Supply Shop

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Supply Shop
The Supply Shop with The Owner
General information
Location Ross Island
Type Laboratory (1960s-200X), shop/business/retailer (200X-present)
Style N/A
Owner(s) Fire Kingdom (1960s-1990s);
Colonial Antarctica and then Ross Island (1990s-2000s?);
Marky S. McPengy (200X-present)
Started 1960s
Completed 1960s
Height 18ft
Architect Fire Kingdom
Status Open

The Supply Shop is a local supply shop located on the Ross Island. It was originally a laboratory that played a heavy hand in creating white puffles, and was the origin of Gerald Chevalier. When it was shut down in the 1970s, it became a financial burden until Marky S. McPengy snatched it up and made it into a store.


Initially, the Supply Shop was a secret laboratory on the then-undiscovered, government-owned Ross Island. It was created in the 1960s when the Fire Kingdom made a bid to conquer the entire Antarctican continent. It was used to create biological weapons, but its creations were eventually rejected by the Fire King. The laboratory remained a fiscal burden after its initial invention, and because it was never shut down, it kept these biological weapons in stasis. The lab was decommissioned because of its alleged "failure".

When Olde Anarctica gave way to Colonial Antarctica, the laboratory remained under the new government's control. The laboratory had long been decommissioned, but it was still open and running, just not developing anything. The government wanted to rid itself of it, because it did nothing and cost the government a fortune. However, because Ross Island was still a "secret" from the OA days, it just kept sucking away money and burdening him.

After Ross Island was discovered and privatized, the laboratory remained in operation. The Ross Islanders didn't have the heart to tear it down, but they kept trying to sell it to anyone that asked for it. It was then that a shrewd Adelie named Marky S. McPengy purchased the land, and the lab. He renamed it the Supply Shop and made a few very minor adjustments, such as cutting a window out of the front and setting a counter and workspace for him to sell his junk wares. The rest of the building was untouched, because Marky was too lazy and didn't need all that room. (He got the place for a bargain, but the electricity bill would later show him why.)

Marky was unaware of the laboratory's status when he made the purchase. He learned of its stasis chambers and its purpose, and tried to market the chambers as a tourist attraction to outdo Morshu. However, the bill was far too steep to offset the revenue. Marky was about to close shop when a penguin named Mark Nadoff purchased one of the stasis tubes (at a ninety percent discount to the real value) and agreed to pay Marky's bills.

This set Marky in the black and allowed him to pursue his dream.

The Supply Shop today[edit]

Today, Marky sells his "supplies", which are usually found on trash cans or the Ross Island Dump.

Supplies and services[edit]

  • Fishing Rods - It costs one yellow fish
  • Boot - It cost one sardine
  • Tin can with worms - It cost one sardine
    • That is the slogan for the stasis chambers that remain in the untouched laboratory part of the Shop. For a modest price of fifteen fish, one can tour the place and look at the experiments. It's very popular.

Other Stores[edit]

  • There is only one competitor to the Supply Shop. Morshu sells his ware here, too. His consist of the finest quality lamp oil, rope, and bombs, but he can't give credit.

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