponent. On contact takes down 10% health, but can also attack with laser eyes. No No
BarkjonIcon.png Barkjon Skateboard Ram (Neutral)

Double Drumstick Hit (Side)

Uppercut Punch (Up)

Puffle Attack (Side)

Music Blast: Plays his drums, which cause more damage if you time it right. No No
HatPopIcon.png Hat Pop Unknown (neutral)
Unknown (side)
Unknown (up)
Unknown (down)
Unknown Available as DLC for those who purchase both versions of the game Yes
FanonCPIcon.png Mr Cow2 Rapid Paddleball (neutral)

Spinny Punch (side)

Mr Moo2 (up)

Mr Cow2 Bomb (down)

Cheese!: Throw a giant block of cheese that summons a swarm of Orange Puffles. Anybody caught in the swarm will receive maximum damage. No Yes
SnowIcon.png Snow Bound (neutral)

Puffle Beam (side)

Ski Smash (up)

Sweep Breath (down)

Snow madness: Snow creates a huge ball, and tosses it, making a huge explosion. If you time it right, it will freeze time, and only Snow will be able to attack for 30 seconds. No Yes
PenquinoIcon.png Penquino Keysaber Slice (neutral)
Keysaber Strike (side)
Ninja Leap (up)
EPF Tackle (down)
3D Eggnog Smash: The opponent will have a glass of eggnog. Penquino will do a series of slow motion (time is slowed, and the screen is red and blue, the colors of his glasses) ninja jumps around the opponent, before time catches up and he power-slams them off the screen. He proceeds to catch and drink the glass of eggnog, with a nog-stache and a grin on his face. No No (previously playable in Jitsu in Allied countries to replace Metal Knight)
CanonCPIcon.png Sensei Hot Sauce Fire (neutral)

Snowball Throw (side)

Water shooter (up)

Elemental Charge (down)

Power of the Elements: Causes a cloud to appear above the stage. The cloud produces snow (freezes enemies), then water (damages frozen enemies) and finally firey meteors (blasts enemies offstage) No No
CanonCPIcon.png Rockhopper Cannonball (neutral)

Treasure Chest (side)

Cannon Recover (up)

Anchor (down)

Giant Squid: Rockhopper summons a giant squid, dealing damage upon contact. No No
CanonCPIcon.png Herbert and Klutzy Paw Punch (neutral) (Claw Punch if Klutzy is near)

Power Slam (side) (Bear-Crab Slam if Klutzy is near)

Jet Aqua Grabber (up)

Retrieve Klutzy (down)

Giga Herbert: Grows gigantic with boosted strength and bulk, but lowered speed. No No (sort of)
SnowtendoIcon.png Hero Water Hammer (Neutral)

Fire Blaster (Side)

Plant Sword (Up)

Enemy (Down)

Maxi Potion: The Hero drinks a Maxi Potion, which temporarily upgrades the hero to Lv3 and boosts the hero's stats. Yes Yes
SnowtendoIcon.png Vii Fit Trainer Sun Salutation (neutral)

Soccer Ball (side)

Hula Hoop (up)

Deep Breathing (down)

Vii Fit: Attack opponents with a flurry of silhouettes. No Yes
FanonCPIcon.png Yii Brawler Shot Put (default neutral)

Onslaught (default side)

Soaring Axe Kick (default up)

Head-On Assault (default down)

Omega Blitz: Kicks an opponent up into the air and attacks with a rapid barrage of attacks before launching him/her downwards. No Yes
FanonCPIcon.png Yii Swordfighter Gale Strike (neutral)

Airborne Assault (side)

Stone Scabbard (up)

Blade Counter (down)

Final Edge: Lifts his/her sword up high and begins firing rapid sword beams. No Yes
FanonCPIcon.png Yii Gunner Charge Blast (neutral)

Flame Pillar (side)

Lunar Launch (up)

Echo Reflector (down)

Full Blast: Shoots a strong laser with two small lasers surrounding it. No Yes


Mcdonalds394 ??? (up)

??? (side) ??? (neutral) ??? (down)

Preception Throw: Throws a powerful football which knocks people far far away with massive damage if it connects. No Yes
63px Akbaboy PWNing Tackle (neutral)

PWN Beam (side)

PWNsome Flight (up)

PWNing Squash (down)

PWNing Power: Cause a storm of energy blasts, launching opponents. DLC No
SkyboundIcon.png Ned PSI Flash (neutral)

DefenseDown (side)

PSI Thunder (up)

PSI Fire (down)

PSI Rockin': Unleash an explosive seizure-inducing fury into your enemies. You can trap them into the middle of the explosion if in range. DLC No
FanonCPIcon.png Heavy Fists (neutral)

Minigun Bash (side)

Weighted Jump (up)

Sandzich (down)

Subercharge: The Heavy becomes Subercharged and cannot be hurt. In addition, all his attacks deal more damage. DLC Yes
Fooly'sAdventureIcon.png WaddyRed and Blumerdoofy Snow shot (neutral)

Whirling Dash (side)

Belay (up)

Slap Barrage (down)

Friendliness Snowballs: The duo shoots a barrage of terrain-penetrating snowballs at opposite directions at the same time. You can aim the main penguin's trajectory and the other one will immediately adjust his. DLC Yes
NatashiIcon.png Amigopen Rocket Boom (Neutral)

Waffle Throw (side)

Plasma Cluster (up)

Banhammer Whirl (down)

Deletion Rocket: Amigopen pulls a deletion rocket with the inscription "Jitsu" on it out of the back of his shirt and launches it into the air. The rocket will fall down onto the stage later during the battle and do massive damage to anybody caught in the blast radius and OHKOs anybody hit directly by the rocket. DLC No
DarkFanonCPIcon.PNG Dark Knight Shadow Joust (Neutral)

A Strong Punch (side)

Robot Lift (up)

Mirror's Reflection (down)

Your Demise: Vrilbouken emerges and fires multiple homing lasers. DLC Yes


These characters are released from Helper Trophies. They usually aid you in battle, but some of them are just an annoyance. And some don't actually do anything at all. To make up for that, offensive Helpers are usually stronger than Minirobots. Rarity is rated by stars (★).

