Super Star 3D Land

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Super Star 3D Land
Coming Soon
Inspiration(s) Star Kirby12
Developer Snowtendo
Publisher Snowtendo
Release dates
Release in the USA
Release in the UTR
Release in Rest of Antarctica
Additional info
Genre Platform
Units sold 12 million
Platform Snowtendo 3DS
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Super Star 3D Land is a platform game for the Snowtendo 3DS. The game was first released in Japaland on November 3, 2011, and in the USA, Asiapelago, Calada and others during the same month. It was revealed at Snowtendo's Keynote Conference during the 2011 Game Developers Conference held in Puffle'and. The game brings the use of stereoscopic 3D to the Star Kirby12 gaming franchise.

Super Star 3D Land is unique from other games in the Star Kirby12 series, as it combines elements from both traditional 2D side-scrolling games and modern free-roaming 3D games. It also introduces new elements into the series, including new power-ups and gameplay mechanics. The main story is similar to previous Star Kirby12 titles, centering on Star's efforts to rescue Princess Coraline, who has been kidnapped by Herbert, utilizing the aid of the Dragon Suit amongst other power-ups. The game consists of 96 distinct levels allotted among the 16 worlds.

The game was released to critical acclaim, with gaming critics praising the amount of creativity and technical design presented within the game, though the utilization of 3D into the gameplay was met with a more polarizing reception. Some critics described the use of 3D as a gimmick. Other critics, however, have praised the game's use of 3D. The game was a commercial success, and has sold 12 million copies worldwide as of March 31, 2012, making it the current best-selling game for the 3DS and also the first 3DS game to sell over 10 million copies.


Super Star 3D Land is a platform game that has been described by game designers as a "3D Star that plays as a 2D Star game". As such, Super Star 3D Land combines the elements of traditional side-scrolling video game titles, such as linear-based levels, with those of the modern open world titles, such as moving Star in three dimensions and performing a variety of actions. Similar to the older side-scrolling Snowtendo games, the health system revolves around Star shrinking upon taking damage from enemies or hazards, and damage while as Small Star results in losing a life. Super Star 3D Land utilizes a similar level objective to those games, in which the point of each level is to reach and grab the "Goal Pole" located at the end of the course before the time limit expires.

The game offers a number of traditional items, such as the Super Mushroom, Fire Weed, and Starman, along with new power-ups that bestow special suits onto Star and grant him new abilities. One is the Dragon Leaf power-up, which gives Star the Dragon suit, allowing him to fly in the air and attack with his tail, with a later variant also allowing him to use fire. The player is able to reserve an extra power-up, which can be retrieved by tapping the item visible on the touchscreen.

Other items include the Boomerang Weed, which allows Star to throw boomerangs that can collect out-of-reach items as well as attack enemies; the Propeller Box, which allows Star to reach high places; and the rare Gift Box, which gives Star extra Coins while walking around in it. The Invincibility Leaf, which appears after the player dies five times in a level, gives Star invincibility and Dragon Suit abilities; while the G-Wing, which appears after the player dies ten times in a level, sends the player right to the end of the level, near the Goal Pole. Each course contains three hidden Star Medals that are required to unlock certain levels. The map screen also contains Penguins' igloos where players can visit penguins to gain additional items from them, and Mystery Boxes where more Star Medals can be earned. After clearing the game once, a set of "Special" levels are unlocked, some of which contain additional challenges, such as a 30-second time limit. Clearing the S1 castle unlocks Richperson as a playable character, who has slightly different handling to Star.

Super Star 3D Land utilizes the Snowtendo 3DS's autostereoscopic technology, allowing players to perceive depth when viewing the game screen. While the game is designed to not require the 3D effect, some obstacles or points of interest are deliberately more noticeable or easier when the 3D is switched on. Super Star 3D Land also utilizes optional use of the 3DS gyroscope, which can be used to control cannons and binoculars. The game also features StreetPass functionality, allowing players to exchange Mystery Boxes containing bonus items. StreetPass also gives players another penguin's igloo so they can get items.


During a heavy thunderstorm, a dragon-like branched tree called the "Dragon Tree", which stands on Princess Coraline's castle grounds, is stripped of all its leaves. The leaves, which turn out to be Dragon Leaves, were in reality taken by Herbert who is using them to bestow Dragon powers on his minions gifting them with new abilities. Unaware of this situation at first, when Star and some penguins go to inspect the tree the next day, where they discover a letter from Herbert, learning that he has kidnapped the princess. Star sets off in pursuit to locate and rescue the princess, learning in the process of Herbert's intentions for using the aforementioned stolen Dragon Leaves. After rescuing her, the penguins and Star return to the kingdom with Dragon Suits while Star carries the princess. Star's actions lead to the restoration of the Dragon Tree. However, a photo falls to the ground revealing Richperson behind bars with some of Herbert's minions, beginning Star's quest into the eight Special Worlds.

After rescuing Person (who is rescued after Star beats a certain level) the two continue on their quest in completing the Special worlds. After they have completed the Special 8-Castle level, a new letter falls to the ground far away in an open plain. The three penguins who helped Star earlier on investigating the letter and discover that Herbert has kidnapped Coraline once again, thus starting Star's quest once over. After Star rescues Coraline for the second time, another photo is found with Coraline in a Dragon suit.