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The Hochstadt Coat of Arms

Seien Sie eine Stadt auf einen Hügel!
-The Family Motto made by Emperor Charles V Hochstadt of Holyswissia

The Hochstadt Family (pronounced hoh-shtat) is the family of Swiss Ninja, known as the Hochstadt Family or the Royal family of Snowzerland. This High Penguin Family Originated from Switzerland and is currently one of the Top Five Families. Here is the Family from youngest to oldest organized by hatch date (h.):

21st Century[edit]

  • Griante (h. Aug. 31, 2009)
  • Jessica (Adopted; h. Sept. 8, 2008)

20th Century[edit]

19th Century[edit]

18th Century[edit]

17th Century and Before[edit]


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Genetically Related Families[edit]

Family Portrait Gallery[edit]


  • "Hochstadt" actually in German means "High Town"
  • They are so popular that other penguins claim to be related to them for fame.
  • The Hochstadt family is a somewhat parody of the Hapsburg Family.
  • The Hochstadt family is closely related to the Unki Family. (family of Corai)
  • About 100 years ago,a Hochstadt married a -INSERT 12YZ12AB'S LAST NAME HERE-,making 12yz12ab and Swiss Ninja related very distantly.

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