Super Star 64

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Super Star 64
Inspiration(s) Star Kirby12
Developer Snowtendo
Publisher Snowtendo
Release dates
Release in the USA
Release in the UTR
Release in Rest of Antarctica
Additional info
Genre Platform
Units sold 10 million
Platform Snowtendo 64
←N/A Super Star 64 DS

Super Star 64 is a 3D platformer game for the Snowtendo 64.


Coraline sent a letter to Star Kirby12 to come and have some cake with her in her castle. But when he goes inside, he hears a familiar voice telling him to get out of the castle, actually being Herbert. A penguin informs them that Herbert has kidnapped Coraline and is holding everyone hostage inside the castle walls. He has also stole the Power Stars and given them to his minions who are hiding in paintings. Star hops in the magical paintings and retrieves the Power Stars in order to defeat Herbert and save Coraline.

Once Star collects 70 Power Stars, he can access the door into Herbert's final stage and go through another one of the polar bear's obstacle courses. Once getting through, Star finds Herbert waiting for him. The two then begin to engage in battle. Herbert ends up defeated, and is surprised when Star tells him there were some Power Stars he missed. Herbert gives up, and hands Star the final Giant Power Star before he disappears. When Star grabs the last power star, he recovers his full suit. He flies around the star-shaped arena, and eventually flies away. Eventually, he lands in front of the castle. He saves Coraline.


Levels are laid out inside paintings in the castle, or sometimes the walls themselves. They can also be found in holes, gaps, oil pits, and inside a clock. Each world has seven Power Stars. Within each, one of which is gained by finding one hundred coins in the level. The other six Power Stars are found by performing "missions", fighting bosses, winning races, etc. Every course has boundaries to limit the player from going too far, either as a strict wall or an invisible boundary. If Star hits either, he falls down (quite often losing a life). Otherwise, Star is free to roam the large expansive levels at his leisure.

Levels often feature pink Puffles. They open cannons littered around the levels for Star to fly with. When the cannon is open, Star simply falls into the pit where it is, and it raises. The player targets the cannon with a cross hair shot, and fires. This helps Star reach high or far away areas. It is often a good idea to use the Jetpack with cannons.

  1. Puffle Battlefield
  2. Bugzy's Fortress
  3. Jolly Penguin Bay
  4. Mount Everest
  5. Big Ghost's Haunt
  6. Poison Maze Cave
  7. Burning Lava Land
  8. Quicksand Land
  9. Shark Pool
  10. Snowman's Land
  11. Wet-Dry World
  12. High, High Mountain
  13. Mini-Giant Island
  14. Clock Tower
  15. Sky Ride

Secret Courses[edit]

In addition to the main courses of the game and the Herbert Courses, there are also a few hidden courses that house several of the Castle's Secret Stars, as well as the three ! Switches.

  • Coraline's Secret Slide
  • Secret Aquarium
  • Tower of the Jet Pack
  • Moat of the Vanish Skates
  • Cavern of the Metal Blade
  • Jet Pack over the Iceberg
  • And more!


In addition to Star's jumping and slashing, a whole new host of abilities is given to the player as the game progresses. Star can punch, kick, kick jump, hip drop, slash, triple jump, long jump, back flip, somersault, and perform the wall kick (bouncing from wall to wall with timed jumps to reach higher areas). The usual Super Mushroom and Fire Weed are absent in this game. Instead Star gains the power to wear items, in the form of his regular ones. The Power Gauge is also introduced, which became standard for future three dimensional Snowtendo games.

The items are found inside special '!' blocks littered around the every level. Initially empty, they can be filled by finding '!' switches (similar to the Switch Palaces of Super Antics World). There are three types of items, and each item lets Star perform different abilities. It should also be noted that only one form of item can be found in each level. Normally, each item is worn separately, but Star can sometimes don two items at once and combine the abilities of both.

  • The Jet Pack allows Star to fly around if he performs a triple jump or blasts out of a cannon. This is useful for reaching high or far areas, and finding secrets in the sky. Also, the Jet Pack lets Star do a Triple Jump without having to walk/run.
  • The Vanish Skates is an attachment for his black shoes, which are missing skates, makes Star transform into Vanish Star, which makes him invulnerable to attacks. He can also walk through some walls to reach new areas, where he can find hidden items or Power Stars. Also, all enemies' attacks travel through him.
  • The Metal Blade, which replaces his Mike Sword Blade, causes Star to transform into Metal Star, which makes him metallic and heavy. This lets Star defeat enemies by walking into them, walk through streams of fire without taking damage, avoid water currents, and walk under water. Because he is heavy, all Star can do is walk and jump.

Notable Mistakes and Errors[edit]

  • When speaking to Explorer on the castle roof, he says "Star!!! It that really you???" instead of "Star!!! Is that really you???".
  • If Star is one star short of opening a door, it will still refer to the word needed in the plural: "You need 1 more stars" instead of "You need 1 more star."


  • This is an obvious parody of Super Mario 64.
    • Many fans of the Antics Brothers were surprised when they found out this game was a parody of Super Mario 64 instead of something like "Super Explorer 64" or something like that. However, the producers had felt that the antics were taking too much of the fame, thus made this.
  • This game is also available on the Vii. There is a remake called Super Star 64 DS for the Snowtendo DS.