Swag Penguin

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Swag Penguin
Jerk Penguin.png
Yo Swag, swag, swag (laughs)
Title Nicer version of Jerk penguins
Race Jerk Penguin (Callidus converyocontes, the genus is "callidus", meaning "smart", and the species means "swagger,"Yo
Faction Yo Swag!
Health Yo-tastic!
Level Swagger
Status Challenging each other to a contest, somewhere.
Location Usually Kingston, also roaming.

Swag penguins are nicer versions of Jerk Penguins. Swag Penguins are very similar to Jerk Penguins, but they are nice. They have a different way for stuff, like challenging each other to a fight. Instead of saying YOU AND ME! A FIGHT AFTER SCHOOL., they say You and me. A fight after school. Come at it, dawg!.


Like the Jerks, the Swag Penguins are genetically related to the Dorkuguese. Prior to the creation of Dorkugal in 1999, Swag Penguins had already been existence and generally among the Jerk Penguins. Like the Dorks, the Jerks originally lived mainly in urban cities across the Antarctic mainland before 1999. The beginnings of the Swag Penguin start in 1952, when several scientists from Rusca abducted several Jerk Penguins from the city of Frostborough. Rusca, then communist, was inspired and sponsored by several bullied Nerds to find a way to cure the Jerk Penguin species' cruelty. Hence, the Ruscan scientists underwent several scientific experiments on the abducted Jerk Penguins that mostly involved strange contraptions that somehow changed the DNA sequence of the Jerk Penguins. Though the Ruscans did not completely diminish all the meanness of their test subjects, they were able to remove 90% of it. Instead of kindness, awesomeness, epicness, and cunning abilities replaced the evil of the Jerks. Thus, the new species were called the Swag Penguins, and the Communist Party of Rusca ordered more Jerks across Antarctica to be abducted and to be transformed into Swag Penguins, much to many Nerds' delights. However, the Government of Olde Antarctica became concerned with the issue, and considered the act to be "inhumane", and thus Rusca stopped Jerk Penguin abductions and focused more on breeding the penguins that they had already captured. The Ruscans soon discovered that the Swag Penguins made impressive fighters, thus they integrated into the Ruscan military and were proven extremely skilled in combat. In 1990, the crumbling of Rusca's communist economic system led to the salary decrease of the Swag Penguin soldiers, and many abandoned their posts and supported the democratic revolution. Once Rusca's communist government was overthrown, thousands of Swag Penguins made their decision to leave Rusca, where they moved to Mainland Antarctica, few parts of the Ninja Archipelago, mainly Castilla and Puffle'and, and Latin Antarctica. In 1999, 500 Swag Penguins migrated with their Jerk Penguin kin and the Dorks to settle Dorkugal.


Swag Penguins are the one of only species of Dorkugal that can see without glasses. Some Swag Penguins wear real glasses or Hipster Glasses. They wear hoodies but not all wear hoodies. Swag Penguins aren't completely nice and are mean as an average penguin.


Swag, swag, swag

Yo, (name)

YOLO swag

Words that seem to be swagger (Swagger Words)[edit]

  • Swag and Swagger (Obviously)
  • YOLO (You Only Live Once)
  • Yo
  • LOL


  • Swag Penguins never get bullied by Jerk Penguins because they are almost exactly the same.
  • Swag Penguins think Pink is cool, but that was after Pink Day was made.

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