Helper Slots: 39/39 FULL

  • Wezzeti ★ - Angrily shouts with a speech bubble, partially blocking the stage.
  • Mabel ★ - Starts attacking its summoner with insults.
  • Gary ★ - Shoots homing rockets at the enemies.
  • Saraapril ★ - Heals you 100% of damage.
  • Experimental Penguin ★ - Walks and pushes players offstage.
  • Aunt Arctic ★ - Types a new article for the Penguin Times. For some reason, the newspaper appears in front of the screen. They sometimes contain tips specificly for the summoner, like combo suggestions.
  • Manny Peng ★ - Can be picked up and thrown for higher damage than the regular Mwa Mwa.
  • Waddle G ★ - A Spear Waddle G appears, poking enemies. It can also bring out a parasol when it falls.
  • Dubstep Puffle ★ - wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub wub. You probably won't be able to actually see your own fight as Dubstep wubs his way into your screen.
  • Nyan Puffle ★★ - Flies across the screen while the infamous music is playing. Anyone in his path takes a decent amount of damage.
  • Lolz ★★ - Dances onto the stage, and summons a disco ball. Anyone in the light will recieve non-flinching damage gradually. Every 2 seconds someone's in the light, they take 2% damage. If the disco ball is hit, it will crack and explode while Lolz jumps off and disappears.
  • Precious the Poffle ★★ - "Peeeew!"s onto the stage and starts tossing around fluffy clouds that float upwards.
  • Dancing iPod ★★ - Break-dances and damages anyone who makes contact.
  • Penguin Chatter ★★ - Starts throwing snowballs. These snowballs go in a set trajectory, so it may be hard to hit someone.
  • Pirate Crab ★★ - Clickety click click clicks into the stage, hurting enemies with his adorable claws.
  • Kanechu ★★ - Shoots lightning out of its tail.
  • Winston ★★ - Hugs enemies, leaving them vulnerable.
  • Dancing Penguin ★★ - Dances.
  • Piffle ★★ - Eats a pie and burps. Not many know this, but enemies caught within the burp get huge knockback.
  • Sillybudz ★★ - Pokes enemies with an USA flag, dealing 15% damage per poke.
  • Lava Puffle ★★ - Turns into a ball of lava and rolls around in fast speeds, hurting anyone who hits it.
  • X-treme Penguin ★★ - Uses the X-treme Jetpack Surf Cart to fly into enemies for X-TREME damage.
  • Medic ★★ - Heals all damage to its summoner, or subercharges them. (DLC)
  • Lemon ★★★ - Digs a hole through a spot in the map, and players who go into it will fall into the void. It will disappear after 10 seconds.
  • Tim Rook ★★★ - The shopkeeper from Puffle Crossing, he throws leaves at player, which turn into furniture which deals good damage and knockback when the leaf begins to transform.
  • Usapuffle ★★★ - Flies around the stage dropping various healing items. Items with higher healing value land near its summoner.
  • Bits&Bolts Robot ★★★ - Makes blue boxes fall out of the sky, with the occasional "+ blast box" and "- blast box".
  • Puffle Handler/Elite Puffles ★★★ - Targets the Elite Puffles for a single enemy, causing massive damage.
  • Pancae ★★★ - Uses psychic powers to disable and blast at opponents. Pretty powerful, but she's weak to direct attacks, defeated after just one or two hits.
  • Hunter ★★★ - Does the most annoying thing possible: makes the summoner's attacks always miss. And he'll mock you for it.
  • Ninja X'Dark ★★★★ - Attacks like Ninja O' Dark would, but leaving a sickness effect on the character attacked, along with the usual fire effect.
  • Fanonballs ★★★★ - Shops Island's Fanonball appears and then disappears. Soon after, the whole Fanonball cast appears flying for the left of the screen to the right! They are fast and hard to avoid.
  • Hefeuiberf ★★★★ - Confuses everyone.
  • The Condemner ★★★★ - Condemns a random player, immediately killing him/her. May kill the summoner.
  • FrostByte ★★★★ - MEOWS onto the screen, and starts slapping the ground with his tail. If hit, he will lunge at whoever hit him, and then hiss at them, dealing 3% damage.
  • SnoX ★★★★ - Appears shrouded in mist above the summoner, protecting them with a glass cage. He then proceeds to launch thunderbolts at the opponents. If someone hits him, he proceeds to vanish, only to return with all his X-models, rampaging across the screen. He then proceeds to return to his platform and fires a flamethrower, a fan, and a thunder cloud. Then he deconstructs his platform, and disappears in mist.
  • Rainy ★★★★ - Causes wonderful triple rainbows to occur, astonishing any opponents, making them taunt against their will, mainly causing the player to be able to attack them. Then again, there are exceptions.
  • Tobot Titan ★★★★ - Causes a strong wind that blows opponents off the stage.
  • Tobot Tritan ★★★★★ - The rarest of all Helper Trophies, Tritan is a controllable, invincible Helper Trophy that moves for you while your character jumps out into the background.He has his own special moves and makes a force field to prevent opponents from flying off the screen so damage is stacked up, but it can be removed early by attacking the Shielding Armor in the air. Eventually, Tritan performs the Super Combo and causes 250% damage to any opponents, removing the force field in the process and launching everyone.

Metal Parts[edit]

Metal Parts spawn in Minirobots, which luckily aren't ever a nuisance. To make up for this, offensive minirobots are usually a bit weaker than Helpers. Rarity is shown in stars (★). Also remember, Tobot Tritan still negates all of these Minirobots' effects.

