Super nOOb123

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Super nOOb123
Super nOOb123 image.png
The worlds Super Noob!
Title Lord Noobish
Gender Male
Race nOOb Penguin
Faction None
Health Healthy
Level ?
Status being a nOOb
Location unknown

Super nOOb123 is a noobish penguin (you probaly knew that all ready) whoes obsessed with strudel and the word "LOLZ!"


Super nOOb123 hatched on a April Fools Day in club penguin to too proud penguins.Unfortunetly 5 minuites after hatching he was swooped off by a large bird creature and droped on his head.The Horrible bump mentaly damaged him causing him to become obssessed with a pastrie know as strudel and started saying all kinds of jibberish such as "I LOVES STROODEL LOLZ!" and other things.Recently he had finnaly after many years of trying to get accepted joined the StrOOdel Force and is currently eating lots of strOOdel and anoyying Serious Cat out of his wits.


He is in the StrOOdel Force


  • hes a noob

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