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A un-talented PSA agent. (Exiled)
Title Exiled Junior Agent
Gender Male
Race Penguin
Faction None. (He's exiled, remember?)
Health 20
Level 2
Status Exiled. (That's the last time I'm saying it)
Location Somewhere of the coast of Rockhopper Island.

Surf-Dude is a former young agent and great friends with Darwinn, an explorer, as well as the owner of a green puffle named McGee. He dissapeared and current location is unknown.


However, he had a lead on Link's location but messed it up and ended up making G's newest invention malfunction. (Something about a beta tester robot, I think.) After that, he was exiled on his raft, The S.S. Greenie and never returned. His location is unknown. But, later Darwinn discovered him harvesting fruit on the coast of Rockhopper Island. He ended up somehow becoming a Supreme Fruit Dude, and Darwinn gave up trying to help him and left.


He is supposedly the cause for Omega's evilness, as well as the one who took Darwinn's place as an explorer after a Ninja-jitsu fight.


  • Possibly Rookie's cousin.
  • Wears a Hawaiian shirt for unknown reason.
  • Likes Cart Surfing.

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