  • Fusor Bot ★★★ - Drops a trophy and disappears. Most of the time it is at an average rarity, but it can have low rarity or high rarity as well.
  • Gunner Bot ★ - Fires bullets that deal average damage.
  • Cannon Bot ★ - Shoots down opponents out of the sky.
  • Blocker Bot ★ - Defends the summoner with its shield.
  • Copter Bot ★ - Flies around and shoots bullets.
  • Freezer Bot ★★ - Shoots snowflakes that deal damage and temporarily freezes anything it hits.
  • Mini-Mine ★★ (★★★ for Hover Mine) - Sits there and blows up if anything steps on it. Very rarely, a Hover Mine (Mini-Mine sporting a propeller) appears instead and floats around, trying to ram into anyone to trigger an explosion.
  • Dropper Bot ★★ - Flies around and drops bombs onto the land. Every 5 bombs, a bomb is dropped that also has freezing effects.
  • Flame Bot ★★★ - Blasts a powerful fire that deals massive damage.
  • Warrior Bot ★★★ - Guards the summoner and slashes at anyone who comes close.
  • Sonar Bot ★★ - Disables all positive item effects on opponents.
  • Floater Bot ★ - Lets you ride on it and fly around the stage.
  • Boomerang Bot ★★ - Throws a boomerang that deals passive damage during contact.
  • Bubble Bot ★ - Shoots bubbles straight up.
  • Mini-Bomber ★★★ - Pick up and throw to cause an explosion.
  • Diver Bot ★ - South Ocean only, swims around the whole stage and shoots harpoons at opponents.
  • Spider Bot ★★ - Traps opponents in webs.
  • Submerger Bot ★ - Replaces Floater Bot in South Ocean.
  • Missiler Bot ★★★★ - Fires homing missiles. Can reach anywhere on the stage.
  • Snow Baller ★★★ - Rolls up a snowball until it gets very large and throws it, dealing massive damage. If Snow Baller is hit, the snowball stops growing and is launched immediately. If that happens, the damage is lessened.
  • Storm Bot ★★★- Causes a snow storm that deals passive damage to anyone except the owner.
  • Mariner Bot ★★ - Only appears in stages with water, excluding South Ocean. Swims around and shoots bullets.
  • Fixer Bot ★★★ - Gradually heals the summoner for a while.
  • Buoyer Bot ★ - Only appears in stages with water, excluding South Ocean. Lets the summoner move around in water with ease without having to swim.
  • D. Shotgunner ★★★ - Shoots scattering shots.
  • Shocker Bot ★★★★ - Fires electrical bolts that paralyze targets for a while.
  • Atomic Bot ★★★★★ - Causes a massive explosion that deals massive damage to everyone except the summoner.
  • Barrier Bots ★★★★ - Gives the summoner protection until 75% damage is reached, then disappears.
  • Surveyor Bot ★★★ - Lets you fly/swim/float on it. While riding, your attacks negate all positive item effects on opponents and all negative item effects on you.
  • Hammer Bot ★★ - Minirobot that can be picked up and used as a weapon.
  • Recycler Bot ★★★ - Removes a Helper Trophy or Minirobot and replaces it with an item.
  • Mini-Magnet ★★★ - Attracts all items to it. After collecting for a while, items are sorted out between positive and negative. All positive items go to the summoner and all negative items spread out to the field.
  • Factory Bot ★★★ - Drops a sticker and disappears. Most of the time it is at an average rarity, but it can have low rarity or high rarity as well.
  • Papa Fusor ★★★★★ - Drops a trophy and disappears. Most of the time it is at a high rarity, but it can sometimes have average rarity and very rarely can have low rarity.
  • Mama Factory ★★★★★ - Drops a sticker and disappears. Most of the time it is at a high rarity, but it can sometimes have average rarity and very rarely can have low rarity.
  • Mortar Bot ★★★★★ - Fires Mini-Bombers at opponents.
  • Remover Bot ★★★★- Removes anything that isn't a player from the battlefield.


A list of enemies appearing in Mates' Dash. There is no rarity on these characters. Also, as Helper Trophies and Metal Parts DON'T appear in Mates' Dash, some of the helpers or minirobots may appear in the battlefield.

