Suzanne Von Schneesturm

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Suzanne Von Schneesturm (neé Honey)
Born Suzanne Carmen Edwin Anne Honey
March 19, 1993
Club Penguin, USA
Died August 6, 2033
Cause of death Poisoning
Resting place Pallinn Central Graveryard
Residence Freezestonia
Nationality Antarctic
Other names Suzy
Ethnicity Tropical Adelie Penguin
Citizenship Shopper
Occupation President of Hype Inc.
Years active 2012-
Employer Self-employed at Hype Inc.
Home town Pallinn, Freezestonia, Shops Island
Salary 1,500 WB$ a week
Net worth Unknown, presumably a lot.
Height 4.9 ft.
Weight 117 lb.
Title Suzanne Von Schneesturm, President of Hype Inc.
Term April 17, 2012 - July 29, 2018
Successor Marvin Bläkker
Relatives 2 sisters
Awards Some

Suzanne Carmen Edwin Anne Von Schneesturm (neé Honey), usually known as just Suzanne Von Schneesturm (also referenced on her ID card) (March 19, 1993 - August 6, 2033), born in Club Penguin, is an influential and presumably very smart penguin. She currently is living in Pallinn, Freezestonia, Shops Island, and is the president of Hype Inc., the company that created Hype, a free online conversation program. She is married to Snowstormer.

Due to her profession, traveling is not uncommon, and she enjoys traveling to different places and seeing different cultures and landscapes. Her only downside with traveling is that she cannot travel by sea without getting seasick, seasickness has already threatened her life once, though not because of the sickness itself, but because it was so bad it made her try to jump off-board.

She has 2 younger sisters, Eva Lola Annabelle Honey and Tiffany Paula Cece Honey.


Suzanne is a humble and usually pretty happy penguin, though she gets depressed easily from different situations from what she is used to. Suzanne suffers from not only easy depression but also the post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) her somewhat traumatic past has made it even worse. When depressed she has a extremely bad temper and acts rudely to everyone, even her sisters or her husband. She is also conservative with her lifestyle, she doesn't like changes at all and if put in a completely different environment she might go crazy.

Her personality seems crazy and weird to someone who's never met her, however, despite all the depression and conservativeness, she is a very friendly person and loving at heart.




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