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A Sith Lord (black robe) fighting a Jedi Knight (brown robe).
Name Sith
Type Evil users of the force trained in the dark side who terrorize others in attempts for world domination. Avid Imperialists.
Location Anywhere, especially in corrupt places like Slumolia, Maverick, or Snowzerland.
Head Rumored to be Swiss Ninja
Job To destroy Jedi and conquer Antarctica
Members Two at any given time
Headquarters Unknown, some say each Sith has their own various headquarters

Remember the first and only reality of the Sith: there can be only two.

The Sith, also known as Serth by some, are a group of gifted villains who are usually armed with Keysabers and the Force. They are well known for battling against Jedi and other forces of good. Sith are near heartless; they do not care what they do for victory and will even use their own and other's fear, anger and suffering to their own benefit.



The first Sith were former Jedi who were captured, tortured and reeducated by the Babbelonians. The King of the Empire was afraid of the Jedi due to their power, and the part they had in the fall of the Land of Lord Guin. So, he created the "Sith" as an organization of force-sensitive Jedi killers loyal to him, to find and execute the remaining Jedi in hiding. They were given red lightsabers, because red was the color of the Empire, and were brainwashed to hate the Jedi. The Sith learned to use the "Dark" side of the Force, which is fueled by emotions such as anger, fear and pain, as opposed to the "Light" side that the Jedi use.

After the fall of the Babbelonian Empire, the Sith Order was formed. It continued to exist during the Penguin Empire, and eventually numbered in the thousands. Centuries later, when High Penguin slaves started disappearing at an alarming rate, the Sith determined that the Jedi were behind it. The Jedi helped to bring an end to the Penguin Empire, and it was soon replaced by the High Penguin Confederacy. Though the Jedi didn't agree with the Confederacy's enslavement practices any more than they agreed with the Penguin Empire's, the HPC felt they were in the Jedi's debt, and to repay it they started a campaign to eliminate the Sith. By the end of this campaign around 900 AD, most Sith had been eliminated, and those who remained were forced into hiding like the Jedi had been long ago.

Thanks to their exile, the Jedi believed that all of the Sith had been eliminated, although a few Sith slowly rebuilt the order from the shadows. The remaining Sith understood that if they revealed themselves again, the HPC would retaliate against them again, so they continued to wait and slowly rebuild themselves for around a thousand years.

Khanzem War[edit]

The Sith returned in 1913, after the HPC was overthrown by Whoot Smackler Whoot and transformed into Khanzem. The master of the Sith Order went to Smackler Whoot and offered to help him in exchange for help in exterminating the Jedi, to which Whoot agreed. Over the first few years of the Khanzem War most of the Jedi Temples in Antarctica were destroyed, and most Jedi had been slain by the Sith. Many Sith additionally served in the trenches on the front, where they served as trench raiders and were often the first to go over the top into No Man's Land.

By 1917, the Sith had gotten their revenge on the Jedi, but not without cost. After most traces of the Jedi had been wiped out, Smackler Whoot betrayed the Sith and ordered his armies to exterminate them too. The Sith didn't expect the betrayal, and were spread so thin that they couldn't offer much resistance. Both the remaining Jedi and Sith were driven into hiding again.

The Rule of Two[edit]

Ortus Tyrann, a Sith who had fought in the Khanzem War, came to the conclusion that the Sith were the cause of their own downfall due to their infighting and selfishness. Tyrann and his apprentice Darth Praetor declared the rule of two, stating only two Sith could exist during a given time; a master and an apprentice. Tyrann and his apprentice ended up slaughtering most of the Sith around Antarctica. Eventually, Tyrann was killed in 1926 by another Sith he was attempting to eliminate, but not before teaching Praetor all that he knew. Praetor refrained from killing the Sith that defeated his master, however, and made them his apprentice due to their strong Force capabilities.

Sith in Snowzerland[edit]

Some Sith after the Khanzem War fled to an uncharted island which later became known as Snowzerland and were never exposed to the Rule of Two as a result. They attempted to rebuild the Sith Order, but never succeeded in growing their numbers. As the years passed, these Sith began to die out but formed a cult of force sensitives who named themselves the "Serth." Generations later, these Serth were discovered by Darth Sheevious, who chose to spare them and began utilizing them as "useful idiots" and assassins. Sheevious never trained any as a true Sith in accordance with the Rule of Two, and began to search for a worthy apprentice.

During the Great Snowzerland War I, the Serth came to Swiss Ninja in an attempt to form an alliance with the Snoss. Their offer was accepted and they became a small, specialized mercenary group within the Royal Army of Snowzerland. Ultimately, their destructive ways managed to enrage Swiss and he punished several of their members as well as defeating several who attempted to attack him personally. This created a schism within the Serth, with many choosing to leave Snowzerland and join Ben Hun in the Great Wishing Hun Conflict. The Serth eventually betrayed Hun and attacked his army, later coming under attack from Mectrixctic's Army with both sides being dealt severe blows.

About a month after the conflict, Swiss Ninja approached Darth Sheevious about joining the Serth himself. Sheevious had known Swiss was Force-sensitive and saw within him the raw potential he possessed. Swiss was ultimately trained as Sheevious' apprentice, and became a Sith in 2011 after rigorous training. Swiss killed Sheevious in his sleep soon after this, and began to transform the Serth into his elite assassins known as the Syth. Much like their former cult, the Syth were not Sith and did not receive Darth titles or formal Sith training.