  • Scrap: Uses a tennis racket to shoot players from far away.
  • Tank: Uses his snow mace to give a lot of damage to nearby players.
  • Sly: Uses his snowling ball to hit players on the ground.
  • Crabs: They hit players with their claws.
  • Candy Ghosts: They steal players' power-ups.
  • Squidzoid: A large enemy that strikes players with its tentacles.
  • Living Sled: Chases players, but is kinda slow.
  • Shocktopus: Only appears in the water area, shocks nearby players.
  • Microrobots: Fly in the sky and shoot lasers at players.
  • Jellyfish: Only appears in the water area, a lesser version of the Shocktopus.
  • Space Squid: Uses a biting attack to drain players' life, or perhaps they want earthlings.
  • Mwa Mwa Penguin: Like the item, but it flings itself at you.
  • Robot Villains: Throws giant snowballs at players.
  • Stormtroopers: Shoot players with snowball guns.
  • Blacksmith: Hits players with a hammer or drops an anvil.
  • Purple Republic: Uses a jackhammer to bury players.
  • Woodchoppers: Only go in one direction, but cause massive damage.
  • Polargeist: It can only be harmed by items, but it can only attack with items.
  • Raptor Bots: They quickly dash around, breathing fire.
  • The Most Micro Sculpture Ever: Is a simple Armo set painted in a rocky color. Just sits there and is destroyed easily. Watch out, it might be the Nexchine.
  • Lava Puffle: Same as its Helper counterpart.
  • Waddle G: Same as its Helper counterpart.
  • Gunner Bot: Same as its Minirobot counterpart.
  • X-Antibody: Has a balanced punching/kicking moveset to hurt players.
  • Mushroom Kwikmin: Clings to players and hits their health off. Shake it off.
  • Smasher: Smash!
  • MMK Member: Will throw Mabel merchandize at you. It BUUUUURNS!
  • Piffle: Munches everything in sight until it eats a pie, OxiPie or pizza.
  • Evil Super Suit: Attacks players with blasting knockbacks. Looks evil.
  • Enemy: Comes in water and plant varieties. Uses a biting attack.
  • Flying Enemy: Comes in plant and fire varieties. Uses a headbutt attack.
  • Mega Enemy: Comes in water and fire varieties. Retreates into its shell and rolls at players.
  • Weegee: Stares at players. If they look back, they vulnerably freeze in place for a few seconds
  • Mega Chopper: Very powerful, very large enemy. Reflects all projectile moves and is only affected by smash attacks.
  • Nexchine: Originally looks like The Most Micro Sculpture Ever, but if attacked, turns into the Nexchine, which is a stronger version of the Mega Chopper.
  • Search Bots: Strong enemies that attack with sound waves, toxic stench and blinding flashes.
  • System Bugs: The three types of bugs from System Defender who track down the player, but die on contact. The red have balanced stats, the yellows are speedy but do low damage, and the purples are slow but do massive damage.
  • Mechagopen: Huge robot that is EXTREMELY tanky, but has weak attack power.
  • Destroyer: Powerful enemy that deals massive damage if you get hit by it.
  • Destroyer Zero: Ultimate enemy that OHKO's you if you get hit by it.
  • Wezzeti: Moves through the ground. Once it pops to the surface, it'll throw a boomerang pickaxe at you.
  • Puffle Costumed Penguin: Flops into players.
  • Puf-fling Sling: Shoots stuffed puffles that rack up damage.
  • Applewalker: Runs around and slams onto you. This leaves it vulnerable, however.
  • Rhomper: Tracks the player, chasing them very precisely.
  • Magmaw the Great: Chases players slowly. Is really big and obvious. Defeating him results in mainly attack stats.
  • AquaPuffle: Follows the player, slowly becoming smaller. When defeated, drops mainly defense stats.
  • Solark: Glitters brightly whilst chasing the player. If defeated, he'll drop mainly speed stats.
  • DigiPuffle 2.0 and NDG: Come as a pair. When defeated, drop HP stats.
  • Puffle Launcher (Red): Shoots puffles at random directions while it spins. Its puffles are stronger than all of the other Puffle Launchers. Defeat it before it runs out of ammunition to get a lot of Power-Ups!
  • Puffle Launcher (Green): Can only shoot Puffles up, down, left or right. These cannon's puffles have average strength. Defeat it before it runs out of ammunition to get a lot of Power-Ups!
  • Puffle Launcher (Purple): Automatically aims at the nearest player and shoots. The puffles shot are weaker than the other Puffle Launchers. Defeat it before it runs out of ammunition to get a lot of Power-Ups!
  • Puffle Launcher (Blue): Can only hit you in a specific direction. Defeat it before it runs out of ammunition to get a lot of Power-Ups!
  • Puffle Launcher (Yellow): Attacks in two directions. The flag is weaker than the Puffles. Defeat it before it runs out of ammunition to get a lot of Power-Ups!
  • Frostbite: Freezes you with Icy Snowballs, then gets close and creates Ice Spikes to launch you!
  • Herbertech Puffle: Each color uses a different digging-based attack, though most involve hitting various times. Dealing a finishing blow on it from below the helmet and it'll be defeated as normal, but dealing a finishing blow on it from above frees the Puffle and it becomes your ally.
  • Paper Wild Puffle: This depthless puffle is weak but very annoying. Its attack deal minimal damage but hits many times. Often spawns near stronger characters to distrub you.
  • FrostByte: Travels forward and backwards in a set path, lunging in the direction he's headed. If you hit him, he'll stop and target you instead.
  • Rainy: Flies on a cloud, dropping harmful items. Among the possibilities include several helpful items, but getting one is quite rare. He may also toss out other enemies, causing trouble. Hit him on the head and he'll soar down before crashing, dealing knockback to nearby enemies.
  • Klutzy: "click ka klick"s his way to you, snapping you, causing damage to be dealt. Mashing buttons makes him lose his grip of you faster.


Along with the many enemies in Mates' Dash, Puffle Allies are here to help! They can either be found as Herbertech Puffles or hidden in the field. If you hit 'em, they'll ally you until they're wiped out. Some of them must be hit various times for maximum effectiveness.

  • Blue Puffle: Blue Puffles roll on their beach balls and bounce to nearby enemies. Their balls will pop on spiky enemies.
  • Red Puffle: Red Puffles roll into enemies for perfect strikes every time. They'll be your guy to earn plenty of power ups!
  • Pink Puffle: Pink Puffles use lassos to trap enemies for a short time. Send the enemies flying while they're wrapped up!
  • Black Puffle: Black Puffles do tricks on their skateboards to counter enemy attacks. They do nothing unless attacked by the enemy. The counter sometimes fails and the Black Puffle is wiped out.
  • Green Puffle: Green Puffles ram at enemies on their unicycles while they juggle. What a talent!
  • Purple Puffle: Purple Puffles encase enemies inside bubbles. Bubbled enemies can be defeated in a way similar to Bubble Bobble.
  • Yellow Puffle: Yellow Puffles paint a picture of a Jet Pack, a Cannon, or a boomerang, which attacks enemies. Jet Packs fly out of the easel like homing missiles while cannons shoot at a single direction, while Cannons shoot infront of themselves, and boomerangs drop and can be used by the player, but they all take a while to be drawn by the puffle.
  • White Puffles: White Puffles create frozen waves to spin in circles and pounce at enemies quickly and presicely, like ninjas.
  • Orange Puffle: Orange Puffles bring boxes with them. If an enemy is nearby, they can attack with an unlimited supply of tiny green squeaky balls.
  • Brown Puffle: Brown Puffles use plasma balls to shock nearby enemies. They can't be attacked directly, but strong projectiles can wipe it out. If you hit it, on the other hand, the plasma will just grow stronger.
  • Rainbow Puffle: Each time you hit one, they'll drop awesome rainbow power-ups.
  • Gold Puffle: You get coins each time you hit one of these.
  • Ghost Puffle: Attacking it once makes it follow you. It can warp you to another spot of the map before you get KO'd. It's very useful when you've been spooked!
  • Blue Crystal Puffle: If you hit 'em, you'll get a crystal shield which protects you from a single attack. Experienced players can get up to 5!
  • Blue Border Collie/Orange Tabby Cat: These two puffles come in a duo. The Blue Border Collie will chase the Orange Tabby Cat around the screen, both puffles hitting any enemy they come across. The Cat deals more damage and the Dog deals more knockback.
  • Dinosaur Puffle: No matter what variety it is, every Dinosaur Puffle does a single thing, which is stomp the ground to trip and damage enemies.
  • Snowman Puffle: This puffle freezes enemies that come too close. Fire is specially dangerous for these guys, both from you and from foes.
  • Wild Puffle: They can be rabbits, raccoons, deer, or even unicorns, but a Wild Puffle will throw healing berries at you.
  • Alien Puffle: Coming in four colors, Alien Puffles teleport around the screen, dealing damage on the spots it reappears in.

