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Industry Automotive

Penguin City
San Vancelton

Shops Island
Area served Shops Island
Key people Johnny 115
Products Cars
Services Sales, Service, Detailing
Owner(s) Johnny 115
Employees 1 (Johnny)

AutoCountry is a car dealership chain owned by Johnny 115 that is located on Shops Island.


Due to the ban of vehicles in the USA, Johnny wanted to pursue his lifelong dream of owning a car dealership by moving to Shops Island. In February 2012, his first dealership was opened: Horatio. The cars, trucks, and crossovers sold fairly well. A few months later, he opened up Red Voyles, which wasn't successful at all; no one bought a car from there. In August, Johnny left the island, making the dealerships abandoned.

Many months later, Johnny came back to Shops, and reopened Horatio. He sold the unused Red Voyles dealership to a penguin named Asemhar, and placed updated models in the Horatio dealership. Some weeks after this all happened, Johnny decided to open up AutoCountry, which wouldn't just be in Tomville, but everywhere on the island. As of July 5, 2013, AutoCountry operates in four towns and consists of seven car manufacturers.