Svetlana Myrkova

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Svetlana Myrkova
Title Honorary PSA Member
Gender Female
Race Ruscan
Faction Secret Agent
Status Intelligent
Location De Groot, Seal Islands
Place of birth Muscovgrad, Rusca
Archetype Good

Svetlana Myrkova (hatched on June 29th, 1988), usually known as Agent Myrkova or Ms. Myrkova, known as Svetlana for closer friends and relatives, is a honorary PSA Member. She currently lives in De Groot, Seal Islands. She has a twin sister (even though really it's her super evil X-Antibody), Olga Myrkova. She is also a distant relative of the Von Schneesturm family.


Svetlana hatched on June 29th, 1988 in Muscovgrad, Rusca. She is believed to have hatched in a very bad-shaped clinic with only a few angry nurses. Her mother died soon after her hatching. She lived most of her life with her father, she recalls her father being the 'best person ever', although, she spent a lot of her time at her grandparents place during the summer. Her father used to go on a lot of trips with her, all around Antarctica. In 2004, she, now 16, and her father went to the Seal Islands. She thought the new, just building up nation was fabulous, and went to live there in 2007. In 2006, when she had just became 18, she joined the PSA, where she later on helped with lots of important tasks, and finally got the honorary member status. She is still a member of the agency, but she's not as active as she used to be, as she is now married to Roger van Groningberg and has one child, Nikita Groningberg.


  • She is the latest edition to the honorary members list of the PSA.
  • She has never been to any country in the Asiapelago, although she wishes to visit it one day.

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