Boss Enemies[edit]

After Mates' Dash, some of the battles involve defeating "bosses", powerful enemies with their own HP Bar.

  • Ultimate Protobot: A gigantic enemy who's weak spot is his nose. He is very powerful and can literally OHKO you in the first five seconds. He can also spawn the Test Bot Trio once he's at half health.
  • Skip: A ghostly boss, who can be defeated by attacking the rubble on top of him. Other than that, he's completely invincible.
  • Hydra: A 3 headed boss who attacks you with fire, ice and lazers. Each head has different weaknesses.
  • Klepto: A really crabby boss who flies in the sky. He has a large range of attacks, including an anvil, box plants and even the box dragon.
  • Tusk: A relatively easy enemy, once you know how to read his moves. He can shoot icicles and attack with a wall of ice.
  • Big Big Kahuna: Attack the fruits into the volcano before the volcano KOs you!
  • Melmonst: Melmonst attacks by destroying the buildings you are supposed to stand on. Luckly, he can't destroy the cloud platforms.
  • Space Squid: Smacks anyone in reach with it's tentacles. He's really easy to hit. This fella has some inky secrets!
  • Puffle Roundup Pen: Releases a ton of oddly hostile puffles. Launch the puffles back against it, or you'll be in a fuzzy frenzy!
  • Sam the Sasquatch: Throw frequently-appearing food into his mouth until he's full enough to not want to attack you. He gets bigger as he's fed.
  • Robotic Dragon: Toss snowballs in his mouth to choke him, until the point it short-circuits him. Also appears in Ye Knight's Quest 2 as a miniboss. He's much more powerful than the Ye Knight's Quest 2 version, however.


Snowtendo introduced wiibos, figurines of the Smash Mates characters, during EZ 2014 and released the first set with Super Smash Mates for Snowtendo Vii N. These figures can be used on the GamePad in a similar fashion to the Airlanders and Icey Infinity games and have saved data so they are able to level up all the way to level 50 to increase their battle difficulty. They can also be given equipment like custom fighters.

wiibos can be used with the GamePad NFC reader for the Vii N, as well as the touchscreen NFC reader for the New 3DS. For older systems of the Snowtendo 3DS, a wiibo adapter is coming in Summer 2015.

Set 1[edit]

Set 1 was released on November 21st, 2014.

  • Star Kirby12
  • Explorer 767
  • Tails6000
  • Rockhopper
  • Leonid
  • Fanonbot
  • Questisbak
  • Kwiksilver
  • Slendar
  • Link
  • Fooly8 & Fuzzle
  • Vii Fit Trainer

Set 2[edit]

Set 2 was released on December 14th, 2014.

  • Sensei
  • PogoPunk
  • Richperson
  • Heavy Smasher
  • Barkjon
  • Metalmanager

Set 3[edit]

Set 3 was released on January 22nd, 2015 in Japaland and February 2015 in the USA and elsewhere.

  • Herbert and Klutzy
  • Joseph Yslenski
  • Speeddasher
  • Sniper Bot
  • Jetpacker
  • Ninja O'Dark
  • Fred
  • Penghis Khan
  • Willy the Penguin

Set 4[edit]

Set 4 was released in June 2015 in the USA.

  • Mr Cow2
  • Mcdonalds394
  • Snow
  • Nat
  • Kwikmin and Lois
  • Darktan
  • Captain B
  • Hero

Set 5[edit]

Set 5 was released in July 2015 in the USA. This was by far the smallest wave.

  • Carl Johnson
  • Bruce Tyson

Set 6[edit]

Set 6 will be released in September 2015 in the USA.

  • Lazor
  • Penquino
  • General Sharpener
  • Pencilsmith
  • Wally


Snowtendo has already announced that they will be making wiibos of all characters, including DLC, which means we are to expect:

  • Isaac Juggernaut
  • Plasma Bot
  • Cycler
  • Hat Pop
  • Akbaboy
  • Ned
  • Heavy
  • The Yii Fighters
  • ???


Each version of Super Smash Mates has different stages. Notably, Snowtendo 3DS stages take place in events or places in the Canonical Club Penguin, while Vii N stages take place in events or places in the Fanonical Club Penguin. It is also known that Snowtendo 3DS stages have only one music track to battle with, while Vii N stages have various pieces of music in the "My Songs" menu.

Snowtendo 3DS Stages[edit]

