Super nOOb123

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Super nOOb123
Super nOOb123 image.png
The world's Super Noob!
Title Lord Noobish
Gender Male
Race nOOb Penguin
Faction None
Health Physically, healthy. Mentally, unhealthy.
Level 50
Status Being a noob and a wannabe str00del
Location Unknown

Super nOOb123 (real name unknown) is an idiotic penguin who is obsessed with Strudel and the word "LOLZ!".


Super nOOb123 hatched on a April Fools Day in Club Penguin to two proud penguins. Unfortunately, 5 minutes after hatching, he was swooped off by a puffin, who accidently thought Super n00b123 was a fish, and after ten minutes, the puffin lost its grip, let go of Super n00b, and landed on his head. The horrible bump mentally damaged him, causing him to become obsessed with the pastry known as Strudel and started saying all kinds of gibberish, such as "I LOVES STROODEL LOLZ!" and other things.

Current Life[edit]

Recently, he had finally (after many years of trying to get accepted) joined the Str00del Force. He is currently eating lots of strudel and enjoys annoying Serious Cat out of his wits. However, Serious Cat had recently cooked up a plot to kick him out of the force, and being successful, managed to kick him out. He is currently back into the position of being a wannabe str00del.


He used to be in the StrOOdel Force, but is currently being a useless wannabe. In everyday life, he usually steals strudels from cafés and prepares surprises for Serious Cat.


  • To many penguins, he is usually described as a noob.

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