Teachings and Philosophies[edit]

The Sith typically follow no code of honor, and are selfish and hateful. They will commonly use anger, fear and pain to influence and manipulate others in their favor. All of the Sith throughout history always had one common goal; to exterminate all the Jedi and end the Jedi Order. Some Sith have also made it their goal to conquer Antarctica.

All true Sith follow a rule established by Ortus Tyrann and his apprentice, known as the Rule of Two. The Rule of Two states that there should be only two Sith anywhere at a given time to prevent infighting and conflict; a master and an apprentice. Despite this, there are many Sith who managed to avoid followers of the Rule of Two through hiding and isolation. Sith who do follow the rule are noted to be stronger than those who do not due to survival of the fittest and the way the Dark Side of the Force performs.

Powers and Abilities[edit]

The Sith are known to wield the Dark Side of Force, which is their primary source of power. Through the Force, the Sith have enhanced agility, strength, durability, and can see visions, and can, to a lesser extent, predict the future. Depending on how well trained a Sith is in the Dark Side, he or she can summon lightning strikes from their flippers against their enemies, or control the minds of individuals. True masters of the Dark Side can even heal their allies, although Darth Sheevious is the only known Sith to have this ability. Almost all Sith are also competent with a Keysaber.

Sith Temples[edit]

Unlike the Jedi, Sith rarely constructed large temples for their order. Many that were built were ultimately lost in the various wars with the Jedi. Because of Jedi tendencies to construct their own temples on top of Sith ones to purify the area of the Dark Side, the location of many Sith Temples were lost decades or centuries before the Jedi soon followed.

Volcanos or other places of destruction strong in the Dark Side were typical locations for Sith Temples. The Sith Citadel, rumored to be the largest lost Sith Temple, is said to have been built in the crater of an ancient meteorite impact.

Today, the only construct close to a Sith Temple is the Syth Fortress near Pen Chi Island, with its building materials and overall design intended to act as an extension of the Dark Side itself.


The Sith have their very own pledge, created thousands of years ago. Nobody knows why it's so silly, and there is evidence that it was fabricated by the Jedi in order to mock the Sith.

The cake is a lie, there is only pie.
Through pie, I gain calories.
Through calories, I gain fat.
Though fat, My belt is broken.
My recliner shall free me.

Notable Sith[edit]


  • Darth Tyrannosaur - The former apprentice of Jedi Master Yed'ah, Darth Tyrannosaur fell to the dark side after his apprentice Fly-Gong Yinn was killed on a mission to the North Pole. He was later killed during the Khanzem War by a Jedi.
  • Darth Invictus - One of the most notable Sith Lords of all time. He kept the Sith alive after the Khanzem War by drastically changing the status of the Sith from an Order (like the Jedi) to a duo, a master and an apprentice. This was his "Rule of Two", which is still in practice today.
  • Darth Praetor - Tyrann's apprentice who aided him in establishing the Rule of Two. The two hunted down many Sith across Antarctica until Tyrann was killed in battle with another Sith, who Praetor then took as his own apprentice.


  • Darth Sheevious - A very powerful Sith Lord. He was the master of Darth Swissius, and was rumored to have the power to keep penguins from dying. He was eventually murdered by his apprentice, who took his place as the Dark Lord of the Sith.
  • Swiss Ninja - Also known as Darth Swissius, Swiss Ninja became a Sith Lord in 2011, and is currently the most powerful Sith in Antarctica. He follows the Sith "Rule of Two", and will kill anyone claiming to be a "Sith" if they won't abandon the title and work for him as a Syth. In the future, he abandons his identity as Swiss Ninja and becomes known as Emperor Pengvintine. He is known for his deadly lightning attacks and shows no mercy on his enemies.


  • Darth Feey - Feey3 Pie, the son of former Jedi and monarch Feey1 Pie was trained in the ways of the Jedi by his father. However, after a failed attempt to assassinate Emperor Pengvintine, the two became friends and Feey became brainwashed, in a sense by the evil Sith Lord. After Pengvintine's death, Feey became an official Sith Lord and began planning to reunite Yow and make it into a Sith Empire.
  • Darth Pengus - Djf became a Jedi sometime around 2014. However, shortly before the Shops Civil War, after Djf became the Vice President of Shops Island, Brook Edward LasVegas (Darth Princessius) manipulated Djf into joining the Sith. He became Brook's apprentice with the intention of defeating Swissius, and together they overthrew Shops Island. Eventually, Djf changed the remaining Shops Island into the Shopper Empire. Although his former Jedi Master Penquino hoped he could convert Djf back to being good, by the end of the war it became clear that Djf had been consumed by evil. In a duel at the end of the war, Djf was killed by his former Master.
  • Darth Princessius - Brook Edward LasVegas was trained in the ways of the Sith by Darth Swissius in 2021, during his imprisonment on Pen Chi Island. Once his former friend David Franklin became the Vice President of Shops Island, he manipulated Djf into joining the Sith (unknowingly converting him from his Jedi roots). Together, Brook and his new apprentice took over Shops Island and caused the Shops Civil War. Brook was severely injured on the Frosian Islands after a duel with The Real Brook on a volcano. His apprentice Djf saved him, but he had to undergo major surgery, and have multiple prosthetic limbs and a life support system added to his body. After his "transformation", he no longer went by the name "Brook", and instead started using his already-designated Sith name of Darth Princessius.


  • The Sith are noticeably edgier than the Jedi, and overwhelmingly use black, red, and other dark colors.


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