  • Battlefield (Music: Super Smash Mates for Snowtendo 3DS Theme [1]) - A flat stage with three static platforms.
  • Final Destination (Music: Super Smash Mates for Snowtendo 3DS Theme [2]) - A flat stage with no other features besides a cool background.
  • Dojo (Music: Card-Jitsu [3]) - A semi-enclosed stage with opening/closing doors at the sides. (Home Stage to: Sensei)
  • Migrator (Music: Ocean Voyage [4]) - A stage taking place in a recreation of the actual ship. (Home Stage to: Rockhopper)
  • Iceberg (Music: Puffle Rescue Ice [5]) - A flat stage with the abiity to tip a bit depending on the objects that are on either side. (Home Stage to: Natashi)
  • Cloud Forest (Music: Puffle Dance Spa Version [6]) - A bumpy stage with a hole in the middle and jack-in-the-box recovery platforms, which can turn into hazards. (Home Stage to: Fooly & Fuzzle)
  • Stadium (Music: Penguin Cup [7]) - A stage with no bottom blast line. Soccer balls spawn at a higher rate here.
  • Tallest Mountain (Music: Jet Pack Adventure [8])- A large stage with various platforms, though there are hidden entrances through the mountain.
  • Rockhopper Island (Music: The Temple of Fruit Volcano [9]) - A semi-flat stage with a randomly generated background, taking place in different areas each time.
  • Town and Plaza (Music: Fall Fair [10]) - A traveling stage which makes you fight at the rooftops of the Town, then ride a platform to the Plaza rooftops and back.
  • Everyday Phoning Facility (Music: Battle of Doom [11]) - A stage taking place on the EPF rooftop. Herbert and the Hydra bots appear as hazards.
  • Toughest Mountain (Music: Sled Racing [12]) - A traveling stage which stops at various places on the Toughest Mountain, then coming down in a Sled Race.
  • Catchin' Waves! (Music: Catchin' Waves [13]) - A stage with various moving surfboard platforms.
  • Ice Fishing Lake (Music: Folk Guitar [14]) - A slippery stage in which if you hit the floor to much, it breaks, revealing the bottom blast line.
  • Holiday Train (Music: Santa's Sleigh [15]) - A dual-planed stage taking place on 2 different trains, which are in different planes. Stand on a train to switch along with the ride and take box portals to the other train, but jumping during the track change and suffer a KO on the moving rails! Sometimes, a train can disappear completely to the front or to the back, so try to take the boxes quickly!
  • Box Dimension (Music: Puffle Launch [16]) - A semi-flat stage with a lot of boxes, portals to other places in the stage and Puffle Launch Cannons. Watch out for the Box Dragon.
  • Disco (Music: The Party Starts Now by Cadence [17]) - A stage taking place on the video of the Party Starts Now, beginning inside the Disco and ending on the Roof.
  • Mega Whale (Music: Water Party [18]) - A giant whale. You may also be able to board Octi the Octopus. Watch out for the Giant Squid.
  • The Beach (Music: Beach Mix [19]) - A stage taking place on the Beach. Sometimes the Hydro Hopper will zoom by, damaging players.
  • 8-bit (Music: Thin Ice [20]) - A stage that takes place in the map of the Fair Arcade game with the same name. Everything is the same, with little to no edits. (Home Stage to: FanonBot)
  • Fire Volcano (Music: Fire Battle [21]) - A stage that, in the background, the Volcano shoots lava at the platforms. (Home Stage to: Ninja 'O Dark)
  • Haunted Puffle Hotel (Music: Halloween Disco [22]) - A really, really tall stage. It is so tall, it will constantly scroll up and down, showing 5 floors at a time. There are non-moving platforms which scroll with the screen, though Ghost Puffles can come and move them around, sometimes even bringing them offstage.
  • Waterfall (Music: Water Battle [23]) - A stage which you have to jump from block to block to avoid getting blasted. The Gong Area is safe, but only fits one fighter...
  • Tree Fort (Music: Fairy Fables [24]) - A medieval stage with 2 main platforms.
  • Ye Knight's Quest (Music: Medieval Party [25]) - A traveling medieval stage.
  • The Underground (Music: Cart Surfer [26]) - A scrolling stage that makes you go from the Boiler Room to the Hidden Lake. The blast lines are hidden!
  • Casa Fiesta (Music: Winter Fiesta! [27]) - A stage that requires you to blast enemies into the skies.
  • The Great Puffle Circus (Music: Carnival Fun [28]) - A stage with various platforms. Sometime puffles may even act for you! Just don't get caught in the action.
  • Puffle Feeding Area (Music: Puffle Party [29]) - A stage filled with holes you can fall in. Watch out for O'berries!
  • The Amazement Park (Music: The Space Squid [30]) - A platform traveling around the park! How fun! You may even encounter THE PHANTOM OF THE AMAZEMENT PARK!!!
  • Operation: Blackout (Music: Operation: Blackout) - A stage taking place in Herbert's Fortress, in the laser room. Sometimes, Herbert comes and attacks players with his crab army. Hit the laser enough and it'll explode, blasting enemies and changing the layout and the scenery until the end of the match. If Herbert is battling, Penguin 1 will replace Herbert.
  • Pet Shop (Music: Come out and play) - A stage with randomly generated platforms in the form of Puffle toys. For some reason, Mwa Mwa Penguins spawn here frequently.
  • Sled Racer (Music: Sled Racer [31]) A stage that is on a platform that speeds down the tallest mountain at the speed of light. You're near the ground, but touching it will hurt you. The sledding penguin can be used as a platform, for some reason. Sometimes, the platform (and the sledder) jump up into the air. Watch out to not hurt yourself on the fall!
  • Puffle Wild (Music: Puffle Wild Medley) - A stage which transforms into different spaces seen in the trailer: The Statue, The Frozen Waterfall, The Bridge and The Tree Fort. Each one has different layouts and platforms. You can also pick berries from bushes and eat them.
  • Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force (Music: An Agent's Work is Never Done [32]) - A stage that takes place inside an actual Nintendo DS with a copy of the real life DS game Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force. Getting hit by the stylus cursor will hurt anybody, and if you're not in the air by the time it changes rooms, you will get hurt. The rooms it goes through are the Town, the Dock, the Plaza, the Forest, the EPF Headquarters, and finally, the Puffle Training Room with Protobot's hole in it. All of the mentioned rooms are in their DS form from the real game. The only real hazards are the cursor, and occasionally a penguin who bursts in unexpectedly with the Snow Trekker in the Forest.. (Home Stage to: Mr Cow2)
  • Club Penguin: Game Day (Music: Dance Off! (Hard)) - A cruise-type stage which takes you on a platform to different places of Club Penguin Island where minigames are being played, like Sumo Smash, Bean Balance, Fast Freeze, Java Jump, Puffle Paddle, Sled and Slide, etc.. Zooming out reveals that you are fighting inside a television with an actual Nintendo Wii beside it.
  • Pufflescape (Music: Pufflescape) - Watch out for the Puffles in the Pufflescape Balls! You must also watch out for the slippery surfaces and moving pieces!
  • Puffle Rescue: Travel on icebergs, fly on bats, and swim in the seven seas in this stage! Avoid sharks, squirts of steam, and those Shoctopi! (Home stage to: Snow)
  • Ye Knight's Quest 2 (Music: Enter the Dragon [33])- That dragon couldn't harm a fly... or at least when he has a short in his circuits. Attacking him makes him stop temporarily. Be very careful out there in that cavern!
  • Champion's Stadium - (Music: Credits (Super Smash Mates) [34]) The Final Stage, unlocked when you beat Path to Master Foot, All-Star Arena and Ultimate Battle with all characters, no matter the intensity. Various platform forms may appear, but the overall arena always appears the same. The only other time this stage can be seen is in the Credits Minigame.

Vii N Stages[edit]

  • Battlefield - A flat stage with three static platforms.
  • Mega Battlefield - A giant version con Battlefield, with many more platforms.
  • Final Destiantion - A flat stage with no other features besides a cool background.
  • New Year's Firework Show - A slippery stage which has various platforms that shoot out the ice, breaking it. This both produces areas to fall to the bottom blast line and new platforms.
  • Shops Island - A traveling stage which passes through various stores. Maybe you can grab some swag and throw it at others?
  • The War Before Christmas - A stage that travels in time. Woooo! Watch various highlights of the Fanon Characters Christmas Special 2012 in a single stage.
  • 1337 N0-QU4T3R 1V1 4R3N4 SP0NS3R3D BY M8. 1NDU5TR135 - A stage taking place on platforms shaped like the numbers 1, 3, 3 and 7. Sometimes, the platforms spin around or even move offscreen.
  • Sea Cheese Sea - A stage that takes place underwater, with various platforms made of cheese. Sometimes, the Sea Cheese Shark swims in from the background and attacks players. If fighting as or against Fooly & Fuzzle, you will sometimes activate a "Foolish Chat", where Fooly, Fuzzle, Folly and even Fooxy comment about any fighters other than themselves. (Home Stage to: Fooly & Fuzzle)
  • Tutupie City: A fight on the rooftops of a city from Fooly's Adventure. It looks different each season, basing its date on your Vii N's calendar.
  • Green Fields - A stage with various deeps and hills. (Home Stage to: Lenoid, Sniper Bot)
  • Waste Sands - A large stage with one single moving platform. The respawning platform is replaced with a Floater Bot. (Home Stage to: Cycler)
  • South Ocean - A stage taking place underwater. Killer Whales and Frost Orcas randomly appear and deal massive damage if contact is made. (Home Stage to: Jetpacker)
  • Glacier Lands - A stage over water with no main battle stage, instead there are several small platforms.(Home Stage to: Plasma Bot)
  • Iron Fortress - A stage taking place in the previous home base of the Machines. It is now in ruins, but there are still working hazards everywhere. (Home Stage to: Heavy Smasher)
  • Dragan Island - A tropical island stage filled with many traps including large spikes coming from the ground or even giant robots! Take caution, since they'll deal a ton of damage.
  • End Time - A stage set in a hallow and dark future inside the crater of the former City of Progress. Energy geysers sometimes erupt, dealing damage. (Home Stage to: Isaac Juggernaut)
  • Super Antics Galaxy - A round stage which has gravity coming from the center of the entire stage. (Home Stage to: Explorer, Fred)
  • Operation: Blackout - A stage taking place in Herbert's Fortress, in the laser room. Sometimes, Herbert comes and attacks players with a rifle. Hit the laser enough and it'll explode, blasting enemies and changing the layout and the scenery until the end of the match. If Herbert is battling Penguin 1 will replace him. (Home Stage to: Star Kirby12, Richperson)
  • Amataria: A stage that starts out as a blank green field with blues skies. As time progresses, a green pig will appear. Soon, a town is built, with a platform layout similar to Melee's Onett.
  • Penguii Castle: A stage based on the castle in the first cutscene of Find Penguii.
  • Puffle Town: A stage based on Puffle Crossing. There's a bridge that can be broken and a house you can fight over. The time of day changes based in your Vii N's clock!
  • Kwikmin Island: A stage were everything seems very big. Watch out for the giant monsters! Many of the features of the stage can be broken, but don't worry, Lois will fix them right up with his army of Kwikmin! If Kwikmin & Lois is battling Penguin 1 will replace him.
  • Couch: A big couch. What else do you expect? You can't exactly call this a resting place, though.
  • Horrible Nightmare: A stage based on Mr Cow2's junk-induced dream. It's pretty weird. (Home Stage to: Mr Cow2)
  • Sky Voyage - A stage in the sky. Be careful, the platforms are moving, so you might fall in. Plus, look out for the wipe-out canonballs!
  • PuffleVille - A gigantic stage. It's the largest in the game! You can fight through most of PuffleVille, from Coastal Puffland to the Puffle Mountains. You can even fight inside Snow's 5-story igloo! (Home Stage to: Snow)
  • PAPER FANON - A stage in which every character is rendered flat, similar to Fooly & Fuzzle. Fight on a cardboard arena with paper platforms stringed to the top of the stage which can be taken down easily. Everything in the background is hanging from ropes or taped into the background. There are also various audience members. It looks so home-made!
  • Champion's Stadium - The Final Stage, unlocked when you beat Path to Master Foot, All-Star Arena and Ultimate Battle with all characters, no matter the intensity. Various platform forms may appear, but the overall arena always appears the same. The only other time this stage can be seen is in the Credits Minigame.

DLC Stages[edit]

DLC Stages are often for both version of Super Smash Mates unless specified otherwise.

  • Mirror World: A stage that switches between a section resembling the Town portion of the Town & Plaza stage and a new "Mirror" version of it, with special characters and hazards added. The platforms and hazards change every time you load this stage.
  • Pizza Parlor: A stage that faithfully emulates the stage of the same name on the original Super Smash Mates.
  • Amigopen's Paradise: A stage that faithfully emulates the stage of the same name on the original Super Smash Mates.
  • Gift Shop: A stage that faithfully emulates the stage of the same name on the original Super Smash Mates.
  • Large Room: A stage that faithfully emulates the stage of the same name on the original Super Smash Mates Brawl. This stage is only available in the Vii N version.
  • Yiiverse: A stage that has messages drawn using the Yiiverse system integrated into the Vii N to cheer on the fighter, though most of the images are simply spam. This stage is only available in the Vii N version. (Home Stage to: Yii Fighters)
  • Penn Co.: A stage based on the setting of Penguin Fortress 2. It comes free bundled with the Heavy fighter! (Home Stage to: Heavy)
  • RPG Battlefield: Taking place in a battlefield modeled after Fanon Characters: The RPG, generic enemies sometimes appear in this otherwise normal stage.
  • Warlock Casino: Modeled after the iconic scene in A Really Fictional Movie, Warlock Casino sometimes has spontaneous minigames which can be completed in a few seconds for bonuses. If 1,000 minigames are somehow completed in a single match, Slotso appears and attacks, also giving a massive bonus if he is beaten.
  • PAPER FANON 2: Not to be confused with the regular PAPER FANON stage, which is based on the comics. PAPER FANON 2 instead takes place in the game PAPER FANON, choosing from one of seven possible scenes, which include Craft Penguin Island, Papyrus Plains, Scrap Sands, Origami Ocean, Cutout Cliffs, Folding Forest and Tapa Tundra. Each one of the scenes takes place in the overworld of said scene, often near the beginning of the stage or on an iconic area. However, sometimes the scene switches to a battle screen, in which the ground becomes completely flat and any platforms disappear until the battle scene ends.
  • SnoX's Evil Lair: Takes place in one of the rooms of SnoX's large house. The scene is different every time. Nothing too unusual. This stage is only available in the Vii N version.


  • Smash Ball: Lets you use your Final Smash.
  • Bombs: When you throw these, they detonate.
  • Food: Eat it to regenerate health
  • OxiPies: Eat them to unleash a fury of gasses from your behind. You also move fowards quicker.
  • Baseball Bat: Makes really strong hits.
  • Confetti Rocket: Launches up into the sky, then unexpectedly comes down in a colorful explosion.
  • Crates: Hold a variety of items.
  • Helper Trophy: Releases a Helper.
  • Keysaber: Makes good damage.
  • Banhammer: Makes you hit with it uncontrollably, causing maximum damage.
  • Pookie: Throw it for low damage. It also has high shield-breaking abilities.
  • Baseball Glove: Allows you to catch projectiles from other players and throw them back.
  • Balloon: Makes you more floaty.
  • Metal Part: Releases a Minirobot. The rarity of the bot is determined by the type of metal part it is. (+10 the lowest, followed by +50 and +250, and +1000 being the highest possible rarity)
  • GoGo Vehicles: Collect all 5 to form DaiBouken. You get to strike enemies 3 times.
  • Portal: Randomly changes the stage for a while.
  • Dimensional Portal: Changes the stage to every available stage every 5 seconds. If you grab another one, the roulette stops.
  • icePod: Increases range and power of attacks.
  • Disco Ball: Causes a party that reduces visibility and changes the music.
  • Trophy: Dropped by Fusor Bot or Papa Fusor, or by some other special way. Collectible item.
  • Sticker: Collectible item you can add to your character to get boosts. Stickers come off if you die.
  • CD: Unlocks new music. Vii N exclusive.
  • Trophy Stand: Only found in Mates' Dash. Throw it at a damaged enemy to turn it into a trophy for you to collect.
  • Anvil: Can be dropped vertically on a player for maximum impact.
  • Ultimate Tomato: Activating this item causes all existing items look like tomatoes and spawns random items that look like tomatoes. Even though they all look the same, each item does its respective action. Tomato.
  • Arrabbiata Pasta: Lights your mouth on fire, burning opponents.

Character Trivia[edit]

  • Snow is the only character whose first appearance was in 2015.
    • This has led to people believing the BoF had something to do with this game.
      • The rumors were confirmed true, though Snow still claims it was just luck that got him this far and otherwise he'd be waiting for SSM5 for his first Super Smash mates appearance.
        • The game recently got a DLC for the Heavy from Penguin Fortress 2 and Dark Knight from Special 2015, so now Snow is not alone.
  • Fooly and Fuzzle's models are 2-Dimensional, as well as their trophy and wiibo. This trait is shared with every Fooly and PAPER FANON element in the game.
  • Fanonbot, Fooly8 and Fuzzle, the Vii Fit Trainer, PogoPunk, Heavy Smasher and Barkjon are currently the rarest wiibos and can be seen sold at ridiculous prices way over the $13 retail price.
    • The most expensive wiibo purchase goes to a $102.55 purchase of Fanonbot.
  • Many factory defects have appeared in wiibos, the most popular being Leonid with two machine guns, sleeveless Tails6000, Fooly8 and Fuzzle with two Fuzzles, armless Heavy Smasher, and Snow with 2 mallets.
  • On his selection picture, Snow has an wood hammer, but in the game, it is iron.
  • By hacking the game's files, a secret Fool's Chat is revealed. Most people speculate that it is reserved for DLC characters.
    • Fuzzle: Who is that?
    • Folly: I can't believe it! I've got nothing!
    • Fooly: Maybe it's a DLC character who has no unique Fool's Chat! Lazy writers...
    • Folly: Either way, the goal is the same: fight and win!
  • Mr Cow2 WOULD be a heavyweight, but he's smaller than most average penguins, making him only normal weight.
  • Oddly, Amigopen, a veteran character who made playable appearances in the 3 pervious Smash Mates games, almost did not make the cut as a character or a helper.
  • Dark Knight's release trailer is the only one that features another character (Questisbak in this case) beating up other characters before being interrupted by the character being introduced that isn't actual gameplay footage, but actually animated instead.
  • Snow's trailer depicts him using FrostByte as an item. However, FrostByte did not make the cut into the actual game.
  • Snow's Wiibo ID is 32 30 31 35, which, when put into a hexadecimal translator, translates to "2015".
  • There was a glitch in-game when Mcdonalds394 eats the pasta, he get deformed. Luckily, bug is fixed.


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